Wednesday, January 25, 2017

EhBuzz - One-Stop Lifestyle Portal from Singapore!
EhBuzz is an Online Portal that has useful information on Gourmet, Beauty & Tech provided by the netizens from Singapore!
For example, by registering with EhBuzz, you can check out the nice food introduced by the users within the portal. They will post pictures of the outlet, as well as the food they have tried. As a user you can also introduce nice outlets to the fellow users on the portal. In a way, it is a win-win situation
Above are the Outlets introduced by our fellow users.. and as you can see they are mostly a picture of the shopfront, literally showing the outlet itself. Hence, you can have a better image of the outlet and facilitate yourself in finding the physical outlet when you are there.
Here are the the Buzzes made by the users which mainly recommend what food is nice at a particular outlet. Hence, you can have a better choice of food when you're there.

Here's a profile display of myself. Stating a bit of info about myself and my blogsite as well.
And as you can see there are three categories - Gourmet, Beauty and Tech, and I am most active in Gourmet.. posting most information n pictures about FOOD rather than the other two. And right now I am at Level 6 for Gourmet! :)
And these are my contributions to the portal - The Outlets I had introduced and the Buzzes I had created!! BuzzZzzz...
My experience of using this EhBuzz was pleasant so far.. Its easy to use and introduce Outlets to the fellow users, and I can gain level by introducing outlets too! Currently the Spicy Thai-Thai Café Outlet that I had introduced is the most rated and active one, because other users get to create buzz on the outlet that I had introduced. They buzzed in with the new dishes of the food they had tried at the outlet, sharing what is new or nice! :)
Benefits of using this EhBuzz is that when you are sick of eating the food you usually eat, you can head on to this website and see what is nice that people had recommended. And not only you can search for food, but you can also make contribution to the portal as well, sharing the nice food you've tried!
Head over to EhBuzz website to find out more now!
Registration is Free!

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