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Toyota Alphard 2.5 Elegance [Car Review]

First Class Travel
The door to unprecedented, calmness-filled cruising has opened. The Alphard offers dignified style charged with personality, and a spacious interior infused with quality and glamour. Every aspect of the Alphard has been crafted to provide pride and delight.

I'm really honoured to be test-driving this Toyota Alphard and bring you guys the highlights of this luxury MPV. There are two variants to this Toyota Alphard - Standard and Elegance. This Alphard I'm driving is the Elegance model. It is the highest tier of the Alphard range, hence providing more features than the Standard model. More information can be found here! You can make a comparison between these two models at that link.

This Alphard gives a strong and bold look both at the front and at the back. My aunt is driving a Vellfire currently, but hers is an older version. She told me that her car can't go in to Takashimaya's / Ngee Ann City's car park, because the car is too high. But now both the latest Vellfire and Alphard which is this current one, they have lowered the height a little. Hence, all the car parks with 1.9 m height limit are suitable for the latest Vellfire & Alphard. Need not to worry anymore! :)
Here's how the rear looks like!
Bold and Intense Rear Combination Lamps!
LEDs adopted for stop and tail lamps, reducing power consumption and contributing to fuel economy. Aero Stabilizing Fins on surface of outer lens ensure excellent handling stability.

Pardon me for my sloppy feel with the slippers, but the photo still looks as good! :)

Here's showing the interior of the car.

A private sanctuary crafted with Toyota’s finest materials.

My iPhone fits nicely to the central console of the car. :)




Tri-zone full-automatic air conditioning automatically controls the temperature of the front left, front right and rear areas independently. NanoE™ for Elegance grade only.



InTouch evolves your ride into a smart one, keeping you seamlessly connected on the road.

Above there are some controls which you can play around..
Like opening the side doors, panoramic roof and also the boot.



EPS reduces steering operation effort and power consumption by using a high-efficiency motor and a reduction gear to increase the steering power transmitted to the steering rack.
It also offers a Start/Stop Engine Button which I personally feel is an essential to a luxury car like this! It is convenient to start the engine by stepping on the brake pedal and press the button at the same time. And to off the engine, you just have to press the button only! :)

It also has a cruise control function behind the steering wheel.. whereby you can set your speed of the car without havin' to step on the accelerator pedal. This is especially good when you can only travel at 70 or 80 km/h in the MCE or KPE Tunnels, then you can set to your desired speed of 70 or 80 without havin' to control your accelerator pedal throughout that long journey.



Highly efficient transaxle controlled in conjunction with the engine ensures better fuel efficiency and a quieter ride. 7-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic mode responds to aggressive shift operation when shift lever is in ‘M’ gear.

Simple standard functions at the driver's side door with the chrome finish outlining the speakers, giving it a classier look.

Same as the Toyota Vellfire, the center compartment can be opened from both sides.

What do i mean by opening from both sides?
It can be opened from the driver's side (above)
and also from the passenger's side as shown below. :)
Very innovative!

On the front passenger seat.. there are these two buttons at the side facing the driver. It is more for the driver to control the seat positioning by himself for the front passenger or if not sometimes passenger just left the car without adjusting their seat back to original position, the driver can just adjust the seat from here without stretching all the way to the other side of the seat to adjust the seat back.

Taking a tour at the back.. is a Plush Interior with nice luxury beige leather seats that would provide you with a sense of class at every moment in the car.
Its a private sanctuary crafted with Toyota’s finest materials, offering spacious legrooms and headspaces.
Indulge in the First Class comfort with the spacious Captain & Ottoman seats!
It is like as though you're on the First Class cabin on a plane.
Isn't that cool?

Visors can be lifted up at the side of the windows to block out some lights from the outside or for privacy purposes.



