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Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet 1.2 TSI DSG [Car Review]

Convertible version of iconic Beetle is set to impress
Volkswagen Singapore is expanding its line-up in the Category A COE segment with the Beetle Cabriolet.
This convertible version of the iconic Beetle stays true to the Volkswagen design DNA, with its clean lines and sporty style. The latest technology is integrated into the car, making it the most advanced Beetle of its time. Yet, there is a nod to tradition – certain stylistic elements such as the design of the instrument cluster and the glovebox on the front passenger’s dashboard hearken back to the days of the first air-cooled Beetle.
The design of the Beetle Cabriolet retains the distinctive charisma of the coupe, demonstrating the unmistakable and timeless character of the Beetle. In spite of all its modern features, the Beetle Cabriolet with its top up is reminiscent of the early period of the automobile when all cars had rag tops.
The weather-proof fabric of the roof is installed in multiple layers, and the entire roof system can be put down in a very compact space thanks to the K-fold feature. This allows for the boot volume (225 litres) to remain the same even when the soft top is closed. The top can be retracted in just 9.5 seconds, and this is an almost noiseless process thanks to an electric motor. Closing the top requires 11.0 seconds; the additional 1.5 seconds is necessary to allow the roof to be locked to the windscreen frame.
With a length of 4,278 mm, the Beetle Cabriolet is 152 mm longer than its coupe counterpart. It is also 84 mm wider (with a total width of 1,808 mm excluding the exterior mirrors). With a height of 1,473 mm, these proportions alone give the Beetle Cabriolet a distinctively sporty appearance.
The rear spoiler is homogeneously integrated as a standard feature, helping to maintain stability at high speeds and sharpens the aerodynamic profile of the convertible. The bottom surface of the rear spoiler is finished in black, while the top is painted to match the colour of the car.
The Beetle Cabriolet also comes with bi-xenon headlights. The modules are surrounded by 15 LEDs, which serve as daytime running lights and parking lights. In this case, LEDs are also used to illuminate the number plate.

The Beetle Cabriolet offers a great deal of space and comfort for four occupants. Both driver and passengers enjoy generous headroom even with the roof closed, thanks to the additional 12 mm in height compared to the previous generation. When not in use, the symmetrically divided rear seat backrest can be folded down thanks to the rollover protection system, allowing for the transport of long items.
Many details make the interior of the Beetle Cabriolet pleasantly unique. For instance, the relatively upright windscreen is reminiscent of classic sports cars. The instrument panel combines innovative technology and controls with an enamel-finished surface and glove compartment. In combination with the additional glovebox with a top-hinged lid integrated into the front trim on the passenger side, these features create a visual bridge back to the era of the first Beetle. The instrument cluster on top of the dashboard injects a modern flair to this timeless classic.
Next to the multi-function steering wheel, the Beetle Cabriolet not only has a small wheel for regulating the brightness of the instrument panel; it also has a second wheel with the scale markings “0”, “r”, “w” and “b”. This wheel allows selection of the colour for the ambient illumination in red, white or blue. Indirect illumination is provided on the top rail of the door, while direct illumination emanates from around the outer circumference of the door speakers in the form of a light ring.
The above shows "w" - the white illumination lining around the circumference of the door speakers.
Switching to "b" for blue
And "r" for red - it seems more pink to me.. how bout changing it to "p"? Lol~! Jus kiddin'
This ambient lighting package comes with the Fender sound system, which is standard in the Beetle Cabriolet. The legendary American musical instrument and amplifier manufacturer worked in collaboration with Panasonic to create the Fender sound system exclusively for Volkswagen. The package consists of two tweeters each installed in the rear view mirror triangles and rear side panelling. Woofers are contained in the front doors; the woofers behind the rear side panelling have single vibration coils. In addition a subwoofer is installed in a closed bass box integrated into the boot. The heart of the sound system is the 10-channel amplifier with Class A/B output stages and 400 watts of output power.
Perfectly synced to this sound system is the latest generation of the Composition Media infotainment system. The 6.33-inch touchscreen display features proximity sensors – as soon as the driver's or front passenger's finger approaches the touchscreen, the infotainment system automatically switches from the display mode to a user control mode. The normal display mode is distinguished by a format reduced to the essentials. In the user control mode, on the other hand, the elements that can be activated via touchscreen are specially highlighted, which simplifies intuitive control. The system also allows for two mobile phones to be paired via Bluetooth, providing greater flexibility of use for both driver and passenger alike.
I like the interior with the white finish that matches well with the exterior colour.
Design is clean, neat and stylish with the chrome pedals which makes it even more solid and outstanding.
The central console is visually easy to control and there's Dual-zone air conditioning system which allows the driver and front passenger to set their own air-conditioning temperature. There's also a USB port for you to connect your device to access your media files or even charge your phone.
The DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) allows the driver to switch between automatic and manual transmission. By pushing the gear stick to the left at the "D" (Drive-mode), it becomes manual just by pushing it up or down to adjust the gearshifts. Pushing it down from the Drive-mode will be the "S" (Sports mode), and the Beetle will be like a sports car - fast and responsive.
Here's how the speedometer looks like. Its simple and easy to read, with a clear LCD at the centre providing you information about the car.
Sporty Instrument Cluster
Integrated into the centre dashboard are oil temperature gauge, clock with stopwatch function and boost pressure gauge that provide all key information at a glance.
At the top.. there are easy controls for the lightings and the opening n closing of the weather-proof fabric soft top is just the catch at the centre. The rear mirror sports the anti-glare function which can be turned on or off. It works at night to prevent the lightings from the rear oncoming cars to be glaring to the driver's eyes.
Here's the additional glove compartment which creates a visual bridge back to the era of the first Beetle.
.. with a top-hinged lid integrated to the dashboard.
Right below is the normal glove compartment which has more storage space. :)
And this is the Fender Sound System.
Consisting of 9 speakers and 400 watts of power, the Fender sound system provides an incredibly clear and powerful sound experience, for deep bass and detailed mid-range tones, regardless of the volume.
As you can see the rear seats are quite deep and spacious for a cabriolet.
Front seats can be moved forward easily with the catch on the sides of the seats to allow the rear passengers get in. There's also a 12V Power Socket at the centre for all to use.
Lookin' at this angle from the back.. the Beetle Cabrio is indeed very eye-catching!
It's the nicest Beetle I've ever driven.
The boot is just a small opening at the back.. Pretty cute though!
It can be opened by just pressing the Volkswagen logo at the back. :)
The boot space is 225 litres no matter the soft top is opened or closed. Thanks to the K-fold feature of the fabric top.

