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MELILEA | Ou Yang Ying MEDetox Camp‏ on 5 March 2016!

Attended the Ou Yang Ying MEDetox Camp‏ on 5 March 2016, last Sunday!
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Above is the agenda for that day.
If the words are too small here you go..
- Master Ou Yang Ying Sharing Contents
- Improve Health with 4 Easy Tips
- Understanding Body & Eat Smart
- Body Signals to Alert, Combat for Health Change
- Achieve Regeneration with MEDetox Program
- Healthy Meal Cooking Demostration
- Master Ou Yang Ying Healthy Exercise

It was held at the Concorde Hotel Singapore along Orchard Road.

MELILEA Skincare Products.
It started off with a simple dance workout initiated by the staffs of MELILEA..
which really warmed everybody up.. especially for those who are still not so awake in the morning!
After that we have Datuk Dr. Stella Chin, Executive President of MELILEA to give us a speech!
She is pretty entertaining and humourous!
She also shared with us her life experiences and what we can learn from it.
I believed everyone had an invaluable lesson from her.
UP NEXT: We have the Guest-Speaker Master Ou Yang Ying from Taiwan!
He will conduct the MEDetox Camp.. teach us how to stay healthy through food, habits and exercises!
Everyone listened attentively to what he has to deliver, jot down notes on their papers or in their phone as well.

From his lesson.. I learnt that if one does not have enough sleep, he/she can cook "Huang Gua Cai Tang" which means Cucumber Soup!
He delivered good and clear speech, and also write pretty fast!
Hence, its NOT a slow, boring class that you're attending! :)

After that there's a Lunch-break for us.. But we are not really having food for our lunch!
As it is a MEDetox program, we were given MELILEA'S SOY MILK with optional MELILEA'S ORGANIC APPLE ORCHARD powder to add to the Soy Milk and Red Apples to munch!
The two very caring Emcees above directed us to get our drinks and fruits at the reception area outside. Everything was very systematic and it went smoothly! :)
Here I got myself just the MELILEA's Soy Milk!
After some time.. I got myself a shaker and added the MELILEA's APPLE ORCHARD Powder to the Soy Milk! Even Healthier~! :)

After that we have Master Ou Yang Ying to teach us how to cook healthy food and soup!
The food he made are very simple and its not difficult to learn.
In addition, it is healthy!

Here.. he taught us how to cook the rice with eggs and with probably some simple additions of salt.
Looking at this I wonder how it tastes like and feel like trying it! :P

And this the soup that he is teaching us how to cook.
Adding the Vege!
And its almost done!
After that he invited a few of the older age people to the front for them to try.
All of them said Good! Some said they even want more! haha.. :)
Lastly.. All of us learnt some exercises from Master Ou Yang Ying!
It will help in the agility of your body and also keep you alert after the exercise.
One of the exercises is like you look at your own thumb and move your thumb closer then move far far away again and do this for a few times. And also try to move your thumb to the right or left and let your eyes look at the thumb. I think this is quite good actually, cos it will help your eyes to see at an angle which you seldom will see, hence stretching your sightness wider and better.
We did all these exercises with some music and it really hypes up the mood.
Everyone participated and were really into it!
I'm sure they all enjoyed!

After that.. the event ended and all the participants slowly left the event ballroom.

Here's a video of the snippets of the Health Camp that day! :)

It was a Fun-Filled MEDetox Camp which i get many health tips from Master Ou Yang Yin.
The camp is very informative and I really got to know more things about health after this camp.
Like a very simple thing is why you should eat fruits first before you have ur meal and NOT after you have your meal. You will be surprised that everything.. as in the answers are very logical. :)

So what's more to share?

Master Ou Yang Ying shares the same surname as me 欧阳.
So he is my senior! Its pretty rare to find someone of the same surname as mine. I'm glad to meet him and managed to learn many things from him.

# # #

IF you're keen on attending this MEDetox Health Camp conducted by Master Ou Yang Ying, it's NOT Over yet! You can attend on the following dates stated on the poster below.
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