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Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI Highline [Car Review]

A touch of class.
The eighth-generation Passat doesn’t just look eye-catching, it has also won the Red Dot Design Award – a prestigious international prize for good design. The spacious interior is another highlight among sedans in this segment, easily matching that of a luxury car in terms of fit and finish. On the move, the Passat is extremely quiet and comfortable, yet offers quick acceleration and effortless cruising, thanks to the combination of a powerful TSI engine and efficient DSG gearbox.
Havin' a long-wheelbase.. it allows the car interior to be more spacious.
But the Passat is not as high as other cars in terms of its height at 1,456 mm.
Nonetheless, its still very roomy.. height of the driver's seat can be adjusted.
Back design of the Passat is really nice! I like these simple lines and design of the back lights!
They are very pleasing to the eyes! :)
There was once I went to pick up my brother & sis-in-law from the airport, I saw this new Passat parked at the side.. Its backview really caught my attention when I drove past.
The front lamp looks really nice as well.. with the light flowing from the bottom and curves up at the sides.
These LED headlights provide an impressive light signature. They also deliver a higher light output than conventional halogen lamps. LED headlights boast a large volume of light, long service life, a light spectrum similar to daylight and lower energy consumption. Cornering lights and LED daytime running lights are available as well. But what makes the LED headlights on the new Passat outstanding is their design: it lends the Passat a dynamic, hallmark brand light signature. The innovative night-time design of the contemporary rear lights with LED technology changes when braking. In addition to providing more effective signalling, one thing in particular comes into play: it is a design feature which makes the Passat unique.

A wide range of sporty and stylish alloy wheels accentuates the attractive design of the new Passat.
This is an 18-inch rim. But for current batches of the Passat, customers would be getting the 17-inch.
I guess 18-inch is just too big for this car.. which it does not really need that big! :P
But its nice though! :)

TSI - Bluemotion Technology
The powerful TSI engine comes in two power levels - 180 PS & 220 PS
And this Passat is the 180 PS model.
It is able to reach from 0 - 100 km/h in 7.9 secs (which is really quick)
The TSI engine delivers smooth, effortless performance in all driving conditions, combined with class leading fuel economy! :)
Interior of the Passat that I have here is really Fresh and Elegant!
In hot weather like Singapore, I can just hop into the car without waiting too long for the car interior to be cooled.
ergoComfort seat.
The new Passat comes with comfortable, back-friendly seats – thanks to ergoComfort (available on the Passat 1.8 TSI Comfortline, Passat 1.8 TSI Highline, and Passat 2.0 TSI R-Line). This seat provides a vast array of adjustment options, allowing you to adopt an ergonomically supported seating position and thus take the strain off your spinal column.
The seat has 14-way electrical adjustment with a memory and massage function for the driver.

