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Singtel & Netflix Event at the Amazonia Family Entertainment Centre | 19Mar2016

Photo credit: Tracy Wong aka gilmangirl
Stated on their website as the BEST Indoor Playground in Singapore!
I was really excited to see how it is like!
We were directed to a party room and the organiser gave an introduction to the event.

In the meantime.. friendly staff from Amazonia played some games with the kids!
The game was a "KungFu Panda" Game! Lol.

Only if the staff says "Master Shifu says.. Bow or Dragon Warrior", they have to do the respective actions. If the staff only says "Bow" they CANNOT bow. So its a test of their responsiveness. :)
In the end.. these were the two boys competing to see who is the winner!
After that.. there was a presentation of the Netflix Programmes and Programme Highlights for the Kids.

Here are the programmes for the kids this March - Click on the picture to Enlarge for better view!

Is too much television really harmful to kids?

For parents with children under 12 years of age, there is a delicate balance between learning and playing. Some critics may be against exposing children to too much TV for concerns of negative impact such as aggressive behaviour, sleep disturbances and others. However, if TV watching can be properly managed, parents and their children can enjoy some good ol’ fun with their favourite cartoon characters, while covering educational topics along the way.

In fact, here’s a handy tip for parents with Netflix accounts who would like to grant their children access to the service. With Netflix Parental Controls Settings, you can block mature titles from being shown onscreen or added to your instant queue feature. For more information on how to enable these features, please refer to the attached guide at the end of the blogpost.

Click on the picture to Enlarge for better view.

Here's my nephew, Yihern posing for a picture! :)

And Guess Wad!? I bumped into Tracy Wong who blogs at
Here's my big bro playing w his son!
Father and son moment.
Isn't he cute!?

My nephew and niece, Jing Shuen posing for a picture at the 3D Glow Golf arena.
Not bad! They can both be kids model!
There are many stages at the 3D Glow Golf arena.. Numbers of the stages would be indicated there on the ground, which are not too hard to spot. :)

My nephew and niece..

I believe all of 'em including my brother, sis-in-law and the little nephew had a Great Wonderful time there! It was really a nice experience.. playing with my niece n nephew.. joining them in the Jungle Play Gym which consists of a long slide which i tried it once! It was oOoo.. Fun~! I can't remember when was the last time i played slide!

Below is a short video of the event that day and a snippet of the Jungle Play Gym with the slide! :)

So here's the Singtel & Netflix promotion!

For new and current Singtel subscribers, you can receive up to 9 months of Netflix for free*, as well as new and upcoming family-friendly Netflix programmes that was showcased earlier.
Here's how you can get your 9 Months Complimentary Netflix with Singtel!

Click to enlarge for better view!

In addition, Singtel will be holding a Special Meet & Greet on March 28 with the star of Daredevil, Charlie Cox in Singapore! You can find out how you can win a chance to meet Daredevil in person right Here!


For more information on the Singtel & Netflix Promotions, head on to the website below and find out more!

For more information on the Amazonia Family Entertainment Centre

Hereby, as well as on behalf of my family, I would like to thank IN.FOM for this invitation to this Fun-filled event with Singtel & Netflix!


* * *

Click on picture to enlarge for better view!

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