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Volkswagen Touran 1.4L Comfortline (EQP) [Car Review]

An All-New Generation of the Best-Selling MPV has arrived.

Families have a very clear idea of what a vehicle perfectly tailored to their needs should offer. With their children on board, they need space – a lot of space for a comfortable life on the move. They also need storage bins and trays – lots of them. Variability is very important as well – for as many short or tall people as possible. Then there’s safety, for which no compromises will be accepted.

Volkswagen had all of this in mind when developing the Touran, a vehicle that’s a true all-rounder. Whether it’s a trip to the football pitch, a drive to school or a holiday excursion – the Touran is the most popular MPV in Germany and also extremely successful in Singapore. What’s more, because it’s so practical, even young adults and people without children like it, as does any driver who enjoys sitting up comfortably and high, and who values the type of versatility and intuitive ease of use that the Touran is able to offer.

The colour I have here is a Nutshell Brown Metallic colour.

There's a total of four versions of the Touran to choose from...

The Touran is available in two equipment levels – the Trendline and Comfortline. Even the Trendline is very well equipped, with leather upholstery, cruise control, automatic headlamps and wipers, an electronic vehicle immobiliser and the new Pure Air Climatronic system all coming as standard. The Comfortline has even more equipment, including a multi-function steering wheel, rear view camera and panoramic sunroof.

An additional equipment package (EQP) comprising four features – LED headlights, keyless entry and starting, driving profile selection and Front Assist – can be ordered for both the Trendline and Comfortline models.

The model that I'm having here is the Comfortline (EQP) - The Best of All!

Back design of the Touran is nice and simple. Lookin' futuristic.
The new Touran is a multitalented vehicle with a self-assured air. The roof line drops down slightly towards the rear, giving the car a dynamic, self-assured air, further helped by a powerfully contoured silhouette which succeeds in combining ample interior space with compact proportions that promise agile performance. Its timeless exterior design has one overriding purpose, however: to offer you as much room as possible for everything you need within a remarkably small footprint. As a result, the new Touran's ease of manoeuvrability when driving in the city is matched by its great comfort on long holiday trips.
The front end of the new Touran has a stylish and dynamic appearance. Its sporty, assertive feel makes a great impression. Distinctive radiator grille with stylish chrome strips, black air intake grille and dynamically sculpted headlights: the unmistakable Volkswagen design idiom shines through to particularly stunning effect in the vehicle's front end. An eye-catching tornado line reinforces the dynamic look, forming a V-shaped swage that gives added impact to the Touran's profile.
Keep everything perfectly in view: the sporty, elegant LED headlights on the Comfortline model put their distinctive stamp on the front end of the new Touran. They include a cornering light function and LED daytime running lights. Their superior lighting power and original design emblazon the vehicle's front end with an even sportier lighting signature compared to standard halogen headlights. LED headlights produce light that is close to the quality of daylight, and they are both more efficient than halogen bulbs and last longer. The front fog lights provide additional illumination in inclement weather.

The direct-injection turbocharged 1.4 TSI engine in the Touran is a completely new design. Producing 150 PS and 250 Nm of torque, it delivers strong performance (0-100 km/h in only 8.9 seconds) while consuming only 5.6 L/100km of fuel in the combined driving cycle. The Touran is fitted as standard with automatic engine stop/start and battery regeneration systems as standard.

The Comfortline (with EQP) comes with 17-inch alloy wheels with 215/55 R17 tyres
For Trendline it will be 16-inch alloy wheels.
The new Touran comes with a highly convenient multifunctional centre console including various stowage facilities as standard. It includes two cup holders and storage compartments at the front, while there is also a small storage net in the front-passenger footwell that is ideal for holding flat objects such as books or a tablet PC.
The leather-covered steering wheels for the new Touran put you firmly in control of both the car and all the main systems and displays in its interior. The leather multifunction steering wheel fitted as standard in the Touran Comfortline, meanwhile, lets you control the radio, telephone and multifunction display, for example, without having to take your hands off the wheel.
Here.. at the bottom of the central console there's a convenient USB port to plug-in my iPhone and start the Apple CarPlay. It will mirror-link to the display on the dashboard. It is suitable for Android phone as well.
For Apple CarPlay on the App-Connect system, Volkswagen has worked with Apple to allow a limited number of apps to be accessible on the car’s infotainment system. These apps can all be controlled via voice commands, hence drivers can use Siri to help them to.. for example send messages or choose their music all without having to take their hands off the wheel. As such, drivers are still ‘plugged in’ on the go, but in a manner that reduces distraction as much as possible. :)
Activating the Apple Map, it is exactly what is displayed on my phone.
Over here let's say I'm heading to Volkswagen Showroom at Alexandra.. It would just route accordingly.

