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More than a race, POCARI SWEAT Run 2016 completes its journey to the Moon!
Tied closely to the Lunar Dream Capsule Project, about 10,000 runners completed the remaining 80,000 KM of POCARI SWEAT’s 380,000 KM journey to the Moon
Astronaut joins in the flag-off for runners  (Photo credit to POCARI SWEAT Run 2016)
Singapore, 23 July 2016 – Around 10,000 runners were flagged off from The Float @ Marina Bay at 6pm today for the fifth edition of the POCARI SWEAT Run in Singapore. This year’s run saw runners covering the remaining 80,000KM of the 380,000KM journey to the Moon.  

Tied closely to the Lunar Dream Capsule Project, the lunar-themed run is linked to POCARI SWEAT’s ambition to be the first beverage in history to successfully launch and land on the surface of the Moon! Specially designed and developed in partnership with Astroscale, the Lunar Dream Capsule contains POCARI SWEAT powder, with the hopes that the beverage can one day be made with water found on the moon’s surface.
Alluding to the physical journey the Lunar Dream Capsule would take from Earth to the lunar surface, runners who took part in the previous editions of POCARI SWEAT Runs have contributed a cumulated distance of 380,000KM. Over the four years, participants have covered a total of 300,000KM - a distance which is more than 75% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. In continuation of their efforts, POCARI SWEAT Run 2016 was momentous as runners completed the remaining 80,000KM to conclude this allegorical ascend to the Moon.  

There to flag off the 5KM Men’s and Women’s Competitive categories with Ms. Wina Wong, Country Manager of POCARI SWEAT Singapore, was Dr. Wong, President of Singapore Medical Association; Miss Eunice Toh, Executive Director of Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund; Mr. Whang Shang Ying, Chief Executive Officer of Lam Soon Singapore Pte Ltd; and Mrs Mui Kok Kah Wei, Senior Director, NTUC FairPrice (Purchasing and Merchandising).   

Mr. Yoshihiro Bando, Operating Officer of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Japan, was also present to flag off participants for the 10KM Men’s and Women’s Competitive category, joined by Mr. Seah Kian Peng, Chief Executive Officer for NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Ltd; and Mr. Tng Ah Yiam, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, NTUC FairPrice (Merchandising). 

Both distance categories saw runners putting their best stride forward, coming in at commendable timings. The 10KM Open saw Khemraj Rai and Concetta Arcella coming in first with timings of 34 minutes 20 seconds and 41 minutes and 58 seconds, respectively, for the Men’s and Women’s category. The 5KM Open Men’s saw Japhet Kurgat coming in at 17 minutes 20 seconds, while Vanja Cnops completed the race in 20 minutes 40 seconds. 

Japhet Kurgat, a 28-year-old Kenyan runner, finished the Men’s 5KM race with an impressive timing of 17 minutes 20 seconds. “This is my first POCARI SWEAT race, and I think that it was a really good one. I am happy with my timing, despite having to get used to the climate and the many sharp turns that tested my stamina during the run.” 

Concetta Arcella raced through the finishing line to an inspiring timing of 41 minutes 58 seconds to come in first for the Women’s 10KM category. The Australian who recently moved to Singapore with her husband said, “I was really impressed with how well-organised the race was. Everyone was so supportive - the marshals, supporters and even the runners who were running alongside me. I’m very pleased with today’s event and will definitely participate in next year’s run.”
Urban Drum Crew kicking off the post-run activities with a LED water drum performance (Photo credit to POCARI SWEAT Run 2016)
Upon completion of the race, runners participated in the different activities held at the Carnival area, with a unique LED water drum performance by Urban Drum Crew as the opening act. 

Thematic elements incorporated within the Carnival area contributed to the experience of a lunar expedition for participants. They were able to immerse themselves in the lunar experiential “Space zone” housed within the Carnival area, which featured three aptly themed booths to educate, entertain and challenge participants. 

