Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mister Maker Live in Singapore 2016 @ D’Marquee Downtown East !!!

My nephew & niece at the entrance of D'Marquee @ Downtown East!

Along with my dad! :)
Snapping photos of ourselves with the tickets we got!
Seated on the chair and ready for the show!
The Showtime Starts Now!
Mister Maker making his first appearance on stage for this Mister Maker show that is only from 10th - 12th June 2016! Yes.. 3 Days Only!

After that we had a short 15 mins intermission and I realised there were some stalls at the sides of the D'Marquee. You can check out what stuffs from the Mister Maker you would like to buy for your kids or nephews/nieces! :)
Here.. Back to the show again!
They have these.. which they just call SHAPES!
And later close to the end of the show.. Mister Maker asked the kids and even the grown-ups to get on their feets up and move together! So was my nephew n niece.. they were very spontaneous and danced to the music! :)

Later.. I guess about half the kids went forward to the front of the stage, danced and got closer to Mister Maker!
So was my nephew and niece.. :)
In fact.. both of them have heard of Mister Maker before they even came for the show..
They said they saw him on some videos somewhere... I guess perhaps YouTube!?

Havin' a picture at the Mister Maker photo wall..
My nephew actually told me he would wanna take a picture with Mister Maker!
But I guess that would be abit hard for me to put this request at that moment. :P

And Guess What?

BOTH of em' gave 100/100 for this show!

I was like Wow!!!

So the Kids really like it!!!
I was really happy that they enjoyed the show! :)
IF You're Really Keen to catch this show with your kids or love ones...
But you have to be FAST!
Mister Maker would only be doing his show from 10th - 12th June 2016 in Singapore!
At this moment that I'm blogging this.. its 11th June already..
Hence the possible dates for you to watch are only 11th & 12th June.
Here are the timings on both days..
11 Jun, Sat: 12pm, 3pm & 5.30pm
12 Jun, Sun: 10.30am, 2pm & 5pm
For more information and Booking of tickets,

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