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2016 KIA Sportage 2.0L 2WD [Car Review]

Fourth-Generation Sportage Compact SUV Boasts Sophisticated Design,
Premium Smart Features and Significant Ride Quality
Eye-catching lines that draw admiring glances
We all want to stand out and be seen as different from the crowd. With its sleek, bold lines and sporty panache, the revolutionary Sportage is an SUV you can be proud to drive.
The 2016 KIA Sportage!
    - New design and advanced technologies for fourth-generation compact SUV
    - Modern layout and greater refinement for high quality new cabin
    - Greater passenger comfort with more space and less noise
    - The safest Sportage yet, with a stronger body and new active safety tech
    - Smoother, more refined ride and greater handling agility


I personally feel that the 2016 KIA Sportage really has the style of its own.
It has the very nice signature tiger nose front-grille which really stands out and looks nice on this Sportage.. and it has the special day-time running light which is like a circle but splitted into three parts.. and for that it makes it pretty unique, hence standing out from the other cars on the road.


Sportage is the new king of the urban jungle with exceptional power to safely and smoothly navigate through city roads, along with contemporary style and sporty appeal.
I was delighted to have the Sportage in white.. because it looks really good in white with chrome details that are not overdose - very refreshing feel.


The side profile of the car is pretty clean and tidy, without complicated lines.


The New Sportage features the "Nu" 2.0L MPi engine with Dual Continuous Variable Valve Timing (DCVVT), delivering 155 PS and 192 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.

18" Alloy Wheel

Tailgate garnish - pretty nice and simple as well.

LED-type rear combination lamps.
The Sportage redefines the utilisation of space. Able to provide supreme comfort and easy fingertip controls every time you get behind the wheel.

From the driver's view.. this is how it is like.
Buttons on the steering wheel to keep your hands on the wheel and adjust the functions accordingly.
Cruise control for the car can be set with the buttons on the wheel as well.


And this is how it is like with a closer look on the speedometer.
There are 3 displays on the LCD for you to choose from.. just by pressing the button on the steering wheel to toggle between them.


Central console is abit facing more to the driver if you noticed.
And it is angled at a perfect 7.2-degree angle downwards to the left so that the audio, navigation, and air-conditioning systems are all within easy reach.

Space for the front passenger is reasonable.
As it is a Dual-zone Full Auto Temperature Control (D-FATC), front-passenger can adjust the air-con temperature that is towards him/her.
There's also an Auto Defogger.
A sophisticated sensor that detects fogging on the front windshield and clears it automatically, giving you driving clarity at all times.

The Sportage's Automatic Transmission is a six-gear unit which has an auto shift lock that prevents unintended acceleration from occuring. I quite like the gear stick which shaped like this.. something different from the usual round gears we have and it looks kinda like the air-plane's gear. Pretty cool! :)


Over here.. a closer analysis of what are the buttons beside the gear.

Drive Mode - it allows driver to select the driving preference between Normal, Eco and Sport mode. (Shown below for Eco & Sport mode)

Downhill Brake Control - an intelligent system that control the speed of the vehicle during a downhill descend. That means the driver do not have to step on the brake pedal. It is aimed for off-road driving and on a slippery downhill of the trail.

Parking Assist System (PAS) - Ultrasonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers detect objects and pedestrians and inform you of their distance from your vehicle.

Activation of Eco mode & Sport mode.


Downhill Brake Control On.


The button on the left is the Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) - It helps to keep your ride stable and safe while you brake and corner, especially on wet, slippery or rough roads.

The center button is to adjust the brightness of your speedometer.

The right most button is to adjust the height of your headlamps.


Standard buttons on the side door of the driver - it looks somewhat like a remote control.
But well.. it looks neat. :)


A clearer picture of the functions.


Rear mirror which has the Anti-Glare function. It will prevent the lights coming from the rear vehicles to be glaring to the eyes of the driver.

Two 12V Power Sockets, a AUX and USB Port for your use.
I can simply plug my iPhone to the USB Port and activate the Apple CarPlay on the LCD screen - e.g. using the map on my phone, with the map mirrored to the LCD screen or listening to songs directly from my phone's music playlist.

Legroom for the rear passengers is spacious.

Ventilation and USB charger for 2nd row passengers
Cold or warm air is available when needed and your rear seat passengers can also recharge their devices on the go.

The fourth-generation Sportage has expanded from 465 litres to 503 litres, made more practical by a dual-height luggage floor, allowing taller items to fit into the boot and still remain hidden by the tonneau cover.
Although the all-new Sportage is as wide as the outgoing model, the luggage area has been widened by 35 mm, with a lowered load lip reducing the lift-over height by 47 mm to 732 mm, to ensure ease of loading heavy items into the car.
Very spacious indeed.
The Sportage also features a new under-floor tonneau cover storage area – unique in the class.
60:40 split folding rear seats
The foldable rear seats allow for loading extra-sized items that would not normally fit in the rear cargo space.

Full-fledge flat-down of the rear seats.. providing ernomous boot-space for your EXTRA BIG items!
I would say that this Sportage really caught me by surprise for its nice design and power of it, and I'm Lovin' it!
 Head on down to the KIA Showroom to have a test-drive of the Sportage at
239 Alexandra Road Singapore 159930

It will probably just surprise you with what the New Sportage can deliver.. in terms of its functionality and power.

Website: http://www.kia.com/sg/showroom/sportage.html

KIA Instagram | @kia_sg


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