Friday, April 29, 2016

[KIX] Lucha Underground Series Premier!

Lucha Underground is a brand new professional wrestling franchise featuring high-flying explosive action of the lucha libre combined with an intriguing plot and well thought out storylines. Watch as the fighters battle it out in a gritty battleground called "The Temple" where good and evil wage war on either side. Catch the high octane, action packed, fights between luchadores and wrestlers as they compete in the ring to be the best fighter "The Temple" has ever seen. 

KIX Lucha Underground Season 1 Promotional Trailer

Some still shots from the show ..

Photo credit: KIX/KIX HD

Photo credit: KIX/KIX HD

Photo credit: KIX/KIX HD

Lucha Underground would be airing on ...
Every Monday, at 9:00pm on KIX HD - Singtel TV ch309 /  KIX - Starhub Cable TV ch518.


Official website: