Monday, June 13, 2016

Perspectives of Internship in Singapore!

Singapore Internships are a right of passage for most, if not all, graduating students. The biggest misconception about internships is that it’s largely a one-sided working relationship – one that benefits the intern more than the organisation. However, the truth cannot be further than that.

I personally feel that it is a win-win situation whereby both the interns and employers benefit at the same time.

In-view of Student's Perspective:

For students, internships are instrumental in providing insights into their future careers. This is the time for them to gain some hands-on experience and ‘test-drive’ the role and/or industry before stepping into the working world. The insights gained could either solidify their passion or change their mindsets about their future careers. Internships also enable students to network and establish personal relationships which could help to jump-start their careers. For instance, students’ supervisors can be listed as a character reference and vouch for their intern’s ability to work well.

In-view of Employer's Perspective:

From an employer’s perspective, internships are important as it diversifies their recruiting strategies. As Singapore is facing a talent shortage, which I forsee this situation will stay for a while. Employers can make use of this internship-programme as an opportunity to assess the interns and gauge if they could be the potential employee in future based on their skills, working attitude and character during the internship-programme which could be seen as a trial period for both interns and employers.

In conclusion..
It is a Win-Win situation for both the interns & the employers for the internships everywhere!
Both of them benefits each other and it is really advisable for more companies to open up to more internships in Singapore! Hence, also allowing the students to have a feel of working on the job itself before they actually step out to the working society. I've seen some of my friends working from an intern and they moved on to be one of the employees with the same company after they graduated. This proves that the company appreciates the candidate and the intern's willingness to join back the company, hence havin' a Win-Win situation! :)
With that said.. I hope you're on the same track as me.. in view of internships in Singapore!

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