At the Astroscale booth, a 1:1 scaled model of the IDEA OSG 1 Satellite - the world’s first micro-size satellite for the tracking and mapping of space debris - was showcased. Besides the educational panels, participants were also treated to insights from Mr. Yasu, Head of Brand Management at Astroscale, on the need for sustainability and role of IDEA OSG 1 in this mission. 

The ‘Astronaut Workout Challenge’ booth, a thematic fitness program created in collaboration with local gym - Reactiv - was a crowd favourite, with many participants taking part in the Astronaut Workout Challenge. Specially tailored, the HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout gave our runners an insight into the level of fitness required, given the physical demands an astronaut faces in a zero-gravity environment.

Participants posing at the photo-taking zone (Photo credits to POCARI SWEAT Run 2016)
The photo-taking zone, which featured a giant medal and an anti-gravity photo booth, attracted scores of participants who wanted to capture their run experience and contribution to the final leg of POCARI SWEAT’s journey to the moon.  

Gracing the event as well was Nobu Okada, Founder and CEO of Astroscale, POCARI SWEAT’s partner in the Lunar Dream Capsule Project. In sharing his aspirations for the project, Mr. Okada said, “Our partnership with POCARI SWEAT is based on a mutual love for challenges and excitement to be the first private payload project to the moon. It is my hope that the next generation will inherit this desire to overcome challenges to open this capsule.” 

Congratulating the top runners from the respective distance categories, POCARI SWEAT brand ambassadors, Mok Ying Ren and Neo Jie Shi, also encouraged other runners to keep running, sharing what it means to them to dream big through inspiring anecdotes from their personal athletic journeys.  

Jie Shi, a marathoner and Singapore’s representative at the Rio Olympics 2016, shared how she was inspired by the Lunar Dream Capsule Project’s ambitions to dream big, and how this has pushed her to set important goals for herself to work towards, both in her sport and in life. She also talked about how having support from her family, friends and POCARI SWEAT has motivated her to push the boundaries and work towards fulfilling her dreams.

“Follow your passion, keep chasing your dreams. You will never know where it will lead you to. I’ve applied this in every aspect of my life, not just sports; and I hope that I can inspire many others to do the same.” 

Developed to  be  the  closest  composition  to one’s BODYWATER  (fluid  inside the human  body),  POCARI  SWEAT recognises  the  importance  of  hydration  and  has ensured that its beverage is also suitable for proper hydration even when undergoing extreme conditions such as in space. 

A medical doctor, renowned top local marathoner and two-time SEA Games Gold Medalist, Mok Ying Ren, further emphasised the importance of proper hydration in one’s training regimen in order to reach their peak performance. Using his own experiences as a medical practitioner and athlete, Ying Ren shared how keeping our life in balance and our body in check, especially with hydration, can help us to push our boundaries and achieve our dreams.

“People underestimate the benefits of staying hydrated throughout the day, even at work. Being dehydrated can make one feel lethargic and fatigued. As 70% of our body is made up of water, it is very important to hydrate every day.”
POCARI SWEAT Ambassadors, Mok Ying Ren and Neo Jie Shi, with Ms. Wina Wong, Country Manager of POCARI SWEAT Singapore, planting the POCARI SWEAT flag on the 'Moon' (Photo credit to POCARI SWEAT Run 2016)
POCARI SWEAT Singapore thanked its supporters and runners for their contribution in achieving the milestone of completing 380,000KM in the past five editions of the run with a video of appreciation. To commemorate the completion of POCARI SWEAT’s journey to the moon, a lunar landing flag was collectively “planted” on-stage by Ms. Wina Wong and POCARI SWEAT Ambassadors - Mok Ying Ren & Neo Jie Shi.

Here are some photos of myself taken at the Pocari Sweat Run 2016 that day!
With my friend at the run!
Here.. myself taking a shot at the last phase of the run.. I think this is the 4-5km portion and i would be running down and back to The Float!
Mission accomplished!

Here's a video of how it was like that day!
Its pretty happening! :)
I would say it is a successful and well-organised event..
and I'm looking forward to the next one! :)


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