Saturday, January 21, 2017

SoftRock Living | Bohemian Artisanal Bean Bag

Upon receiving this Bohemian Artisanal Bean Bag from SoftRock Living..
I was wondering where I should place this.
Kept me thinking a while...
And I decided to place it at my previous mini-gym area where I cleared all my dumbbells and bench.
I chose a Granite colour for my bean bag.
The other colour would be Sandstone.

The Granite coloured bean bag blends in very well to this slot and the interior of my house.. with bright tiles which shows a contrast between the bean bag and the floor. And it matches well with the dark-coloured furnitures in my house too! :)
Lounging onto the bean bag just feel so right and relaxing!
Lets take a look at the bean bag in full detail.
The Bohemian is a fusion of classic and unconventional. Marrying the sleekness of a recliner with the comfort of a bean bag, this lounger could not possibly get any better.
But it did.
Never satisfied with resting on their laurels, the designers at SoftRock Living have tinkered under the hood so to speak, and have produced an entirely different Bohemian under the covers. Literally. The Bohemian’s cover is now entirely removable, which makes cleaning by machine-washing now possible, if you wanted to.
But that’s not all. The inner bag, a durable fabric bag which snugly fits into the cover, has its own added features. Apart from a high quality child-proof zipper to prevent accidental opening, the Bohemian inner bag has certain structural designs that allow the owner to sink in even more snugly than before.
A closer look at the Granite color of the bean bag.. there's a few shades of grey which makes it even more unique. The material used is a sofa chenille fabric that is really comfortable to sit in, not too rough and just right.

At the side of the bean bag, there's a small compartment for your remote control or whatever things that you wanna tuck it in.
Just like this.. I tucked in my TV remote control. :)
And as mentioned earlier.. the cover of the bean bag can be removed. It can be removed easily by unzipping it at the bottom from on side to the other. Hence, you can simply put the cover to wash when its dirtied.
I really like this bean bag..
When I first rested on it.. I can feel that my entire body fits so well to it and it was really comfortable and I could just fell asleep in it.

On leisure.. I can sit there to watch TV.

And also reading my favourite magazines & books.
This is wad I need in life when I have a break.
Just to sit back and relax.
(perhaps with some music)
Over here you see the real dog, Tracce!
She has been my cute and obedient dog for 16 years already!
I believe she would love the Bean Bag too! Lol~!
That aside.. This SoftRock Living Artisanal Bean Bag is specially handcrafted in Singapore!
It is of Good Quality and I would definitely recommend it to my friends who would want something chic and comfortable to rest in their living room or anywhere.
Retail price of this Bohemian Bean Bag is $399.
But now you can enjoy a 15% OFF the Bohemian Bean Bag (inclusive of other bean bags) with my promo code below.

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