Saturday, July 23, 2016

Paradigm Launches Premium Wireless Series in Singapore!

Paradigm Launches Premium Wireless Series with DTS PLAY-FI® in Singapore
The freedom of high-resolution wireless audio streaming, the performance of Paradigm and the world’s ONLY powered wireless speakers & amplifier featuring Anthem® Room Correction (ARC™)
SINGAPORE, 15 July 2016 – Paradigm Electronics Inc., international leader in speaker design and manufacturing for over 30 years, officially announces the first three models of its Premium Wireless Series: PW 800 premium wireless speaker, PW 600 compact premium wireless speaker and PW AMP premium wireless amplifier. Utilizing DTS Play-Fi technology, Paradigm Premium Wireless Series products provide listeners the freedom and flexibility to stream their high-resolution music wirelessly (up to 24-bit/192kHz) over an existing Wi-Fi network to any number of connected speakers that utilize DTS Play-Fi technology once paired with the Play-Fi App.
Unlike many wireless platforms, DTS Play-Fi is an open platform, meaning listeners are able to mix and match any DTS Play-Fi-enabled audio products from a selection of top audio brands. In addition, Paradigm’s Premium Wireless Series products do not limit the listener with the need for proprietary hardware. The listener can use the Paradigm PW AMP, with its powerful Anthem class-D amplification, to instantly stream high-resolution audio to existing traditional loudspeakers or in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, no matter the brand. And listeners can take advantage of endless choices, from their own music libraries to online music streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, Rdio, Songza, Pandora etc. And they can stream their music from any device – Android, iOS, Kindle Fire or PC.
Premium Wireless Series product performance is further enhanced by Paradigm’s exclusive Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology – included with ALL Paradigm Premium Wireless Series products. ARC technology uses advanced DSP algorithms to quickly and easily optimize speaker performance in any room. In just a few easy steps, the included microphone measures sound output, compares it to scientifically optimal response curves, and instantly adjusts your speaker’s output for perfect sound in that room. The listener will hear the improvement Anthem Room Correction can make in any room. No other wireless streaming product has ARC™.
“Over the past 33 years, Paradigm has crafted high-quality audio solutions for our customers, products our customers have come to love and expect from us,” said Zoltan Balla, Director of Product Development for Paradigm. “More than ever before, our customers are asking us for high-quality audio solutions that are wireless – and that’s where the Premium Wireless Series comes in. Whether the customer wants to start fresh with a complete wireless audio system throughout their home, add products to an existing wireless system or even make their existing passive speakers wireless, Paradigm’s Premium Wireless Series products are the solution. And with the inclusion of ARC™ with each Premium Wireless product, our customers have never heard their speakers sound better.”
Paradigm’s Premium Wireless Series products can be easily incorporated into existing control systems with the help of Fusion Research’s Ovation Play-Fi server. Ovation is the first music server to feature DTS Play-Fi technology. It allows clients to stream multiple discrete sources of music directly to any Play-Fi® enabled speaker or amplifier. Easily controlled by major automation systems, with two-way drivers for Control4, RTI, URC and Crestron, this piece creates the bridge to allow integrators to use Play-Fi® systems in custom installations. “We specifically created the Ovation Play-Fi® Server to work directly with Play-Fi® speakers and amplifiers like the ones Paradigm produces,” said Ingo Schmoldt, VP Sales, “Our piece creates the crucial link to controlling Play-Fi® technology with home automation systems and we’re excited to be working directly with Paradigm to grow this powerful open platform.”
Premium Wireless Series and DTS Play-Fi Technology Highlights:
    Stream high-quality lossless audio wirelessly over standard Wi-Fi Networks.
    All models feature exclusive Anthem Room Correction (ARC™) technology for tailored
music performance in any room. Each product includes a calibrated microphone for easy measurements.
    Compatible with multiple devices: Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and PC compatible.
    Stream Anything. Control Everything – In addition to streaming music services using
Play-Fi drivers for Windows and Android, users can download Play-Fi apps for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire to gain access to more than 20,000 radio stations, podcasts, local music, media servers, and select cloud-based music services. Set-up, link and control all of the speakers on the network from the same streamlined interfaces.
    Open Ecosystem: All products work with any other DTS Play-Fi-enabled products
    Whole-Home Range: Play-Fi works everywhere your Wi-Fi does, even if range
extenders are used. It works over Ethernet and other IP-based networking technologies, too. There is no need for proprietary bridges or routers.
PW 800 – Premium Wireless Speaker
Two 1” (25mm) S-PAL dome tweeters
Two 5” (127mm) S-PAL™ woofers
Anthem® Class-D Amplifier; 460W Dynamic Peak; 230W RMS
Available Finishes: Black or White

Price: $1,499
PW 600 – Premium Compact Wireless Speaker
Two 1” (25mm) S-PAL™ dome tweeters
5” (127mm) S-PAL™ woofer
Anthem® Class-D Amplifier; 400W Dynamic Peak; 200W RMS
Available Finishes: Black or White 

Price: $1,199
PW AMP – Premium Wireless Amplifier
Power any existing non-powered speakers and stream lossless audio wirelessly.
Anthem® Class-D Amplifier
2 x 200W Dynamic Peak; 2 x 100W RMS into 4 ohms (compatible with 8 ohms)
RCA analog inputs, Ethernet 10/100, USB (for firmware updates), L/R speaker terminals
Available Finish: Black

Price: $999
Paradigm’s Premium Wireless Series will be available at all authorized Paradigm retailers in Singapore.
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