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Volkswagen Caddy 1.4 TSI [Car Review]

Volkswagen launched a completely new model in the Category A COE segment - the Caddy. This multi-purpose car (MPC) has been a popular choice in Europe for many years, and this is the first time that it is being offered to customers in Singapore. This means that Volkswagen now has a people mover for every need, starting from the 5-seater Sportsvan through to the 7-seater Caddy, Touran and Sharan.

The new Caddy's design impresses with sharpened folds and clearly defined surfaces with stylish clarity. The redesigned front and the distinctively presented rear give the new compact MPC an unmistakable character, without making it any less recognisable. It has gained noticeably in presence, exclusivity and dynamism. In keeping with the expressive exterior, the vehicle's interior also features accentuated lines and shapes. A striking horizontal band with integrated air vents and a new generation infotainment system underline the new Caddy's modern look.

With 45 percent of all Caddy models leaving the factory being passenger versions, there was a strong emphasis on making this new fourth generation model more comfortable and refined. The versatile 7-seater appeals to a broader range of customers than ever before. 

Numerous driver assistance and safety systems in the Caddy support the driver and protect occupants. Volkswagen has incorporated a large number of assistance systems, which are unmatched in this segment. For example, side and curtain airbags, as well as Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP), are standard.

Under the bonnet of the Caddy is a 1.4 TSI engine with 125 PS and a strong 220 Nm of torque, which is available through a wide rev range. Efficiency and low fuel consumption were the primary focus of the engine management system's development and refinement. The Caddy has a top speed of 183 km/h and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in only 10.9 seconds (Caddy Maxi: 11.3 seconds). Despite its energetic performance, the vehicle remains extremely efficient, with fuel consumption of 5.8 L/100km, equivalent to 133 g/km of CO2.

The Caddy also sports an undeniable stylish 17" rim which matches the design of the car so well.

Now.. let me show you how this Caddy can be a thought for your consideration of a 7-seater.

Stylish black and dark grey interior.. always so neat as a Volkswagen.

The Caddy is available in two body lengths. While the standard version has a wheelbase measuring 2,682 mm, the Caddy Maxi is built on a wheelbase of 3,006 mm. All in all, the Maxi is 47 cm longer. At approximately the same vehicle height, that produces additional interior space of around one cubic metre. This goes towards making the Caddy Maxi one of the few cars in its class to be able to accommodate seven occupants as well as their luggage.

Both vehicles’ everyday practicality is underlined by well-balanced ergonomic attributes and numerous storage options. Apart from a large glove compartment, there is a roof shelf that stretches above the windscreen across the full width of the cabin. It is big enough to take even A4 folders. Further storage bins are integrated in front of the gear selector lever and in the door panels. The latter are large enough to accommodate upright 1.5-litre drinks bottles.

Offering generous lengthwise adjustment, the front seats provide excellent lateral support and ensure a comfortable and healthy sitting position. This slightly elevated position, and the enormous headroom, create a markedly spacious feel.

Cruise control and Speed Limiter are standard on the Caddy's steering wheel.. you can also accept phone calls with a press of a button on the steering wheel. Audio volume can be adjusted on the steering wheel as well. I've tested every function, and they are so easy for the driver's use.. even if its for a beginner!

An open concept compartment on the dashboard with a 12V socket for your convenient use of a power source.

Ergonomic and neat controls on the central console.

The ‘Composition Media’ infotainment unit with its large 6.33-inch colour touchscreen is centrally located on the dashboard. Its display works by means of proximity sensors: as soon as a finger moves near to the touchscreen, the system automatically switches from display mode to input mode. The display mode shows a screen that is reduced to just the essentials. In operating mode, on the other hand, the elements that can be activated by touch are specially highlighted to simplify intuitive operation. The display also responds to wiping and zooming gestures, as used in similar fashion on modern smartphones.

The automatically controlled 'Climatronic' dualzone air-conditioning system also maintains constantly comfortable temperatures within the cabin.

The engine is coupled to a 7-speed automatic direct-shift gearbox (DSG) and the driver has the option of manual control simply by moving the gear lever to the left and then using the ‘+ -’ mode.

Lighting controls on the right side of the dashboard with a knob and you're able to adjust the height of your front lamps as well as the brightness of your speedometer.

The sliding rear doors with a large opening width of 0.7 metres allow easy access to the rear seats for the passengers.

The second row seats three adults comfortably, and it’s split into two sections for greater flexibility - the single and double seat portions can be folded away individually, making it easier to optimise space utilisation. A particular feature of the Caddy is that with all seats fitted, the occupants' motoring experience is as if they were in a cinema theatre, as the height of the seats increases from front row to the back.

Upholstery of the seats for the Caddy features the Alcantara leather upholstery which has a smooth cushion feel for the users.

A tray which you can pull up to have your food and drink.

There's air-conditioning to the rear passengers as well.. with a power source below it.

Folding the seat forward is a 2-step procedure, thereafter passengers can access to the seats at the 3rd row from the side.

Seats at the 3rd row feels comfortable and just right for two more passengers. It has slots for you to put some stuffs at the sides too.

An additional info to share.. when the driver speaks, the passengers at the 3rd row may not be able to hear what the driver says. But in this Caddy, there's a voice enhancer - the driver's voice would be amplified to the last row so that the passengers at the 3rd row are able to hear what the driver say. Isn't this cool!?


If you enter to the backseats from the other side, the center row seats can be folded up as well but 2 seats at one go.. more strength would be needed to lift up the 2 seats, but you have a bigger access area to the seats at the 3rd row. Strength needed to lift up the two seats is manageable.

Here.. you can visualised the access area to the seats at the 3rd row is much bigger. :)

Here's how the boot is like..

Seats at the back can be folded down and also be removed for more storage space.

A handle strap for you to pull the back-door down easily.

BlueMotion Technology.

The Caddy is equipped with a start/stop system, regenerative braking, Hill Start Assist and roll-resistance-optimised tyres. All these contribute to lower fuel-consumption and a more environmentally friendly character.

The Caddy exists to take the load of your shoulders, in more ways than one. Not only will it carry anything you throw at it, a wide range of standard features also helps make life easier for you and your family. For example, there are plenty of storage areas, including an overhead compartment, to stuff anything from tissue boxes to toys. Sliding rear doors and a large tailgate make loading up a cinch – no awkward bending or twisting required! App-Connect provides seamless connectivity with your smartphone, and rear passengers will always be part of the conversation with a voice enhancer that helps them hear the driver more clearly. Other features such as cruise control help simplify everyday driving, and a reverse camera makes parking a breeze too.

Being Singapore's first Multi-Purpose Car, a 7-seater that offers maximum space within a compact footprint. Whether you’re carrying people or any other kind of cargo, the spacious Caddy has room for anything you load it up with, in comfort and in safety. And best of all, with its powerful yet efficient 125 PS 1.4 TSI engine, the Caddy sits in the Category A COE segment. Now who says space isn’t affordable?

Head down to the showroom for a test-drive today & experience it yourself!

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