Dual front, driver’s knee and curtain shield airbags provide 360° protection for you and your family.
As you can see.. it offers a refreshing feel to the car's interior with the bright beige leather seats and slight chrome details. In fact, the chrome details u see at the front are actually cup holders for the passengers. It can be opened up with a gentle twist. There is sufficient space for one to walk between the two centre row Ottoman seats to the backseats. A tray can be lifted up from one of the seats (left seat in the picture) to form a table with cupholders where you can place your drinks and snacks on it. Hence, enjoying a good time with your pals!
This is how the backseat looks like.. with cupholders at the sides too!
Hooks around the car for you to hang your things.. Here for example, my blazer. :)
The trunk space at the back is really huge!
Seats can be folded down for more space!
Or even this! - Unrivalled Storage Space!
Even with third-row seats in use, up to six golf bags can be stowed in the luggage room and six items of hand luggage can be stowed in the recessed storage space.

Here's how the speedometer looks like - Simple and Easy to read!
As you can see there's a green speedometer logo with the word "SET" on it lighted up - the Toyota Alphard is set to travel at 80 km/h as shown in the speedometer.

This was taken when I was travelling along MCE where I was lazy to control the accelerator pedal throughout the journey, I can't speed above 80 km/h too.. as the speed limit was 80 km/h. Hence, I set it at 80 km/h and let it travel by itself till I exit the tunnel.
Here.. I will show you some features that can be controlled solely on the steering wheel and the configurations would be reflected on the display between the dials.
Lighting Controls!
The Ceiling Light is the light for the back passengers. You will see it in the later pictures.
- Brightness of the lights can be adjusted.
- Colours of the lights can be changed.
- Personal Lamp is something that you can set to Lounge Mode whereby small little lamps would be on at the rear.
It can be adjusted to different percentage of the light emission that you want it to be - 100% being the brightest!
Lowest it can go is 25%.
Here.. you can choose the colours of the lamp.. there are other colours like Green and Yellow too.
So this is how it looks like for the Ceiling Lamps!
And of course when you on the Personal Lamp which is the Lounge Mode...
This is it..
You will observe the white little lamps would light up to give a lounge mood.
And at the rear central console here.. there is a compartment here for you to hold your wine bottle or champagne! Very thoughtful!
Controls for the rear passengers!
Sometimes the passengers can just adjust the rear settings themselves.. like changing the colour of the lights and controlling the air-conditioning at the rear.
What's more!?
There's a LCD screen for the rear passengers to enjoy watching their favourite show in the Alphard.
Perhaps watching a movie and with some snacks and drinks with some friends as well would be a Great idea! :)
Opening the panoramic roof and watch the movie under the stars would be an even better experience too!
Just like this!
Enjoying myself in the comfort of the Captain & Ottoman seat!
Photo credit: William Tan

Last thing I would wanna mention is that.. this Alphard does NOT lag!
It has the power when I step on the accelerator, despite the enormous size it has.
Thanks to the 4-Cylinders In-line, 16 Valves, DOHC with Dual VVT-i Engine!
I always feel that Toyota has a very smooth engine, and it has never fail to impress me whenever I step on the accelerator. The acceleration is always a smooth one and sometimes I wasn't even aware that I'm at 70-80 km/h already. I've put the Alphard to test - travelling at 120 km/h or more, it was.. SUPER STABLE!! Claps!!!* .. and what's more? Its QUIET TOO!! Applause!!!**

* * *

It was really a nice drive with the Toyota Alphard 2.5 Elegance!
It has all it takes to be the BEST Luxury MPV on the market.
Providing the largest interior space and user-friendly features in and out.

Here's a short video of the Toyota Alphard 2.5 Elegance!

More information can be found at the following website.

Follow Toyota Instagram @toyotasingapore !


- - -
Toyota Alphard 2.5 Elegance


Weight & Dimensions
Overall Length (mm)4915
Overall Width (mm)1850
Overall Height (mm)1895
Wheelbase (mm)3000
Turning Radius (m)5.8
Ground Clearance (mm)160
Kerb Weight (kg)2075
Engine & Transmission
Engine Type4-Cylinders In-line, 16 Valves, DOHC with Dual VVT-i
Capacity (cc)2494
Max. Power Output (kW(bhp)/rpm)134 (179) / 6000
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm)235/4100
Top Speed (km/h)170
Acceleration 0-100km/h (sec)11.3
Fuel Consumption
Combined (litres/100km (km/litre))8.6 (11.6)
CO2 Emission (g/km)200
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)75
Suspension FrontMacPherson strut
Suspension RearDouble wishbone
Brakes FrontVentilated disc
Brakes RearVentilated disc

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