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Volkswagen Passat 2.0 R-Line [Car Review]


5 key facts about the new Passat

1. Thanks to its innovative lightweight design, the new Passat is up to 85 kg lighter than the previous model.

2. The engines are new to the model range; they have been made up to 17 percent more fuel efficient.

3. The Passat comes with LED headlamps and LED rear lights as standard

4. The new Passat makes its debut as the eighth generation of this top-selling vehicle, which has sold nearly 23 million units since 1973

5. The model series is the Volkswagen Group’s number one seller with around one million Passat cars sold annually (including derivatives)

Singapore, 29 July 2015 – The launch of the eighth generation Passat marks the debut of the latest version of a global bestseller. When all derivatives are included, nearly 23 million units have been built. In 2014 alone, around one million people chose to buy a model from this series. The Passat from Volkswagen is the Group’s most successful model.

Positioning and design

The new Passat’s design combines stylish clarity with a high degree of power. A design that is not simply fashionable but is contemporary. A design that is not whimsical but is expressive. A design in which every line has a purpose. A design that will leave a mark on its era.

The new Passat was created based on the modular transverse matrix – thanks to this platform, its proportions were made to be significantly more dynamic (including lower body, longer wheelbase and larger wheels) and its overall package was improved.

While preserving all of its functional virtues, the Passat has gained noticeably in presence, exclusivity and dynamism. Even at night the Passat has an unmistakable look due to its newly developed LED headlights and standard LED rear lights. In the new Passat, Volkswagen has created a sedan that crosses over into a higher class. As the most successful European business car, the Passat represents a new type of business class – a transition car between the mid- and premium classes and between the B and C segments.

Analogous to the expressive exterior is an interior that has been developed with the aesthetics, clarity and high value to match the sophisticated overall concept of the eighth-generation Passat. Based on numerous new design solutions, the interior has a more avant-garde and exclusive appearance than ever.

New assistance, infotainment and convenience systems make individual mobility more sustainable, interconnected and communicative; they also play an active role in the driving process and make it even safer.

New drivetrains
The new Passat is available with two direct injection turbocharged TSI engines. All of the drive systems are new aboard the Passat. The engines’ fuel consumption levels, and therefore their CO2 emissions as well, have been reduced by as much as 17 percent. Both the 180 PS and 220 PS models are equipped with a stop-start system and a regenerative braking mode.

Versions and equipment

At launch, four different versions of the Passat will be offered to customers in Singapore. The Passat 1.8 TSI Comfortline and 1.8 TSI Highline are both powered by the 180 PS TSI engine, with the Highline model gaining additional features including a panoramic sunroof, reversing camera and the ‘Discover Pro’ 8-inch touchscreen navigation system.

Buyers looking for an ever higher level of performance can opt for the Passat 2.0 TSI Exclusiveline, which has the 220 PS TSI engine under its bonnet. This model also gains extra equipment such as ventilated front seats, a Dynaudio sound system, Park Assist and Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC).

The most sporty Passat model available is the Passat 2.0 TSI R-Line (featured here), which has R-Line bumpers in a striking, sporty look, a distinctive front grille with R-Line logo, chrome-plated trapezoid tail pipe trim panels, side sill extensions and a black gloss diffuser. The Passat R-Line also has steering wheel paddle shifters as standard. It also has a 220 PSI TSI engine under its bonnet and is able to travel from 0-100 km/h in 6.7 secs.


Shown here is the R-Line logo on the front grille. The front grille also has the vertical chrome grilles which allow us to differentiate the R-Line model easier.


The Passat R-Line also sport a set of 8.0J x 18" alloy wheels which are proportional to the lengthy size of the car.


Tail-lamp designs are clean, simple and nice.. havin' a very elegant look!
In fact the tail-lamps for the Passat would change from a horizontal signature light to a vertical one when the brake-light is activated.

On normal tail-lights.. it is as shown above.

With the brake-lights on.. it would be like this.
This is so as to further distinguish between the normal tail-lights and the brake-lights, hence the other driver behind would be able notice the brake-lights clearer and react faster.

Volkswagen has been perfecting the Passat for over four decades. Internally, the now eight generations carry the designations B1 through B8. At Volkswagen, the B stands for the B-segment to which the Passat belongs (mid-class cars), and the number indicates the car’s generation. In retrospect, the car’s styling was primarily influenced by the B1, the original model of 1973, and all of the generations from the B5 (1996) onward.

Volkswagen introduced a paradigm shift in the Passat B5. While all previous Passat generations were balanced multi-talented cars that offered a high level of comfort, very good everyday features and above average space, with this generation the quality and design made a leap forward, positioning the Passat in the top league of its class and making it the most successful business car. This path was consistently and successfully followed up by the B6 (from 2005) and the B7 (from 2010).

In light of this history of success, Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen Head of Design, and his team asked themselves the following question as they began to work on the B8: "What do we need to do to make a global best-seller even more visually attractive?" The answer was clear: "Breathtaking proportions." And it was precisely this that the team succeeded in achieving more systematically than ever, as an entirely new design platform was made available for the Passat for the first time: the modular transverse matrix (MQB).

Although it is almost exactly as long as the previous model, the car’s wheelbase grew by a considerable 79 mm (that is about 8 cm); the front and rear wheels were made larger and are now positioned further out to the sides, making it possible to shorten the body overhangs significantly. At the same time, the Passat was made lower and wider. Because of the optimised engine orientation, it was possible to significantly lower the bonnet and shift the windscreen towards the rear. This ‘cab backward design’ with mature saloon proportions resulted in a very long bonnet look with the impression of a premium-class model.