Seat length can be adjusted longer for more support.
The central console is as usual.. NEAT!
The grille-design with a touch of chrome on the dashboard blends in well with the air-con vents straight across. Something different from the many Passat in the past.. which i think its just a word "Naise"!
Numerous factors contribute to the driver's sense of well-being. Experts from a wide spectrum of disciplines came up with some great comfort-enhancing ideas for the new Passat.
The new Passat is a masterful blend of elegance, straightforward controls, dynamism and comfort – which is particularly noticeable over long distances. The sense of well-being is enhanced by features such as the 'Climatronic' 3-zone air conditioning system. A separate control panel allows the passengers in the rear to adjust the climate settings in the back of the Passat to suit their individual preferences, while the driver and front passenger also have independent control over the temperature, airflow and air distribution for their respective sides.
Simple two dials speedometer with a LCD screen in between.
As its a European car.. the signalling would be on the left side and wiper controls on the right.
I realised the wipers are pretty intuitive.. during a drizzle sometimes its on and off..
when you set your wiper to swipe like once in a while automatically, the wiper will take longer before the next swipe if the drizzle has reduced.
Lighting controls are on the right side in the knob style!
Cup holders for the front passenger and driver.
Hand-brake can be activated by pulling a flap indicated ((P)) shown in the picture.
Auto-Hold is a function which you can activate when you stop at the traffic light - Once Auto-Hold is activated while your gear is at the Drive (D) mode, you no longer have to step on your brake to hold the car.. this Auto-Hold function will help you hold the car. Once you are ready to move off.. just step on the accelerator and the Auto-Hold function will be disabled. :)
The Perfect Connection!
You can output music and audio books from virtually any audio player to the speakers in the Passat. The standard AUX-IN multimedia socket makes it possible, for instance, to connect an MP3 player via the headphone socket with a standard jack to the infotainment system. Operation is via the connected device.
The 'Discover Pro' system is fitted with Bluetooth audio streaming. Thus you can connect your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device wirelessly to the sound system.
Start/Stop Engine Button is on the top right hand side of the gear.
The DSG - Direct Shift Gearbox
  • The DSG from Volkswagen allows quick, smooth gear changes with the ease of an automatic transmission.
  • The fuel consumption of cars with a DSG is sometimes lower than that of models with a manual transmission (depending on driving style).
  • And the manual gear selection option can also deliver sporty driving pleasure if desired.
When on the Navigation.. with the 3D mode.. you can see the buildings and infrastructure appearing in solid 3D designs.. And what's more interesting is that it can recognise certain buildings in the vicinity.. like let's say the Chinatown's People's Park Complex which is in Green and Yellow! Cool! :)
Interior lighting controls at the front which can control the rear lamps as well.
The center catch is to open the roof.. will feature the open-roof in the later pictures.
Needless to say much.. the back legrooms are spacious.
With a back climate control for the rear air-con which rear passengers can adjust on their own.
Rear lamps for the back passengers.
Arm-rest with cup-holders for the rear passengers.
There's an opening after the arm-rest.. you can open it to create more space for your long items that you bought at IKEA probably. :)
The boot can be opened with the signature Volkswagen logo flap! Just so cool! :)
The boot is deep and enormous!
I like the two separators at the side.
So if I have this car.. I can organise my things to put at the sides..
cos I'm an organized person! Lol~!
Rear chairs can be folded down to create further space for your big items.
It is SO easy to put the chairs down - just by pulling this lever! :)
Ta-da! And your chair is down! :)

Beside the lever there is this hook that you can pull out to hang your things.
Wad a thoughtful car!
Back in the car again.. you can open the visor to see what's above you outside.
With a touch of a button, you can open up the glass roof to have a feel of what is it outside! :)
With the glass roof fully opened up.
Its actually a big piece of glass that is moved to the back.


Now let's take a look at how the Passat will look at night!

I told you I like the backlights! So this is it.. AWESOME!
LED tail lamps with light scenes
When braking, the horizontal light signature of the rear lamps switches to a vertically oriented brake light signature. This change makes the brake lights more perceptible and increases safety.
the vertically oriented brake light signature.

The colour for this car is Tungsten Silver Metallic.

Something interesting that I realised..
When you shift your gear to the reverse gear.. the reverse camera will be activated this way..
by opening the flap of the Volkswagen logo itself.

Nice LED headlights really give the Passat a sense of class.
It is a car that has many nice friendly features which I like..
Boot space is huge and there are alot leg-room for the front the rear.
Functions in the car are ergonomic and easy to use.
The TSI engine is powerful and does not lag or drag.
And I can change to the sports manual gearshift as and when I like.. especially when I'm in a hurry - I can adjust the gear for greater power and efficiency.

Here's an exclusive video on the Passat Highline.. which you can view.

 It is definitely a car you should test out and experience it!

Head on to Volkswagen Showroom at Alexandra for a test-drive!

Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra)
247 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159934

Visit their website for more information!
Volkswagen Singapore Instagram!


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