Friday, July 22, 2016

USANA - Launch of MySmartShake!

USANA’s First Clean and Personalised Shake, MySmartShake Launches in Singapore – The Macronutrient Solution to a Healthy Lifestyle

(Singapore, July 16, 2016) – When it comes to nutrition, USANA Health Sciences offers some of the purest and highest-quality nutritional supplements available. Now, the global nutritional company can say the same with its new low-glycemic load and gluten-free MySmartShake, a customisable protein-based shake. Featured on the Dr. Oz Show and enjoyed by several Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) athletes,USANA’s MySmartShake will soon be hitting the sunny shores of Singapore. Against a backdrop of increasingly unhealthy, stressful lifestyles of living in metropolises, MySmartShake delivers themacronutrient solution to help consumers meet their personal lifestyle needs by rebalancing their diets.

The Macronutrient Gap

On top of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our bodies require an optimal amount of macronutrients –protein, carbohydrates and fats — for us to perform at our best. However, the modern Singaporean diet comprises large amounts of processed carbohydrates and the excessive intake of these is often associatedwith obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. 
Our bodies also cannot live without fats – these provide essential fatty acids, and help with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamins A, E & D. Unfortunately, many of us are getting these from the wrong sources — fats that are unhealthy. Excess fat is not only stored under the skin, but also in blood vessels and organs. USANA’s scientists have included the most beneficial form of fats that can be used more efficiently for energy in MySmartShake’s research-validated formulation. 

Eating clean made easy

“Singapore is renowned for being a food paradise with a wide range of cuisines. The culinary temptation coupled with a recent study that showed Singaporeans work some of the longest hours in the world means that for many of us, our diets are unbalanced either from overindulgence, convenience or lack of time,” said Ms. Carolyn Lee, regional General Manager of USANA Singapore and Malaysia. “We recognise a desire among consumers for simple, pure and clean products that are easy to consume regardless of lifestyle constraints. MySmartShake was developed to meet these demands, and help restore balance to our diets while supporting our journey to optimal health.” 

The Smart Solution

As we age or our lifestyle changes, our nutrition needs change, and MySmartShake allows us to create a protein shake based on our health goals and taste preferences in three simple steps.

1. Choose a protein base - whey or soy.
2. Choose a Flavour Optimiser - Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, Banana, Orange Creme, or stick with the mild vanilla flavor of the base.
3. Take your shake to the next level by adding in a booster - USANA’s Protein Plus Whey Booster, Fibergy Plus, or fruits and vegetables of your choice.

“Packed with complete proteins, reduced levels of simple carbohydrates, coconut oil as a healthy source of saturated fat and no refined sugar, MySmartShake lets consumers fill their tummies in the most healthy and tasty way,” said Mr. Kenny Tan, Regional Senior Nutritionist at USANA Singapore. “It’s important to us that USANA is creating top-quality products that are not only innovative, but beneficial to those consuming them. Low-glycemic load and gluten-free, MySmartShake is a great addition to the groundbreaking nutritional supplements that USANA has to offer.”

* * *
Here are the happenings at the Launch of MySmartShake Event!
Here almost all the influencers are here.. and we're waiting for the event to start in a short while.
At the back of us there are 3 tables with these items on it.. they are for a competition later which we would be involving to make our Best MySmartShake! Total of 3 teams competing - Team A, B & C! And I'm in the Team C! :)
Here is Kenny Tan, a Regional Senior Nutritionist sharing his knowledge on healthy diet and how MySmartShake would benefit our life.
And here we're bout to start our competition and we are allowed to choose 3 types of fruits for our First glass of MySmartShake!

My team working hard on it.. I like the spirit we have and everyone contributing a small part to the completion of our first glass of MySmartShake!
Apparently I was appointed as the leader.. probably I'm the only guy influencer in the team?
But actually I do nothing much one! I help them take photos like this above and give some sound advices and instructions! Basically wad a supervisor does la, isn't it!? Haha.. Jus joking~!
As you can see my team is very hardworking, they even googled or checked out Instagram posts to get some inspiration! --- See the phone at the bottom of the above picture! Dunno who's phone was that la.. :P
Finally we are ready to blend!
It is so EASY! Jus throw everything inside!
Of course we added the MySmartShake Whey powder to it else it wouldnt be called MySmartShake! :P
And the colour turns out really well!
And we even tried to add more berries to it and blended it 2nd time so that we would have two colours in our specially made drink - MySmartShake!
So here you go.. we have our First Glass of MySmartShake!
As I'm quite of a maculine guy over there so I helped to pour the drink from the blender to the glass, rather than jus taking photos and giving instructions! ha..

So here we are preparing to do our 2nd glass of MySmartShake!
These are the fruits we put in to the blender and we added USANA Probiotic powder and also a packet of CHIA Seeds!

So here it is.. our 2nd glass of MySmartShake!
Putting them together and making sure everything looks nice for phototaking!
So here's my TEAM C!
Great job guys!

Though we didn't won in this competition.. but to me.. we have won! :)

* * *

Here's How I Make MySmartShake Soy
High-Quality Complete Protein at Home!

It is very easy! I just follow the steps at the back of the packet to make MySmartShake Soy!

1. Protein Base
(which is this MySmartShake Soy)

2. Flavor Optimizers
(to add a unique flavor benefit to your drink)

3. Performance Booster
(additional enhancements designed to take the personalization & performance of your MySmartShake a step further)

These are the content that I will be mixing for my drink!

1. MySmartShake Soy Protein (Vanilla Base)
2. Flavour Optimiser (Chocolate Flavour)
3. Probiotic Powder

This is how the MySmartShake Soy Protein Base looks like.

So here's the First Step!

1. Add 12-14 ounces of cold water to a shaker.
As I didn't have cold water at home, I added some ice to it!
(You can always improvise and modify your drink.. :))

2. Add 2 scoops of the MySmartShake Soy Protein Base.

3. Add the Chocolate Flavour Optimiser.

4. Add the Probiotic Powder.

It is how it will look like after adding everything!

5. Close the container, Shake well and it will be like this above!

You can pour it to a glass or jus drink it straight from the bottle.
I poured it into 2 plastic cups cos' I wanna share the goodness of this with my dad!
As I'm an active sports person, this drink would definitely serve as a good protein shake for me to drink after my workout or act as a Meal-Replacement Powder when needed.
The Probiotic powder added to the drink would help to promote healthy digestion and sound immune function! Hence, bringing out the BEST of this drink!

* * *

For more information on USANA MySmartShake,

Feel free to check out and follow their Instagram & Facebook at

Instagram: @usanasingapore
Facebook: @OfficialUSANASingapore



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