Monday, April 18, 2016

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening is here in Singapore!

iWhite Launches Its Innovative Range Of  Teeth Whitening Solutions in Singapore
Clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to eight shades in just 20 minutes
“White is not just a colour: It’s purity; it’s a lifestyle.” This is the business philosophy of iWhite, a Belgium-based purveyor of teeth whitening solutions under its parent company Sylphar NV. Buoyed by the scientific breakthrough that is the triple action whitening complex, iWhite’s solutions promise amazing results all in the comfort of your own home!
In the article “Easy Ways to Look Better in a Job Interview”, Forbes suggested teeth whitening as an effective way to shave years off one’s appearance. Indeed, taking care of your teeth can do wonders for your image. Teeth are one of the things we notice when meeting others for the first time and are a reflection of one’s hygiene and grooming. A set of white teeth inspires greater confidence and leaves a positive first impression. However, lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking coffee or wine can stain teeth and cause them to lose their natural beauty and health.
Triple action whitening technology ensures results in just 20 minutes
iWhite’s triumvirate of teeth whitening solutions — iWhite Instant Whitening Kit; iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste; and iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash — can effectively reverse these effects. Its instant, triple action whitening technology is buoyed by three active ingredients: phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP); bioactive crystals; and bioavailable calcium deposits.
  • Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP):  Teeth lose their natural colour as chromatic pigments are deposited over time. These whitening molecules work hard to break down these pigments and eliminate stains. 
  • Bioactive crystals: The crystals will fixate on the tooth and form a layer that leads to an instant whitening effect.
  • Bioavailable calcium deposits: Located beneath the enamel, dentin is naturally yellow and shines through the translucent enamel. The deposits remineralise teeth and in turn, the thicker front layer will reveal less of the underlying yellow dentin.
With iWhite’s teeth whitening solutions, you can achieve an enviable set of white teeth and strengthen your enamel at the same time.

Making history: Innovative hydrogen-peroxide free teeth whitening solutions
With their debut appearance in 2012, iWhite’s range of products were among the first teeth whitening solutions in the market that do not contain hydrogen peroxide. A common ingredient in many teeth whitening solutions then, hydrogen peroxide is known to cause gum irritation, teeth sensitivity and in more serious cases, throat soreness. Excessive use can even cause damage to one’s enamel. The Scientific Committee on Consumer Products has stipulated that a maximum concentration of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide is safe.
By jettisoning hydrogen peroxide in its composition, iWhite is able to launch teeth whitening solutions that are not only efficient but also 100% safe to use. In the clincial study “Double Blinded Randomized Clinical Trial of a Teeth Whitening Product vs a Placebo”, it was found that iWhite Instant Whitening Kit’s 20-minute treatment was capable of achieving up to 8 VITA shades of improvement. None of the participants reported any teeth sensitivity after the treatment. In fact, the general consensus was that the treatment felt “pleasant” and the taste was “good”.

Witten/Herdecke University’s results from the “Effectiveness of a Teeth Whitening Product VS a Placebo” study were also positive. All participants did not report any hypersensitivity and a majority of the participants saw visible results after using the iWhite Instant Whitening Kit. These results were assessed 24 hours after the initial 20-minute application, which means that the whitening effects do not disappear after one treatment and are still noticeable even after a day.
iWhite has launched three marquee products that allow you to take control of your dental health right at home. The three products are as follow:

