Monday, April 11, 2016

Scalp Treatment @ CALEO!

I seldom do scalp treatment. But after this session.. I will come back for more!
Perhaps once a month! :)
It was really Relaxing and Enjoyable!
Not only do you treat your scalp, but you would also be pampered to a head massage!
That is why I said it's RELAXING!
Nice Green Tea was served to me and my preferred magazines were available on the desk for my browsing as at certain time you would be to be idling for a while for the formulae to be absorbed into your scalp.
Here are the content of the Scalp Treatment!

Halo Complex - Super pure water from the Mexican Gulf current and extracted off the coasts of Brittany, rich in mineral salts and trace elements, has a purifying effect on the scalp.
Vita Complex - A multivitamin complex made up of vitamins A, E, B5, H, PP with anti-oxidizing effects, regenerates the skin and stimulates hair growth. Enriched with Arginine and Threonine, essential amino acids, vital in reinforcing and protecting hair.
Algaser Complex - A winning combination of a prebiotic and fatty amino acid to ef ciently treat dandruff problems. The rst promotes the natural skin microbial ora diminishing the potentially harmful one; the second improves sebum secretion, restoring optimal skin conditions. Skin thus regains its natural balance.
Brewer’s yeast and chilli pepper extract, this is the formula that stimulates and intensifies micro-circulation and thus promoting hair bulb nourishment, reducing scalp reddening and itchiness.
[ This is definitely good for me! Because I do have a bit of redness in my scalp ]
All the formulations are natural, created with great care, and dermatologically tested.

* * *
Located at
1 Coleman Street
[ it is very convenient.. u don't have to take a lift.
Just take an escalator up you will reach ]
All Scalp Treatment:

Price Range: SGD$125 to SGD$145
Enjoy 20% discount when you quote "Shaun Owyeong" at the salon.
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