Friday, July 3, 2015

Experiencing the Sounds of Luxury from Harman Kardon, JBL and AKG !!!

Recently, I was at Royal Plaza on Scotts
to experience
the Sounds of Luxury from
Harman Kardon
I was totally immersed to the sound quality that each of these brands could deliver.
- - -
Harman Kardon
It is used as the car audio and infotainment in most of the branded cars.
To name a few..
and Rolls-Royce
Well.. a few seems to add up to 8 of the most recognised cars in the automotive industry.
Let me first touch on the Harman Kardon | Mini Esquire
the design is so sophisticated that each speaker hole is crafted diagonally at the same angle as the oblique logo of harman/kardon

- highly sophisticated all-in-one speaker
- ultra thin speaker (that is very powerful)
- rechargeable battery with 8-hour playtime
- USB for charging external devices (its like a power bank)
- wireless Bluetooth stereo streaming
- versatile, dual-microphone conferencing system with echo and noise cancelation technology
This Mini Esquire was given to me as a gift from the event.
And I really love it! I have been using it almost everyday listening to the radio on Class 95.

I even used the Mini Esquire to play a sponsored game I'm writing!
The effect was ... SUPERB!

Harman Kardon | Mini Esquire on the Pool Side..
Even the lady beside me is enjoying the music! ;)

This Harman Kardon | Mini Esquire cost about $269 in the market.

- - -
Yes.. Sound amplifies Life!
This is the JBL Charge2+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker
- it has wireless Bluetooth streaming
- 6000mAH Rechargeable Battery
- Speakerphone
- Waterproof
- Social Mode
- JBL Bass Radiator
Since its waterproof.. it is very suitable for outdoor activities like swimming and beach.
It can even make a water musical fountain when you pour water on the top of the speaker!
Here's Andy Tsui - Director of Product Planning & Strategy.
Doing a Live Demonstration of the JBL Charge2+ with water..

 This is the Big Brother - JBL Extreme

Here's a video demonstration the JBL Pulse, JBL Charge2+ and JBL Extreme

Here is a demonstration of the JBL Charge2+ - Maximum amplitude of the passive radiators
- - -
Many bloggers were all drawn to this AKG headphones!
Because its worth a whopping $2199 (incl. 7% GST)!
It is the AKG N90Q.
I'm honoured to try it on and also experience the good quality of sound from this headphones.
The N90Q is able to adjust the sound according to the shape of your ear, minimising distortion and delivering truly accurate sound. Hence, providing you the best hearing experience you never had imagined.
- - -
 After this workshop..
It has change my perception of sound
the pursuit of Quality hearing!

For more information,

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