iWhite Instant Whitening Kit ($49.90): Four easy steps to get instant results
Comprising of 10 prefilled, thin and flexible trays, iWhite’s instant whitening kit is designed for comfort, convenience and maximum performance in mind. Simply wear the tray for 20 minutes a day up to five consecutive days for truly astonishing results. In just four simple steps, you can achieve a set of beautiful white teeth.
  1. Brush teeth gently before each application.
  2. Remove the prefilled tray from the sealed sachet and place the tray in your mouth. Ensure that the gel is in contact with the teeth’s surface.
  3. Gently close your lips over the tray and carefully close your mouth.
  4. Remove the tray after 20 minutes and discard immediately. Gently rinse your teeth and gum with water to remove all residues.
iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste ($9.90): 
All-year-round protection against discolouration and plaque
iWhite’s toothpaste was rated the number one and most effective toothpaste in a March 2015 Norwegian consumer trial involving eight toothpaste brands. Fluoride, a marquee ingredient, strengthens and remineralises your teeth. Thanks to three other ingredients, the toothpaste also promises triple-action whitening:
  • Absolutely safe for tooth enamel and gum, the PAP deeply whitens the teeth and also halts the growth of bacteria in the mouth, in turn inhibiting the growth of plaque.  A 30-day clinical study on PAP revealed the ingredient’s ability to effectively whiten teeth.
  • Micro-purifying crystals remove surface discolouration and give the toothpaste an instant polishing function. Not only do they restore natural whiteness, they also enhance the colour.
  • Polyphosphatic particles remove all stains quickly and effectively. The active substances give a direct whiter effect and protect the teeth from the formation of new plaque.
iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash ($10.00): Strengthen and whiten teeth at the same time
The mouthwash contains blue covarine, which places an ultrathin film over the teeth’s surface during the rinsing action. Blue covarine alters the way light glints on teeth and gives an immediate visible white appearance. In addition, the ingredients Hexametaphosphate and PAP work in tandem to remove and prevent plaque.
The mouthwash dissolves discolouring substances without causing damage to the teeth or gums. It also deftly removes and prevents new plaque formation, giving you an instant bright smile. Flouride imbues it with a tooth-strengthening ability. Use the mouthwash daily to attain a set of teeth that is not just beautiful but also healthy.

* * *
At the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Event recently..
held at the Four Seasons Singapore.

Here we have Mr. Robin List who is the CEO of Sylphar NV & the man behind the revolutionary iWHITE Teeth Whitening range to introduce all of us to iWHITE!
After the introduction.. we were involved some in workshop..
Myself here..
creating my own Lip Oil and Lip Scrub!

We had to pour some liquid solution into the glass container and form a mixture..
Thereafter we used a syringe to inject the mixture into a tube which we can bring it back for our use.
So here's the Lip Oil!
And now we do the Lip Scrub..
which we would then put it into a small glass container shown below and bring it home! :)
It was a Great event with nice food and people!
We get to know more about iWHITE and would be able to share with our friends and relatives!
* * *

Here I've gotten a set of the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Set!
It consists of the
- iWhite Instant Whitening Kit
- Whitening Toothpaste
- Whitening Mouthwash
Here are the closer looks of how each item is like..
iWHITE Instant Whitening Kit
For each usage there are two of these trays.
Simply place them to your upper and lower teeth and close your mouth as per normal to secure them.
Leave it there for 20 mins and discard it immediately after use.
Gently rinse ur mouth with water to remove all residues that were from the tray.
iWHITE Whitening Toothpaste which is just pure white.
iWHITE Whitening Mouthwash which is actually in blue colour.
I tried all these for 5 days ..
because I only have 5 pairs of the prefilled trays in the iWhite Instant Whitening Kit box.
And these are the steps I did on each day throughout the 5 days..
1. Brush my teeth clean with iWhite Toothpaste
2. Then use the iWhite Instant Whitening Kit
3. Followed by rinsing my mouth with the iWhite Whitening Mouthwash
So here are the results after 5 days!
As you can see.. there's quite a significant difference in the shade of my teeth after 5 days usage of the iWHITE.
I'm pretty impressed with the results!
So are you!?
You can jus give it a try and experience it yourself!
All products are available at Guardians and Watsons stores from 1st April 2016 onwards!
Grab your iWhite Kit now!

Feel Free to check out iWHITE @iWhite_Teeth_Whitening on Instagram!


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