Friday, April 8, 2016

Old Boys Gallery Food Tasting!

Its a Saturday afternoon and I'm here at the Old Boys Gallery for a Food Tasting session organised by one of my blogger friends!

Located at..
67 Kampong Bahru Rd
Singapore 169371

It is pretty convenient as it is almost at the heart of the town.. near Chinatown and the Everton Park.

But before we go on about Old Boys Gallery, you need to know about the old boys. They are a team of three not-so-young buddies who share the same passion for the elements of a great chill-out place. What are they, you ask? They are those that makes Old Boys Gallery: food, beer, art.

To us, these are what makes a great chill-out place! Just as if it’s the canvas where memories are painted!

Here's a peek at what's on their menu!
OH Yeah! They serve wine as well! :)
They are featured on 8 Days as well!
When I entered the Old Boys Gallery.. I was greeted by these vibrant setting of the interior..
with colourful paintings.. which suggest why its a gallery!
Nice bottles of beers & ciders arrayed on the wall as a display.
So here comes the food which everyone has been waiting for..
Japanese style slow braised pork belly with onion rings, pineapple, bacon, cheese and egg served with fries and greens
It is one of their Signature Dish that comes with hearty handmade burger patty that’ll fill your stomach and heart. I really like this as the taste of the burger was really satisfying! Accompanying with the nice fries and vege.. its Perfect!!
Bah Kwa is actually chinese salty-sweet dried pork similar to jerky.
It is very tasty and the sweetness of it would make u to want for more.
The fusion of this chinese Bah Kwa and the Risotto is really a Good Combination! Its my First Time trying this. The risotto has a slight sweetness to it which matches well with the Bah Kwa! Thumbs up!
Your favorite luncheon meat with wasabi mayo
Mixing the luncheon meat w the wasabi mayo.. they matched very well!
Chili beef with kidney beans, fries topped with nacho cheese, mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese
Sweet potato fries with curry mustard dip

This is one of the BEST lor.. everyone is snatching away one by one of these and its gone in a few minutes of the food tastin'
So who thick skin take the last piece?
This dish consists of 3 different kinds of food from the Bits & Bites section on the menu.
IF you mix 3 different kinds of food from the Bits & Bites section, it will cost $21.
The above dish is an example of 3 different Bits & Bites priced at $21.

The 3 different Bits & Bites shown above are..

Roast pork at its juicy best served with kecap manis
Sassy flavors of special crab cakes with mango relish

Venus clams sautéed in white wine broth, served with crispy toast

I would say its pretty good to have a combination of these Bits & Bites.. so you have a variety to your meal and try our different dishes.
Its a good idea that OBG have this implemented for the good people who patronise their restaurant.
It gives the customers the flexibility to order 3 kinds of dishes at one go! :)
If you're into some alcohol.. these ciders would be really good to try on a hot day in SG!
Even at night it is good to savour ur taste buds as well.

Thatchers is pretty nice and soothing.. its not too sweet and the taste is just nice!
If you want something sweeter.. Alska would be the one u should go for..

~ ~ ~
It was really enjoyable havin' a meal at the Old Boys Gallery!
The ambience is right and the art and paintings on the wall would perhaps help to calm your mind n soul. The staffs were friendly and warmth. I would love to patronise there again.. it is so near my place! :P

Here are the details of the Old Boys Gallery!

67 Kampong Bahru Rd
Singapore 169371

Tel: +65 9187 0756


Nearest Parking:
Blk 101, Spottiswoode Park HDB carpark

Opening Hours:
11:30AM – 11:00PM

More information at

An interactive video of the Old Boys Gallery @ 67 Kampong Bahru!

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