Friday, May 12, 2017

SIAM SQUARE สยามสแควร์ | Thai Horror Movie [Movie Review]

 One night, a blackout occurred when May and Jublek are at their tutoring school in Siam Square. It’s not just the building – it’s a blackout in the entire Siam Square, Bangkok’s most famous nerve center of young people.

When the lights came back on, they're reminded of the tale of a girl that mysteriously disappeared in Siam Square many years ago. It is rumoured that her spirit has haunted the place, and every time there's a blackout, she will appear to take someone with her. May, Jublek and their group of friends begin to experience unus...ual incidents, and the myth of the Siam Square spirit becomes more powerful in their minds. Above that, they have to worry about their entrance exam and romantic conflicts that come between them.

Siam Square is no longer a fun place. With every strange happening, they come closer to the dark truth. Now they have to face the reality and try to correct the situation before it is too late.



I would say its a pretty interesting movie that relates about the scary part of SIAM SQUARE.. Siam Square is a place which I had been there before when I was in Bangkok. Its a nice place with lotsa youngsters. And for this movie, it can change the outlook and feel of Siam Square to be a place that can be quite scary too.. Some parts of the movie seems pretty real and scary! So just be prepared! :P
Movie rating: 7.5/10
Scare level: 7/10



Date of Release: 11th May 2017
Rating: PG13 (Horror 惊栗画面)
Language: In Thai with English and Chinese Subtitles
Run time: 111-mins
Genre: Youth, Horror

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