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Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 2.0 [Car Review]

5 key facts about the new Tiguan

1. With an optimised body structure and improved aerodynamics, occupants enjoy improved ride comfort and greater safety

2. Thanks to the innovative MQB platform, the Tiguan is packed with state-of-the-art technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Front Assist with City Emergency Braking

3. The new Tiguan makes its debut with new equipment such as the Head-Up Display and Active Info Display, making it one of the most innovative compact SUVs in its class

4. Engines are now up to 24% more fuel-efficient in the Euro 6 emissions standard, with BlueMotion Technology

5. The new Tiguan is awarded the top rating of five stars by the independent European consumer protection organisation Euro NCAP
Singapore, 10 Jan 2017 – It is a great all-rounder with distinctive styling, redefining its class and confidently pointing the way to the future. The new Tiguan is the first sport utility vehicle to be based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB), and it sets new standards in design, comfort and functionality.
Positioning and design
With the new Tiguan, Volkswagen redefines many aspects of the A-SUV segment, impressing with ride comfort and innovation that are on a level beyond its class. Perfectly thought out from the first to the last millimetre, it appeals to millions of car drivers and their families as a spacious and flexible companion for their everyday business and personal lives – an all- round vehicle of a new era.
The new Tiguan is the first SUV based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB) – this allows for a dynamic synthesis of design, comfort and functionality. The proportions of the new Tiguan were made to be significantly more dynamic (including lower body, longer wheelbase and larger wheels) and its overall package was improved. The MQB gave Volkswagen designers a new platform that provided the perfect framework for this all-new SUV. The sharpness of the vehicle’s lines show solidarity and precision, and its LED projection headlights deliver 10 per cent better lighting performance compared to halogen headlights.
In perfect harmony with the expressive exterior is an interior designed to combine excellent space and flexibility of use, allowing for superb comfort under all road conditions. Based on numerous new design solutions, the interior takes up the same SUV design language, and is made more compelling than ever.
Innovative safety technologies and assistance systems are integrated as standard. This includes Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, proactive occupant protection, and an active bonnet to help safeguard pedestrians and cyclists. The Tiguan is not a crossover between different worlds – rather, it has created its own new and authentic SUV world. This makes it one of the key product pillars of the Volkswagen line-up.
Efficient drivetrains
Two direct injection turbocharged TSI engines are available on the new Tiguan, with power outputs of 110kW / 150 PS and 162 kW / 220 PS. They are more powerful and more fuel-efficient than the comparable EU5 engines of the previous model, with the 150 PS engine having the Active Cylinder Management system (ACT). Both engines are also equipped with a stop-start system and a regenerative braking mode.

Top marks in Euro NCAP tests
The new Tiguan passed the comprehensive Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) test series with outstanding results –thanks to its first-class package of safety features, including optimised vehicle body structure, a highly effective safety belt, seat and airbag combination and innovative driver assistance systems. Despite the tougher conditions of this year’s tests, it was awarded the top rating of five stars, aggregated from the results in four sub-sections: occupant protection for adults and children, pedestrian protection and driver assistance systems. This makes the new Tiguan one of Europe’s safest cars.
Versions and equipment

At launch, the Tiguan Highline 280 TSI will be offered to customers in Singapore. It is powered by a 150 PS TSI engine with 250Nm of torque, and comes with front wheel drive.
In the following weeks, buyers looking for an even higher level of performance can opt for the Tiguan R-Line 380 TSI with 4MOTION, which has the 220 PS TSI engine with 350Nm of torque under its bonnet. This model also gains extra equipment such as the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Dynamic Chassis Control system (DCC) and ‘Dynaudio Excite Surround’ sound system.
* * *
Here.. let me show you around the car!

From the front its the improvised grille which looks more futuristic than its predecessor. I like the grilles this way.. and not forgetting the R-Line tag between the grilles which equates to.. you're driving the 2.0L Tiguan - the top of the range among the Tiguans.

The striking headlights with LED technology come as standard on the new Tiguan. The LEDs stand out in particular with their large volume of light, long service life and advanced energy efficiency. The headlamps provide an impressive light signature and deliver a higher light output than conventional halogen lamps.

You'll enjoy spending more time in the interior of the new Tiguan. Thanks to the meticulously coordinated materials and clear design idiom, it ensures a feel-good atmosphere right away.

Central console is as usual neat and tidy.
Feel-good factor as standard: with the "Air Care Climatronic" air conditioning system in the new Tiguan, temperature is controlled independently for three zones.
Three zones - typically for the driver, the front passenger and the rear passengers area.
It doesn't matter whether you're driving down the motorway or muddy tracks - the 4MOTION Active Control provides you with various tailor-made driving profiles.
With the 4MOTION engines, you’ll find that the most varied weather conditions and driving on varying surfaces are simply part and parcel of the fun with the new Tiguan. 4MOTION Active Control, which you can conveniently operate via a switch with rotary/pushbutton function, makes sure you can tailor all the on-board systems even more precisely to the conditions. The system interacts with the hill-start assist, the hill descent assist, the Electronic Stabilisation Program and the electronic differential lock. Depending on the selected profile, drivetrain characteristics such as accelerator response, gear shifts, engine brake, hill-start assist and locking assistance are modified. The result: An even more carefree driving experience, even on unsurfaced roads.
There's also Park Assist on this Tiguan but this time its able to do a head-in parking.
Just drive in halfway, press the Park Assist button, and the car will recognise it’s halfway in a lot.
Let's understand abit more about the 4MOTION.
Driving pleasure with superb grip: The 4MOTION four-wheel drive system provides you with useful assistance not only while venturing off the tarmac.
Sure-footed. The 4MOTION provides a latest-generation permanent four-wheel drive that allows the drive force to be distributed to each wheel as required. The upshot is optimum traction with no wheel spin. 4MOTION is highly reliable on virtually any surface and can also help keep the vehicle firmly on track even in adverse conditions and at higher speeds.
With a press of a button beside the gear also activates the Area View of the car.
The "Area View" system provides you with a bird's-eye view of the area around the new Tiguan on the infotainment system display.
A glance at the infotainment system display is all it takes to keep an eye on the surroundings of your Tiguan in real time and to spot obstacles early on. The four cameras in the “Area View” system help you retain a better overview in many traffic situations. The view areas of the system cameras are combined to create a total of 17 different views. This provides, for instance, a 3-D bird’s-eye view, or one that shows cross-traffic in front, which is of great use when lines of sight are obstructed.
And this is the speedometer which is called the Active Info Display.
It always keep an eye on what is important to you at any given moment: The Active Info Display for your Tiguan lets you customise a digital instrument panel precisely to your needs.
Click on the video below to see how is it like and what are some of the functions it can provide.


