Saturday, June 25, 2016

Holiday Inn Resort Batam | 15-18th Jun 2016

We set off at HarbourFront Centre.. and here's a family pic!
with my parents on board with me..
When we arrived at the Sekupang Ferry Terminal.. we have this Holiday Inn Resort Batam coach to pick us up .. we waited a while though. :P But its rewarding as the ride was comfortable and the staff was friendly.
Getting on the coach.. it was jus nice that it fit all of us 11 pax in and the coach provides built-in Free Wifi on board.
Here we arrived at the Holiday Inn Resort Batam!

Nice lobby!

with a long reception desk.
As we arrived there.. it was closed to noon and our rooms were not ready yet, we had some food at the restaurant there which is near the lobby area, and these are wad they have on their menu.

There is POLO merchandise there as well.
And an area for you to have a peek at wad massage therapies, spas and services the hotel has for you.

And yes.. we checked in to our 2-bedroom Suite!
The living area was spacious!
And they even provide Sports Channel to watch EuroCup that time! And I enjoyed watching EuroCup at the living area there! :P
Dining area!
4 Chairs - Just nice to play Mahjong as I brought a Mini Mahjong set to play during the trip too! :)
Common toilet with standing shower.
Menu on the desk.
Master-bedroom toilet with bathtub.
Everything was pretty clean and tidy!
Another bedroom with 2 single-beds.

Balcony with table and chairs.

So here's the free-formed swimming pool.. its quite big actually!
My eldest brother and his family in the pool.
My nephew n niece enjoying themselves with the float provided on the pool. :)
There's even a laid-back jacuzzi for 3 pax.
My mum would love this.. but she didn't tried this during the stay, cos she wasn't feeling well.
My nephew and niece going on the slide.
It was quite fast actually when it reaches the 2nd-half of the slide down.. I tried it so I know! :P

My eldest bro with his youngest son on the slide too! Lol~!
At Batam.. we also went out to have some fun with the ATV!
My nephew so cute.. havin' a smaller ATV. Lol~!
Cos' he is below 12 years old. And for my niece she was even younger than him, she was allowed to ride with me on the ATV. Hence, all of us got to sit on the ATV and enjoyed the ride together! :)
on the move..
and here's my nephew!
He likes the ATV alot! ha..
We played the paintball shooting which is at the same ATV area.
Given 30 paintballs - If you hit 10 shots on target, you will get to have 1 Free Flying Fox. haha..
We managed to get 2 Free Flying Fox.. so me and my nephew tried out!
We do it together cos' we were scared! Haha...
Visiting Guava Farm..
Batam Layer Cake Shop

And also walking on the streets buying some fruits.
There is even a stall that sells Fireworks! Woohoo~!
We did try a few over there on the last night of our trip. :)
Trying out yummy durians!

Breakfast at the hotel!

These were just some of the items I took.. but their were many other things i took too la! :P
Like the cereals and croissants! :)

Exploring the Holiday Inn Resort Batam - I spotted a building itself which is just the gym!
It was not too bad.. with the necessary equipments like threadmills and weights.

The Gym Opening Hours!
There's even table-tennis just opposite the gym for you to play..
Likewise for this punching bag with gloves.

Around the same area near the gym.. there's this Tea Tree Spa which offers massage and spa services.

Tea Tree Spa

There's even a Kid's Club where you can let your toddler and children play here!

My nephews n niece enjoying themselves.

Games Room!
Air hockey!
Pool table!
There are actually some game consoles at the side too! :)
Sports Lounge..
Where there are a few pool tables there as well.
I believe every weekend they will have this candy floss machine at the lobby and the staff will be giving out free candy floss to the kids and grown-ups. Pretty good initiative!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost!

Here myself enjoying the breeze at the pool side of the Holiday Inn Resort Batam!

A video of the Holiday Inn Resort Batam that I've came out with!

More information and booking on the Holiday Inn Resort Batam - Click Here!



Joanna May said...

Nice photos taken, gives people better understanding of the whole resort. Its my first time going this weekend. Very anxious to read up on their facilities. Your blog post is more detailed than their webpage! Thankyou !


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice overview ... may I know where did you try the ATV? Is it nearby Holidayinn?


misskho said...

Hi. I enjoyed reading post a lot. Very informative. Where did you play the flying fox, atv and paint balls? How much did you pay extra for those activities?

And also where is exactly that batam night streets where the fireworks and fruit sellers are?

Thanks in advance.