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Part-Time Jobs in Singapore!

Who are the ones usually looking for Part-Time Jobs in Singapore?
1. Students who want to earn some money while studying.
2. Students who finished their 'O' Levels and waiting for their results to go into Poly/JC.
3. Retirees
These are 3 types of people based on my opinion would be keen on looking for a Part-Time Job.
Those havin' Full-Time jobs would hardly go for another part-time job as it would be really taxing for them, unless they wanna earn more. But in some sense, some people would say that its "moon-lighting". In another scenario.. someone who has commitments, e.g. having a family and need to take care of kids, would find it hard to have another part-time job, when they have a full-time job on hand already.

As for retirees.. sometimes they just don't want to rot at home doing nothing. They just want to be abit more active, work their brains and move around more, but at the same time they want to have time to relax and enjoy their retirement. Hence, part-time jobs like working at the McDonald's and simple cleaning jobs would be ideal for them.


Currently, what are the common Part Time Jobs available in the market?


1. Private tutor

This is the default part-time job of virtually every NUS student, and has been for years, for a good reason. You won’t enjoy the camaraderie with colleagues that you would if you were working in a bar or at a roadshow, but in return you’ll get paid some of the highest rates possible as a student part-timer. Depending on what level you wish to teach, you’ll need decent O level, A level or IB grades, as well as a true mastery of your subjects so the parents don’t end up smelling a rat and firing you. JC and poly students are often hired to teach primary school kids.
Rates: Rates vary wildly, but you can expect at least $15/hour for kindergarten (yes kindergarten tuition exists) or primary school students, and $20 and upwards for secondary students. If you can teach at JC level you might be able to command up to $35/hour as an A level grad.


2. F&B staff

Even if you know you’ll be earning a pathetic salary, working in F&B can be rather rewarding as a bright eyed, bushy tailed student.
So long as you don’t get a job at Old Chang Kee or something, it’s likely you’ll be working with a whole bunch of other young people between the ages of 16 and 25. Taking orders, working the coffee machine and greeting guests can also be fun if you’re young enough to have the energy.
There’s also the prospect of free food which, if you come from a household where lunch means instant noodles, can be quite a treat.
Rates: $6 to $10 an hour, with banquet waiters and those doing late-night shifts at bars and clubs garnering the highest rates. Interestingly enough, this hasn’t changed much over the years - I remember it was $5 to $6.50 an hour 10 years ago. I worked in the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as a part-timer before too, it was after my 'O' Levels and I got about $7 to $7.50 per hour that time.


3. Receptionist

Spas, dental clinics, gyms and the like often hire part-time receptionists whose main job is to pick up the phone, help clients book appointments and greet anyone who enters. You might also be made to sell packages.
Unless your workplace is particularly busy during peak hour, this is a job that’s definitely one of the more relaxing out there.
Rates: $6.50 to $10 an hour. The higher paying jobs are often more intense, and you’ll have to be computer literate which, if you’re even reading this, we’re sure you are.


4. Flyer distributor

This is one of the lowest jobs in the hierarchy of student part-time options. I once spent a few days standing outside a primary school distributing flyers for a tuition centre, but was chased away by security.
This is a job that is both mind-numbing and tiring, and in addition to being avoided by everyone on the streets, you don’t have the advantage of free meals or colleagues you can hang out with.
Rates: Few skills required, so expect to earn $5 to $6 an hour.


5. Roadshow salesperson

This is actually a pretty worthwhile part-time job option, not only for students but also working adults who need to make some quick cash on the weekends and don’t want to earn $5 an hour waiting tables. The assignments are usually ad-hoc, so it’s a low-commitment option, yet you earn an above average hourly rate.
You’re usually made to man a booth hawking anything from computer spare parts to weight-loss machines. You may or may not be paid a commission for selling the products, but one thing’s for sure - get ready to be asked lots of questions you will have no idea how to answer.
Rates: $8 to $15 an hour
For ME... Some of the part-time jobs I've done!

1. A staff at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

I was only for a short period that I worked there. It was after my 'O' Levels. I get paid for about $7 to $7.50 per hour that time.. that was probably in the year of 2001. I enjoyed serving the customers, doing service line, passing them the food when its ready and seeing the smile on their faces. It was rewarding.

2. Lifeguard

As I've went to get the Lifesaving certs during my poly days, sometimes I worked as a lifeguard at the pools like Raffles Town Club and Sentosa. They paid me very well for a part-time job considered at that time.. it was about $7-8 per hour, and sometimes if I worked on public holidays I get a doubled-pay - that would be like say $14 per hour which was really good! :) The job can be very simply jus keeping an eye for everyone in the pool, but it can be quite boring at times.. b'cos you can't do anything else! You must be attentive to the surroundings and make sure everyone is safe.

For now.. I guess you've a better idea of what are the type of part-time jobs out there you can consider. Suitable part time jobs for students I would say being a private tutor would be good if you have the capability to teach, if not going into F&B line is pretty fine too, as you can get to learn some skills too. In a more well planned scenario, I would say taking up some skills or courses which can upgrade yourself and work in some jobs that require that skill, hence fetching you a higher pay in your part-time job would be very favourable as well. Just like my Lifesaving certs. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my views and insights on the Part Time Jobs in Singapore!


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