Monday, October 2, 2017

Online Trading Academy Workshop!
Recently I attended a workshop at this Online Trading Academy. I got to understand more about Stocks, Forex, Futures and Options. It allows me to have a better insight into trading again. Previously I read up about Forex, but didn't really venture into it.. because I'm someone who wanna know more things and really understand about it before jumping into it. I would say I'm pretty risk adverse.
Its in a classroom setting with projectors and each individual have two monitors.
And the trainer for that day was Aaron Yeo who is the Presenter and Education Director.
He gave a good training to all of us and able to illustrate certain ideologies behind trading efficiently.
Everyone of us were very attentive.
And there were trainers who would go around to help you when you encounter any issue/question with the trading process.
That's myself trying to figure out how to trade and make the best out of it.
During the training.. I learnt what is Resistance and Support, and also terms like shelving snow.
I shall not explain what is it but leave it for your exploration when you wanna attend the workshop. Lol~!
Online Trading Academy has been around for 20 Years.. hence it is reputable and not of any scam that you may think of.

If you're really keen in making some decent profit through trading,
Click Here to Sign Up for the 1-Day Workshop at just S$59 Only using my promocode as shown below.

[ shaunowyeong ]

Usual Price is S$199
(All fees excluding GST)

This promotion would be valid till December 2017

There will be One Workshop Per Month and location would be at
Online Trading Academy Singapore - Aperia Mall #03-09, 12 Kallang Avenue, Singapore 339511

Here are the schedule for the 1-Day Class and 3-Day Classes for each month.

1-Day Class
Oct 27th
Nov 17th
Dec 8th

3-Day Classes

13-15 Oct - by Steve Moses
24-26 Nov - by Sean Kim
15-17 Dec - by Scott Chrisan

*subject to changes

For more information
You may also contact Online Trading Academy Singapore Office at +65 6816 2188