Thursday, July 7, 2016

#GoBearDreams - My Dream is to become a Pilot!

Yes.. my dream is to become a Pilot!
Being a pilot isn't that easy. You need to pass the Aptitude test and the Compass test, and you also need to obtain a Class 1 medical certification issued by the relevant national aviation authority to qualify for the enrolment. I was once selected to go for the tests by CAAS, but didn't make it through the aptitude and/or compass test. I would love to do it again if there's another chance.
Why would I want to be a Pilot?

1. Yes.. I was pretty inspired after watching this show, Triumph in the Skies II.

2. I find that aviation is very interesting where you get to fly up high in the air and be above all, above the clouds. It allows people to travel from place to place in the most efficient way.
3. I can travel around and see the world!
4. Its actually a meaningful job which you send people to where they wanna go safely.
5. Its one of the most prestigious job in the world, hence it would be my honour to take on this career.
6. Last but not least, I can make use of the perks to bring my family around. Perhaps my parents can have a chance to be on board the First-Class cabin too. :P Lol~!
I had went to a few talks regarding to being a pilot.
Here are my takeaway from the talks.

1. Being a pilot you would always need to be in a top-notch medical condition.
As a result, you would have to be health-concious and hence take note of the things you eat. Don't take things that are too salty or sweet, Teh (milk-tea) with lesser milk etc. Well, in a way it helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle as well. So its not too bad la..! Lol~!
2. You need to have the Passion!
At the talk.. there was one guy asked what are the cons of being a pilot, the captain replied, "Its all about Passion!". He also said nothing can stop a determined person! The only con that he probably said was that you need to pass your medical test every 6 mths, hence maintaining a top-notch medical condition which I've mentioned earlier.
In short.. I would say..
Once you have the Passion, you would love and enjoy the process!

Here's a video of a Cockpit View Landing London City Airport at night!

So this is my dream.. to become a pilot! And I would love to fly for our country, Singapore Airlines!
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