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Toyota's Fortuner Debuts at DriveHappy with Toyota Roadshow!

The long-awaited debut of Fortuner’s first full-model change since it was first launched in 2005. In order to meet the evolving demands of markets around the world, extensive progress has been made in terms of its style and prestige. Meanwhile, Fortuner’s toughness and core capabilities have been even further enhanced. The new Fortuner’s appeal is best expressed through its positioning statement: The Commanding Presence. Through this full-model change, Fortuner sets out to redefine what it means to be an SUV.

The all-new Fortuner impresses from the start, holding sophisticated strength with a refined rugged feel that is both tough and cool. Once inside, you get a sense of presence and authenticity. Every aspect of its interior was included to exude refinement and luxury; from intricately selected and crafted materials to ergonomically shaped seats that ensure optimum support. An unmistakable feature would be its advanced dashboard cluster with an optitron meter with plated rings that delivers a luxurious appearance.
The Fortuner not only received a major facelift in the looks department, but its performance has been significantly improved on all terrains. It’s newly developed rigid frame structure and high tensile, anti-corrosive steel panels deliver exceptional toughness in all environments. The engine has been further refined to include an added Variable Valve Timing (VVT) on the exhaust side for the 2.7L Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligence (VVT-i) engine. Aside from the enhanced combustion efficiency, engineers have also reduced the weight and the friction within the engine, delivering greater fuel economy and output. The new 6 Speed Super ECT transmission with AI-shift control promises more responsive and seamless acceleration.

Hiroki Nakajima - Fortuner Executive Chief Engineer

“The simple fact that Fortuner was the SUV derivative of a pickup truck created our sense of purpose for the development of the next generation. Our commitment to cast aside this image formed the direction of our entire development program.  

Our first step was to understand the real usage. My motto is, “seeing is believing”, so I went to over 100 countries to witness how Fortuner is actually used. As it turns out, most are customized with items such as oversized tires, lifter kits and tough steel bumpers to create an impression of hardcore off-road performance, even though they are used around town as stylish, everyday transportation. The off-road modifications are more of a fashion statement than a practical necessity. Also, though most owners are men, I noticed many women driving Fortuner for its stylish appearance and high seating position, as compared to a passenger car.

In order to compete with eye-catching new challengers, while also avoiding the outdated image of a boxy SUV, Fortuner had to evolve with extra emphasis on a stylish, cool presence.

In the new Fortuner, customers will find value and prestige that goes beyond their expectations. I am confident that we have honed Fortuner into a machine that can take its rivals head-on, even in the highly competitive SUV category.”


Fortuner’s story begins with the 1998 debut of the Hilux Sport Rider, which was built in Thailand and initially sold in a number of Southeast Asian countries. In 2005, this model went global and became known as Fortuner, earning admiration around the world for its impressive quality, durability, reliability and all-terrain capability. 

The name Fortuner originates from the word “fortunate”. It was chosen to symbolize a new type of SUV aimed mainly at the higher-income and trendsetting customer segment. The name fits perfectly, as the vehicle brings fortune to customers who long to own a prestigious SUV. The name also evokes an image that is strong yet active, allowing it to cross borders easily to be accepted by people around the world. 

Key attributes of the All New 2016 Fortuner
- Distinguished Exterior
- Prestigious Comfort
- Commanding Performance
- Absolute Safety
At the Toyota's Fortuner Debuts at DriveHappy with Toyota Roadshow @ Vivo City!

Happy Drive is a campaign whereby Toyota will provide customers with a special experience from the time they entered into the Toyota Showroom to the After-Sales Service!
Hence, customers worry no more, but just a Happy Drive! :)

Toyota has always been a reliable brand which many of us or even the older generation knows..
Hence, I'm sure the Happy Drive campaign would further enhance the experience the customers would get! Cheers to Toyota & Borneo Motors ~ !

The All-New Fortuner with a Tough-lookin' guy which matches well!

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