Wednesday, July 27, 2016

THE WAILING 《哭声》| In Cinemas 28.07.2016!

After so long... this is one of the horror-iest movie since I last watch one!

 An old stranger appears in a peaceful rural village, but no one knows when or why. As mysterious rumors begin to spread about this man, the villagers drop dead one by one. They grotesquely kill each other for inexplicable reasons. The village is swept by turmoil and the stranger is subjected to suspicion. From acclaimed director Na Hong-Jin, starring Kwak Do-Won, Hwang Jung-Min and Chun Woo-Hee. THE WAILING opens in Singapore on 28th July!

一名神秘的年老日本人搬到村边树林里隐居。一时间,村内谣言四起。同时村庄发生了一系列残暴而难以解释的神秘谋杀。警察面对系列谋杀毫无头绪,既找不到凶手,也没有合理的解释。很明显,这些凶杀案已经超出了理性能够解释的范围。由著名导演罗泓轸执导,郭度沅 、黄政民 和千禹熙领衔主演。《哭声》即将在7月28日上映!

This movie is really nice! It allows you to keep thinking throughout the show and even after.. like who is the ghost or sth.. its till the end then they reveal who is the real ghost. Its a pretty long movie of 156 min, which is about 2 hr 36 mins. Make sure you pee before going to watch the show.. bring jacket or blazer or blanket if you're watching at Cathay Orchard Cine Leisure.. the Hall 3 is SUPER COLD~! Dunno is the ghost around or its just the air-con!? Lol~! Wahaha... But just bring la... I was really shivering till the end of the show. My partner said its a very nice show which will keep you thinking.. and she likes it alot. So much that she probably wanna watch it the 2nd time! I like how the director twist the movie here and there.. very thrilling and it wouldn't bore you! Catch this Korean Horror Movie soon before it ends.. it will be in cinemas on 28th July 2016!
Movie rating: 8/10
Scare level: 8/10