Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Thoughts On Divorce...!

Well.. you may be surprised why would I be touching on a topic on Divorce!
Well.. It is just random.. If you're an avid reader of my blog.. you will find that I can be pretty random at times. I would just post certain things which is pretty special or not the usual post out of nowhere. Because to me.. if I have a certain thing to share and I feel that its good to share, I will just share. And I like R.A.N.D.O.M. .. because sometimes thru' randomness, you will come to discover new things. Isn't it?
In this blogpost.. I would be sharing my views about..
Something that u might probably seldom think about.. because we would only think on the positive side and having a happy marriage etc. It is only when we think about the other side of it, then we would appreciate what is happening now.
Divorce rates in Singapore has been pretty on the rise.. as compared to the past.
It may be due to stress and many other factors.
Whether ONE should or should NOT divorce.. I will give you my views.
After marriage.. if you find that both of you aren't really compatible in terms of lifestyle and many other things, try sit down together and see if both of you can reconcile things.. else I think divorce should be a better decision to proceed, because there's no point being so miserable facing each other everyday. BUT this decision only applies to when you have NO child.
When you have child.
Both of you are responsible to the child or children, be it both of you are compatible or not. They are innocent. They too would want a happy family with their real parents. But if it is because of your selfishness, I felt very sorry the kid/s.
I understand some cases due to infidelity whereby one party has an affair with someone else.
This is also a form of selfishness.
And some cases are like one party became abusive and caused harm to the other party. Hence, the victim has no choice but to proceed with a divorce for a separation. For this.. I would say its really unfortunate.
# # #
Going through the divorce process is not easy too!
Divorce laws in Singapore are complex! Many people choose not to go through the process alone. A Singapore divorce lawyer can help explain the grounds for a divorce in Singapore in more detail and tell you if your situation applies. They will also file all the proper paperwork for you and make sure your interests are protected.
You would then be thinking how much would it be to hire a good divorce lawyer.
When you're filing for a divorce, you would also probably be thinking of hiring the Best divorce lawyer in Singapore so that your entire process of the divorce case would run smoothly.
Hence.. there are quite a few considerations for filing a divorce.
Are all these necessary?
Make sure you made a wise choice before you proceed!


Lehlioman said...

Ok.. this post is super random..

Though I agree mostly w wat u said, I don't think the kids will grow up happy when the parents are not happy together.

Keep blogging! :)

shaun said...

Hi Lehlioman! Thanks for your comment! You have a point and I appreciate that! :)

Joanne Krueger said...

I agree, if you're childless, divorcing a spouse that you are just not compatible with is better than making each other miserable. Children do deserve two parents and I'm glad you say that people should work harder on their marriage before considering a divorce, unless of course, if one spouse is abusive.

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