Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore Kicks Off World Burger Tour with The Burger Send Off!

As part of Hard Rock Cafe Singapore’s 25th Anniversary Jubilations, the cafe is launching the Southeast Asia leg of Hard Rock's World Burger Tour!
To kick off the region’s leg of the tour, Hard Rock Singapore will be sending a World Burger Truck through six cities, beginning in Singapore on Friday, 13 May, and here I am at this momentous event together with my blogger friend, Tracy Wong aka GilmanGirl!
Was glad to have her joined me for this event.. having good food and catching up! :)
So this is the full-view of the World Burger Truck you can see..
Just by looking at the poster on the truck.. I'm drooling already! :P
Photo credit: GilmanGirl
Here are the Stopovers stated at the back of the truck.. by now.. Wow! They are at Pattaya already!
Hope to see 'em back in SG on the 22nd May at Sentosa!!
I hope everything went smooth so far! And it definitely will! :)
The World Burger Truck will travel through Asia for nine days, driving out to Hard Rock outlets in Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Pattaya and then finishing off in Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa.
Gonna order OUR Burgers already!
At the event there were these fleet of Harley Davidsons on display..
These Harley Davidsons will be en route together with the World Burger Truck to different stopovers until when they are back in SG!
Hence it will form a convoy.. like escorting the World Burger Truck in Style!
Here are some photos of the Harley Davidsons I took for the Harley Davidsons fans reading this!
These are some of which I think are quite unique in their style! :)
This is just a black and white.. somewhat like a police bike.. but nice too!
So this was the burger we had.. alongside with the Harley Davidsons at the back.
Looking at this now.. I'm Hungry Again! Aww~!
This burger is at Key West Burger which is a goats cheese burger made with jalapeno mango salsa, bacon and arugula on a brioche bun.
I would say the burger was really nice .. especially when I tasted the jalapeno mango salsa.. but the patty was a little dry. Perhaps with abit more sauce to it would be good. But the entire experience was still GREAT! Should have packet some back that day! Wahaha.. Jus kiddin'!
Speaking of burgers, other interesting variants such as Singapore's Satay Burger, the Big Italy Burger from New York, the Giardiniera Deli Burger from Chicago and the Golden Gate Burger from San Francisco will be available at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa for the whole month of June only. Be sure to visit Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa then to get your hands on these limited edition burgers!

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