Analogous to the elaborately designed exterior, the interior designers developed an cabin with levels of aesthetics, clarity and quality matching the sophisticated overall concept of the eighth generation Passat. Due to numerous new design solutions, precisely executed details and innovative technologies, the interior is more avant-garde, distinctive and multifaceted than ever.

Although the new Passat is 2 mm shorter than the previous model, interior length has grown by 33 mm. Cargo capacity has also increased, by 21 litres to 586 litres.

The goal defined of creating a feeling of lightness and generous space in the interior was realised by the designers with a lean dashboard with a consistent horizontal structure, and the front door panels are stylistically incorporated into this design. The central design element of the dashboard is an innovative air vent that extends across the entire width of the interior like a band and is designed as a functional decorative element. So there are no separately placed air nozzles in the new Passat, rather one continuous element that is only interrupted by the instruments and the analogue clock in the middle of the dashboard – it consistently unifies form and function. The dimensions of the air vent not only affect the design of the dashboard; they also have a positive effect on climate control performance and ventilation acoustics.

The designers placed special value on a driver-oriented design and a very spacious feeling for the front interior area. Therefore, starting from the driver’s seating position, the dashboard builds upwards in the space to the two sides of the instruments, inclined slightly towards the windscreen. This creates a spacious feeling as well as an ideal ergonomic environment. Front electric seats are standard, with the 14-way adjustable ergoComfort driver’s seat providing excellent support even on very long journeys.

The centre console has an extremely clean layout, is well organised, and the controls are easy to access. The infotainment system is integrated high on the console and is easy to see. Since the console between the driver and front passenger has a sporty incline up towards the infotainment system, the gear shift gate is up high, and the gear lever falls perfectly to hand.


The Passat R-Line's speedometer is also digitised!
When switched to the navigation mode and map is used on the center screen of the speedometer, the two speed dials can be shrunk to become smaller abit with a touch of a 'Ok" button on the steering wheel. This allows the driver to have a larger view of the map while driving. With another press of the "Ok" button, it will be back to normal as shown above. :)


Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG).
Most cars today come with either a manual transmission or the conventional torque converter automatic transmission. Both types of transmission have advantages and disadvantages. While the manual transmission is cheaper to manufacture and uses fuel more efficiently, automatic transmissions offer easy shifting without any reduction in traction.With its dual-clutch DSG gearbox, Volkswagen has managed to combine the best aspects of both conventional transmission designs in one gearbox, perfectly reconciling driving pleasure and efficiency. The DSG (direct shift gearbox) creates a dynamic driving experience that allows gear changes to be executed without any reduction in traction. Compared with conventional automatic transmissions, the new gearbox has impressively low fuel consumption – sometimes even lower than that of a manual transmission. DSG gearboxes can be operated either with the sporty rocker switches on the steering wheel or in the easy-to-use automatic mode.Depending on what your driving requirements are, different DSG versions with different features can be applied to ensure the perfect drive every time.

The advantages of the Volkswagen DSG
  • The DSG from Volkswagen allows quick, smooth gear changes with the ease of an automatic transmission.
  • The fuel consumption of cars with a DSG is sometimes lower than that of models with a manual transmission (depending on driving style).
  • The manual gear selection option can also deliver sporty driving pleasure if desired and can be operated using the rocker switches on the steering wheel.



ergoComfort seat

Sit more comfortably.
The new Passat comes with comfortable, back-friendly seats – thanks to ergoComfort (available on the Passat 1.8 TSI Comfortline, Passat 1.8 TSI Highline, and Passat 2.0 TSI R-Line). This seat provides a vast array of adjustment options, allowing you to adopt an ergonomically supported seating position and thus take the strain off your spinal column.

The seat has 14-way electrical adjustment with a memory and massage function for the driver. The massage function would provide a gentle push to your back and releases off after tt, and it repeats the motion forward and backward again. This is especially good when you're stuck in a jam and felt restrained in the car.


Let's take a look at the boot with a pull of the Volkswagen logo!

And what's more!? This Volkswagen logo also doubles up as a reverse camera!
Isn't that cool?


As mentioned earlier.. Cargo capacity has increased, by 21 litres to 586 litres.
The above picture really illustrate a huge trunk with two small compartments at the sides where you can put some small items there so that it would not be moving around the boot while the car is moving.

The backseats can be put down with a pull of the lever.
And you can put them all down to create additional space for whatever huge items you may have.
Armrest with two cup-holders at the center rear seats.

The center of the seats can be opened to create a passage to the boot.


It is good especially when you have long items to store in the car.

This is a view from the front where more than half the rear seats were put down.

Air-conditioning for the rear passengers. And guess what?
You can adjust the temperature of it! :)

The Passat R-line is indeed sporty in its class.. having sporty bumpers and skirting with chrome that tapers around the car.
With style and elegance.. this car really suits to be a gentlemen's car as well as for working and mature ladies!
Yes.. this car also sports a sunroof when you need it.
The look of the car feels silent and humble.. but it can deliver an ultimate performance a driver needs! Having 220 PS and 0-100 km/h in 6.7 secs is really fast for a mid-class car.

 I truly enjoyed my ride with this Passat R-Line. It is the highest range of the Passat family, has all it takes to be the Best Passat ever. It has all the features the driver and passengers need. I love the DSG gear changes smoothly as usual for other Volkswagen models. Changing the gear mode to "S" I can play the gears with the gear stick or with the rocker shifts on the steering wheel. It was really fun and responsive! Tested the cruising mode and speed limiter on the steering wheel, it feels really solid and stable! I'm always impressed with how Volkswagen making the extra effort to have improvements and make our ride as enjoyable as it should be. Features are all very user-friendly and thoughtful. It just feel as though the car is very close to you, because it understands what you need!

* * *

Head down to the showroom to have a feel of this Passat R-Line and test-drive it yourself.

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