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Volkswagen Sportsvan Highline [Car Review]

Endless Summer...
Casual and let me bring you through the Volkswagen Sportsvan!

Featured here is the Sportsvan 1.4L TSI Highline model. Its comes in the Comfortline as well.. and both Highline and Comfortline share the same 1.4 litre engine capacity.. havin' the same horse power 125 PS. And the car is on front driven wheels..

Its a pretty family-oriented car which I wouldn't mind consider for a buy.

Will show you through more features of the car and you would know why it is so ..
But even as a single, I wouldn't mind havin' a car like this.. b'cos its spacious and I can chuck all my 'barangs barangs' in the spacious boot behind whenever I have many things to carry around! :)
A foldable table-top for you when you need.
Not all the cars will have this.. that is why I feature this!
You can use this for other purpose like putting your magazines on it too! :)

The Sportsvan also comes with a super-large panoramic sunroof... which i love it to the Max!
It made the car sooo airy and guess what? On a Hot day, you wouldn't feel hot inside the car too.. cos' its tinted with a layer of sunscreen protection. The panoramic roof can be close entirely with a automatic shade/visor with a touch of a button. :)
Why not have a picnic in the car? :)
Interior looks really Posh!

Nice speedometer with simple dials and a LCD screen.
The Sportsvan can accelerate from 0 - 100 km/h in 9.9 secs.. which is pretty fast for a compact MPV.. and it has a top speed of 200 km/h.
And I'm lovin' this too!
You can put some things IN the Dashboard too! :)

Here I put my shades! ;)

A view of the airy interior of the car from the front.

Overall look of the stylish all-black dashboard!

Functions on the steering wheel are pretty standard across all Volkswagen cars.
There is a cruise control and you can also set your speed limit.. which means if you set your speed at 80 km/h, when you step on your accelerator pedal, it would only accelerate until 80 km/h.
You can answer phone calls and adjust the radio stations and volume all on the steering wheel.
Start/Stop Engine with a push of a button.

A number of functions over here at the gearstick area.
Park Assist - which the car will park into a car park lot itself automatically
Barrier Indicator - which the car will alert you when your car is very near to an object
Auto-Hold - its a function which you can activate when you stopped the car at the red traffic light, the car would just be held stationary without you stepping on the brake pedal.
Driving mode - allows you to choose your mode of driving; Eco, Normal, Sports or Individual settings.
Engine Auto-Off - Once this is activated, whenever your car comes to a stop, the engine would just shut down itself and it is proven to be fuel efficient.

Shown here is the Driving mode mentioned earlier.
You can choose Eco, Normal, Sports or Individual settings just by pressing the Driving mode button or select on the touch-screen after you've pressed on the Driving mode button.

In the Individual driving mode, you can choose your steering and drivetrain to be sport or normal. Likewise for the others shown above.

The Volkswagen DSG
  • The DSG from Volkswagen allows quick, smooth gear changes with the ease of an automatic transmission.
  • The fuel consumption of cars with a DSG is sometimes lower than that of models with a manual transmission (depending on driving style).
  • The manual gear selection option can also deliver sporty driving pleasure if desired and can be operated using the rocker switches on the steering wheel.
On a note, the Sportsvan has a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox.

USB socket for you to charge your phone of anything. :)


Two cup-holders that has a function to hold ur cups firmly.
I think this is good. Cos' cups come in different sizes.. they will surely secure it well.
At the side.. there's a belt for you to hold your phone.


Glove compartment that isn't very big.. but has many thoughtful storage for your stuffs like SD Card, Cards and a coin holder for your trolley I supposed. And it stores a Infotainment system in it as well.. allowing you to play your photos and videos right to the LCD screen on the central console.

As this car is pretty high for their seats.. there's a drawer compartment underneath the driver's and front passenger's seat. It's my First time seeing this.. and think... its really good; utilizing the space for a purpose like this which u can safe keep some things underneath the seats. :)

Controls above for the lightings and panoramic roof.
For a moment I feel like this is a mini airplane cockpit where i can play with some buttons. :P

Sliding mirror with lights.


Panoramic sunroof - a view from the backseat.


With the seats higher in this Sportsvan, the legroom at the back is really spacious and comfortable.. allowing your legs to stretch more!


Wide arm-rest with cup-holders.

The Sportsvan has air-con vents for the rear passengers too!
I feel that nowadays cars should really have this.. because we're living in Singapore where the weather is really HOT!
Rear side doors with side pockets to put your things.. same as the front doors.
Not all cars will have this. Hence, I pretty like it!
Signature Volkswagen Logo Boot Opener!
Lovin' this! :)


Spacious boot!
500 litres of boot space which you can simply throw everything in it!
If that isn't enough, by sliding the 40:20:40 split rear seat (up to 180mm front and back), you can further optimise space for passengers and luggage.

Oozing charisma from every line: the Sportsvan is truly striking from the front, being based on a new type of shaping and an all-new layout of the radiator grille, headlights and bumper. The three horizontal struts of the radiator grille together with the headlights create a modern and passionate interpretation of the horizontally aligned front styling.


The Adaptive Front Lighting

Safer and more efficient: the Sportsvan Highline comes with bi-xenon headlamps that swivel as the steering wheel is turned, helping to illuminate the road ahead through corners. These headlamps also consume less power than conventional halogen lamps. Daytime running lamps - with U-shaped LEDs on the Highline - are standard on all Sportsvan models.


When viewed side on, the vehicle cuts a sporty minivan silhouette: elongated and flowing, with large doors and a dynamic side line. Defining design traits of the Sportsvan include its very long side window look with two additional windows (in the area of A and D pillars), and the sharply drawn character line that integrates the door handles.


The expansive use of glass at the rear further emphasises the consistently elegant lines of the Sportsvan and ensures an optimum all-round view. The top of the window is framed by the roof spoiler, which has air guide elements worked into its sides. Under the window are the two-part rear lights, whose shapes form aerodynamic trailing edges.

From powerful styling to sleek sportiness: the wheels for the Sportsvan are specially designed to suit the car's striking lines. Shown here, the Highline comes with the 'Durban' 18-inch alloy wheel with five double spokes, finished in sterling silver.

For the Sportsvan Comfortline, it will be the 'Dijon' 17-inch alloy wheel with 10 spokes.

How? Wanna get a Sportsvan?

I personally feel that this is a very good family car.. amidst its 1.4L engine capacity under the hood, this car roars like it can't wait to speed. It has the extra-large Panoramic Sunroof and all the features that you need for a family car!

Poise and power: the Sportsvan with its sharply contoured styling has an independent and sophisticated look. With its taut body shape and precisely drawn lines, it truly stands out among other compact MPVs.

More information on the Volkswagen Sportsvan..
Click Here!

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