Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Secret 《不能说的秘密》 Musical | 6th - 15th Apr 2018


THE SECRET is an adaptation of Chinese pop star Jay Chou's multi award-winning directorial debut, Secret. THE SECRET's storyline is a travel through time with a student and piano major, Xianglun, and the beautiful and mysterious Xiaoyu, his fellow student. A beautiful romantic love story unfolds as the secret that connects them is revealed. 
Created by award-winning Broadway team, the musical features Jay Chou's 25 most famous songs - Clear Stars 《星晴》, Listen to Mother's Words 《听妈妈的话》, Simple Love 《简单爱》, The Tea Grandpa Makes 《爷爷泡的茶》, Rooftop 《屋顶》, The Fragrance of Rice 《稻香》, Nocturnes 《夜曲》, and Fine Day 《晴天》, Dandelion's Promise 《蒲公英的约定》 in addition to hilarious large scale production numbers of Sailors Afraid of Water 《水手怕水》 and Cowboy is Very Busy 《牛仔很忙》. This is a passion, friendship, love, family and youth filled musical not to be missed!


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My partner and I at the Media Night of The Secret 《不能说的秘密》 Musical!

We were so excited for the show.. able to listen to Jay Chou's most popular songs during the musical.
The show was entertaining, touching and probably brought tears to some audiences. Upon listening to some of the piano pieces.. it really made me feel like playing on the piano again. But well, I'm not that good la.. haha.. :P

This pic.. taken during the 15-20 mins intermission.
Its really a nice musical that should not be missed!
Get your tickets soon before it ends on 15th Apr 2018!

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 Catch it before it ends on 15th Apr 2018!

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