"Air Care Climatronic" 3-zone air conditioning

A full car and everyone wants a different air conditioning setting: it's too hot for one person, too cold for another and someone else would like plenty of fresh air. The standard 'Pure Air Climatronic' air conditioning system solves this problem by dividing the Touran into three separate climate zones for driver, front passenger and rear passengers, allowing it to cater to individual requirements. The passengers in the second row are able to adjust the climate settings for the rear compartment themselves by simply using the control panel on the back of the centre armrest. 'Pure Air Climatronic' also includes an allergy filter with activated charcoal cartridge as well as a sensor for monitoring the air quality.
The Volkswagen DSG Gearbox (Direct-Shift Gearbox)
- The DSG from Volkswagen allows quick, smooth gear changes with the ease of an automatic transmission.
- The fuel consumption of cars with a DSG is sometimes lower than that of models with a manual transmission (depending on driving style).
- The manual gear selection option can also deliver sporty driving pleasure if desired.. just by pushing the gear to the left at the D/S mark, hence switching it to S (Sport-mode) and driver can just shift up or down the gear by pushing up or down.
Two cup-holders seen here.
The Auto-Hold function helps the car to stay in position when it is stationary on an up-hill or down-hill so that the car would not roll back or move forward respectively.
The "(P)" is actually the handbrake. Just by pulling the flap up the handbrake is on.
There's no more extra handbrake handle jutting out from the central console.
Another good thing about this is that when you drive off the car.. you do not need to press the flap to release the handbrake. Once your accelerate, the handbrake will automatically release by itself. :)

For the cup holders.. your cups can be further secured firmly just by pressing the button as shown above. So that you cups wouldn't be moving around, hence messing up the car while you're driving.

The dashboard for the passenger looks pretty interesting..
On the silver panel.. its not a storage compartment.
But rather.. its an area for you to insert your CD or SD Card to play your songs etc.
On the right side of the steering wheel.. there's a knob which you can turn on the lights easily.
Usually I set it to 'Auto',

And just right below the air-con vent on the right.. there's a small compartment which I think its good for me to put my cards and small lil' stuffs.


Design on the driver's side door.. which doesn't look complicated as well.
And I the silver paneling on the side doors.

Under the arm-rest.. there's a compartment which has a bin that you can simply throw your rubbish inside and clear them away easily by pulling out the bin.
This is good especially its a very family-oriented car and when you have kids.. there probably tend to be more rubbish and you wouldn't want to see them lying all around in the car. Here theres a compartment for you to bin it. :)
The rear passenger's legroom is spacious as well.
Rear passengers can cool their feet with the additional air-vent under the front passengers' seats.
A mini desk can be lifted up at the back of the front passengers' seats.
And it can be lifted to different angles which would be suitable to your eye level when you're reading sth say on an iPad or tablet - the ledge on the bottom would help support your device from falling off (as seen in the picture).
Every seat can be adjusted forward or backward individually.
So versatile of the Volkswagen Touran.
The passengers in the second row are able to adjust the climate settings for the rear compartment themselves by simply using the control panel on the back of the centre armrest.
Access to the last row seats is pretty easy as well.
Last row seats.
Compartments w cup holders at the side for the last row passengers.
Boot space at the back.
Last row of the seats can be flatten down to create more space for your large items.
Hook at the side to hang your stuffs.
By opening this area underneath the boot floor..
The privacy boot cover can be retrieved easily to cover the important stuffs that you have in your car.. be it away from sun or anything.
Seats at the middle row can be pushed down as well.. to create an even larger space for your boot!

The Large Panoramic Sunroof.
Measuring nearly 1.4 m² in size, the remarkably large electric sunroof can be operated while on the move at the simple push of a button.

On the Comfortline, there are LED lighting strips along the sides of the very large panoramic sunroof (1.34 m2 as compared to 1.15 m2 in the previous model). These indirectly illuminate the closed sun roof blind as well.

When the sunroof is opened.. there's a shade that would lift up as well.. that is so as to prevent the wind from entering into the car while the car is on the move. Hence, not messing up your hair! Lol~!
Blind Spot Monitoring System which would alert you with an orange light on your side mirror when there's a vehicle at your blind spot on the same side of the side mirror. This is an optional feature and does not come as a standard package.

Over here in the above picture you can see there's a van at my right blind spot and the orange light is litted up. This is very useful when I wanna change lanes and be aware of my surroundings.

Likewise for the other side of the side mirror.
(for illustration purpose)

The Volkswagen Touran (EQP) is a nice car to drive and able to accomodate many passengers (7-seater) which is very useful when I have a big family outing. The Touran is very versatile with all the features they have in the car.. as seen in the earlier pictures and information that I've highlighted; middle row seats able to be adjusted individually and many compartments within the car. The car is very user-friendly and also very stable during my drive. Its a car that would not lose out in any way. :)

Head down to the showroom to test-drive of this Touran and have a feel of it yourself.

Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra)
247 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159934
+65 6474 8288 (Tel)
+65 6471 1022 (Fax)
Showroom opening hours
Mon to Sat: 8:30am to 7:00pm
Sun & P.H: 10:00am to 7:00pm

More information on the Volkswagen Touran.. Click Here!

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