The rear seats can be pushed down to create more boot space by pulling this catch here.
Beside it is a hook for you to hook on to your plastic bags so that your groceries and stuffs wouldn't be rolling all over the boot.

So it will look like this when the rear seat is down. Both rear seats can be pushed down.

And yes.. just right below its the Fender sound system's Subwoofer that provide solid sound to your ears.

Now.. this is how it looks like when the soft top is up. :)

Underneath the bonnet of the Beetle Cabriolet is a 1.2 TSI engine with an output rating of 105 PS. This turbo-charged 1.2-litre four cylinder engine follows the downsizing principle in an extreme form, resulting in maximum power with low fuel consumption and emission values.

Its maximum torque output of 175 Nm is available from 1,500 – 4,100 rpm. A brisk performance is achieved via a quick-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG), with the car accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 11.7 seconds and a top speed of 178 km/h. It also has extremely low fuel consumption of 5.9 L/100km in the combined driving cycle, with a CO2 emission value of 139 g/km.

Drivin' the Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet is really easy... the functions in the car are easy to use and it has a comfortable feel in the car. Initially I wasn't quite use to it when the top was opened, because the windscreen seemed to become smaller and darkens.. but after a while I got used to it! Instead, I enjoyed the feelin' when the soft top was down and simply just enjoy the natural breeze from the outside..

I like how this car brought happiness to the people around me.. not many of them have sit in a cabriolet or they don't always get to sit in one. So when they got to sit in this Beetle Cabriolet, they got excited and that kinda mood which created happiness is not something you will always get. Furthermore, its a Beetle that is so cute and has a smile at the front! hehe.. With that said.. I brought my parents, and my nephew and niece out with this Beetle Cabriolet.. allowing them to experience how it feels like to be in a cabriolet, and all of 'em enjoyed it!
With this car.. I can have the top up or down anytime. Enjoy the natural breeze outside.
What I like most about this car is front LED lights and the back lamps which are really nice as compared to its predecessor. I also like the power it has when I step on the accelerator. Thanks to the 4-cylinder, TSI petrol engine with 8 valves, turbocharged engine! I can also have an option to switch to Sports mode when I need more power and speed!

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