Sunday, May 7, 2017

LOVE OFF THE CUFF 《春娇救志明》 [Movie Review]

Shawn Yue and Miriam Yeung reprise their popular roles as Jimmy and Cherie in this third installment of the romantic comedy Love in a Puff. 

Back together since Love in the Buff, Jimmy and Cherie strive to stay together happily ever after. But the shocking news of Cherie’s philandering father marrying a girl younger than herself does not make things any easier for Cherie…

The original theme song “春娇救志明” (Love Off The Cuff) is sang by popular Taiwan rock band, 五月天(MayDay)

Theme Song:

Date of Release: 4th May 2017
Rating: NC16 (Sexual References and Coarse Language 性相关语及粗俗语言)
Language: In Mandarin with English and Chinese Subtitles
Run time: 120-mins
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Its quite a relaxing movie to watch and have a good laugh. Shawn Yue is cheeky in the movie and Miriam being his wife as a pretty innocent lady trying to make Shawn have more feelings towards her in the movie. Sexual contents are included in the movie but were made into a funny way and joke about. ha..

Movie rating: 7.5/10

IN CINEMAS 4th MAY 2017!

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