The Active Info Display enables important data to be displayed in various ways on a large colour display. Different information profiles allow you to adjust the focus of the data displayed specifically to your current driving situation. You have access not just to classic content such as rev counter, speedometer and odometer, but also to other vehicle data, fuel consumption values as well as information from the navigation system. With the multifunction steering wheel, selection of profiles is done quickly and easily.

The Head-Up Display for the new Tiguan makes sure you can keep an eye on important information even quicker.

With the Head-Up Display, a specific selection of relevant driving information is projected onto a transparent display in the driver’s direct field of view. Speed, traffic signs, function of the assistance systems as well as warning and navigation information are easy to read even in direct sunlight. The driver has to take his eyes off the road less often – a clear advantage particularly in traffic situations where the view is impeded. The height of the displayed information can be adjusted by turning a dial at the side of the steering wheel. And if you decide not to use the display at some stage, it can be lowered flush into the instrument panel to protect it from dust.

This is the actual Head-Up Display of the Tiguan that I'm driving.
The Head-Up Display is only available for the Tiguan Highline and R-Line models.


DYNAUDIO Excite Surround

When the sound of the music is perfectly matched to the interior you can be sure that the experts from Dynaudio had a hand in it: the "DYNAUDIO Excite Surround" sound system.

With the "DYNAUDIO Excite Surround" sound system, you experience the kind of sound quality that musicians, music producers and audiophile experts around the world relish. Music reproduction that gets as close as possible to the live experience – that is the credo of the Danish speaker company Dynaudio. Eight speakers are perfectly positioned in the Tiguan and meticulously matched to each other for pristine sound. A powerful 16-channel digital amplifier with 400 watts of output supplies tweeters, bass mid-range speakers and woofers as well as the centre speaker and subwoofer with clear signals.

And this is the woofer that's stored in the rim of the spare tyre in the trunk.
I was actually amazed to see that they actually utilised this space for the woofer. Smart!

Large Panoramic Sunroof
Whatever terrain you are tackling in the new Tiguan: Thanks to the panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof, you can now discover your surroundings from another perspective.

Here's a closer look at the buttons to open the Panoramic Sunroof.
For an even more generous sense of spaciousness - the panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof in the new Tiguan allows you to flood the interior with light if you wish. And at the push of a button you can also let fresh air in, by raising just the front section of the roof or open it as wide as you like. The sunroof also provides an amazing extra in the dark - the integrated ambient lighting bathes the interior in a pleasantly dimmed light, which is increased when the doors are open, making it easier for you to negotiate your way around the interior.
Space for the rear passengers is generous too.
And you can even pull up a tray to have a meal or do your stuffs.
Additional feature to the tray is the cup-holder that you can pull out from the side. Very thoughtful!
A packed diary requires lots of space. The new Tiguan provides a large luggage space capable of carrying a electric scooter and a variable seating system for even more possibilities as standard.

In the new Tiguan you can stow your luggage in over 600 litres of luggage compartment capacity. Additional flexibility comes courtesy of the asymmetrically split-folding rear seat bench that can be adjusted fore and aft by 18 cm. With the variable loading floor concept, even greater versatility is achieved. The "Easy Open" also system gives convenience at the wave of a foot - if you have your hands full with heavy or bulky luggage, you now simply need to flick your foot under the rear of the vehicle and the tailgate opens automatically. All you need is to have the car key in your trouser pocket for identification. And with “Easy Close” the tailgate on the new Tiguan can be closed with a single press of a button – immediately or delayed as soon as the vehicle key fob is a certain distance away.
A more detailed description of the "Easy Close" function.
- Left Button closes the tailgate fully.
- If you press the right button with an A, the car will detect the key moving away (eg walk away with the key in your pocket) and close the tailgate automatically. This sensor works for up to 20 seconds - if the key is still in range after this time, it will deactivate and the tailgate remains open.
This "Easy Close" function is only available for the Tiguan Highline and R-Line models.
Last but not least.. the Driver's and Front Passenger's seats can be adjusted electrically, and comes with a memory function that allows you to store and call up individual seat settings simply.

Myself.. I pretty like the rear lights which are made up of some triangles which made it looks so futuristic.
Dunch you think so?

The Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 2.0 is really a wonderful car to drive.. Its has all the features that are so user-friendly and it has all the safety features that are worth complimenting. It is stylish and also has a good Dynaudio sound system within the car.. huge panoramic roof etc.. Basically, it seems like you're havin' everything in a compact SUV.. that's really worth considering!
Other models of the Tiguan would be the Tiguan Comfortline 1.4 TSI (DSG) with Equipment Package and Tiguan Highline 1.4 TSI (DSG). But currently, the Highline models are Sold Out!

Feel free to contact Volkswagen Centre Singapore Alexandra @ +65 6474 8288 to find out more on the status.

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