Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SHOCK WAVE 《拆弹专家》 [Movie Review]

JS Cheung, a Superintendent in Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD) of Hong Kong Police Force, went undercover seven years ago into the gang led by the most-wanted crime boss Blast. Cheung successfully uprooted the gang and arrested a few robbers including Blast’s younger brother Biao. However, Blast was on the loose and he swore he’d be back for revenge. Seven years have passed and Blast kick starts his plan – a series of bomb attacks have sparked fear among Hong Kong citizens. To maintain law and order, Cheung must put Blast behind bars and he is ready to sacrifice his life to fight a tough battle with the ruthless bomber.

The original theme song “慢慢习惯” (Getting Used To) is composed by local music producer Eric Ng 黄韵仁, lyrics written and sang by 刘德华 Andy Lau

[ Click on the video below to listen ]

It is a show which has unexpected outcomes as you watched along.. rather than those you would expect what would turnout to be already. I would say this is one of best chinese movies I have watched this year.. It is exciting and the visual effects done in this show is superb! Great acting skills by Andy Lau as well as the rest of the other actors & actresses. Applause to the Great Work!

Movie rating: 9/10


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