Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Top 10 Best #OOTD Spots in Singapore!

You've always been takin' #OOTD shots everytime.. especially when you're in your Best Outfit, but have you ever wonder where is the Best Spots to take in Singapore?
Here are the top spots in Singapore where you can have your flattering OOTD pictures taken, with tips curated from the best photographers and style bloggers on Instagram.


When taking pictures in an urban area, you'll want the best of it - a skyline and an empty, neutral space won't distract from your style. Try the carpark at IKEA Tampines if you're in the east, or Lepak for a more central location.

For more inspiration, check out @creativenatty on Instagram.

National Museum of Singapore

Despite its long service as the backdrop to many OOTD, this museum will never be archaic. The grey exterior compliments your style, whether you're a minimalist or a street-wear peacock.

For more inspiration, take a look at @savinachaiyj on Instagram.

Tennis Court

Say what!? Its true, tennis courts and running tracks are the new spots to show off your attire. Its a refreshing break from all the concrete and glass in our city.

For more inspiration, hop on to @nellielim on Instagram.

MacRitchie Reservoir

Near the paddle lodge of the kayaking hire booth are two piers overlooking the stretch of water. Go in the early morning or late afternoon for the most flattering light and try the latest trend for OOTD pics: the hair flip.

For more inspiration, take a look at @fleurandrea on Instagram.

An Escalator

Taking a decent picture on an escalator means you'll need zero human traffic and a lot of patience. Visit this spot at Newton MRT Station (the Downtown Line) during off-peak hours for a hope for a shot like this.

For more inspiration, take a look at @nellielim on Instagram.

Singapore Art Museum

Let's play a game: name one fashion blogger in Singapore who has never shot in the pretty corridors of the museum. Yeah, they all have. There's something about columns, arches and a good dress that's so alluring you forget it's a cliche.

More inspiration, visit @creativenatty on Instagram.

National Gallery Singapore

The museum's architecture is irresistible, so its not hard to get a good OOTD picture here. Get happy snapping with perspective and symmetry in mind.

For more inspiration, take a look at @faithcheryl on Instagram.


This OOTD spot is as familiar to an #fblogger as their bathroom mirror, but not everyone gets it right. To nail a flattering photo, make sure you get there around 5 to 6pm for the golden hour and choose an outfit that suits the romantic white building with pops of colour from the flowers in the background.

More inspiration, check out @chrystlm on Instagram.

Capitol Theatre

Although this is one of our newer malls, its neon Capitol theatre sign has already attracted Singapore's most stylish girls looking for a new OOTD backdrop. Concentrate on snapping a good portrait and show off your accessories.

More inspiration, check out @chrystlm on Instagram.

Orchard Road Intersection

It's one of the busiest places in Singapore and you wouldn't think of parking yourself here for a picture of your outfit. But if you get it right, almost any other location will be a breeze. Pro tip: Don't just stand there looking like one of the many store mannequins in the surrounding area, catch a picture mid-stride for a flattering frame.

For more inspiration, take a look at @nellielim on Instagram.

Source: TimeOut Singapore


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