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AT CAFE 6《六弄咖啡館》+ GALA PREMIERE [Movie Review]




Miss Liang's car broke down after work in a rainy night. The coffee shop owner helps her and invites her to his shop named Café 6. When he knows Miss Liang has a fight with her boyfriend that is overseas, he shares the story that happened in the summer of 1996…

At that time, Guan Min-lü and his good friend Xiao Bo-zhi always hang out together. Min-lü is secretly in love with Li Xin-rui. And Bo-zhi likes Xin-rui's best friend, Cai Xin-yi. They share the shining young days together. However, they need to face reality, can they maintain their friendship after their high school graduation?


Far right is our local DJ, Xie Jia Fa.


And here we have the cute bubbly Cherry Ngan (main cast of the show) who was here at the Gala Premiere!
She is very lively and cheerful! :)

* * *

[ Movie Review ]

I would say the movie would let us have some thoughts to cherish what we have around us. Cherish the friends that we have who accompanied us through our ups and downs. Perhaps one day I would not be around in this world, pls remember me.. a friend who was once part of your life. This is a statement which serves as a warning, but it allows us to cherish what we have now. Of course the movie is more about love and romance.. but it does churn out some thoughts on friendships too! For love and romance in this show.. it does gave us some thoughts on how to manage a relationship without breaking one another's heart. Here's my takeaway from the show.. in a love relationship, if there's a problem both parties must raise up and solve the issue together, and both parties have to be receptive to accomodate to one another. In this movie.. I would say the ending might not be very favourable, but i would not share much on it.. else there's no point for you to go and catch this show.

Movie rating: 7/10
Romance level: 7/10

Official Theme Song MV:
《六弄咖啡馆》AT CAFE 6 主题曲 | 孫燕姿 : 半句再见

Date of Release : 14th July 2016
Rating: PG13 | Some Coarse Language 些许粗俗语言
Language: In Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles
 Genre: Romance, Comedy

Dong Zijian, Cherry Ngan, Austin Lin, Ouyang Nini
Neal Wu a.k.a. Hiyawu

Official Facebook Page:

Official Instagram: @atcafe6


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