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MELILEA International Annual Party 2016 @ Serangoon Country Club | 20Jan2016

Stepping into the brand new year of 2016, bringing new resolution for a better 2016, MELILEA International (S) Pte Ltd organized a New Year Party to welcome a new year with fellow business partners and customers in Singapore, to appreciate the harvest of fruits of success in 2015 achieved with the support from every Melileans.
At the event.. there were natural organic products of MELILEA like the Organic Soy Milk Powder and Apple Orchard which I had all reviewed before. Feel free to check out my review here:
This party delivers objectives of thanksgiving for the continuous support from loyalty customers and business partners in 2015, bringing MELILEA mission and vision of Transforming People’s Life into the next level in 2016, and encourage the culture of giving among Melileans.
Datuk Stella Chin - Executive President of MELILEA International Group of Companies gave her speech at the event as well.. and she said: “Happiness comes from giving and being generous to not just our immediate circle of family and friends, but the society as well. We held the party to get the new year off to a wonderful start with our fellow business partners and customers, and appreciate the harvests we received last year.”

Datuk Dr Alan Wong – Founder and Group Chairman of MELILEA International Group of Companies also had his speech at the event and he said: “At Melilea International, we believe that serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully. It is part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. We engage in voluntary work to remind ourselves to be thankful of our blessings. Support from members of the society like us goes a long way in helping these charities, in terms of their daily operations, grocery needs and funding.”
In 2016, MELILEA has decided to bring the mission of Transforming People's Life to the society in Singapore by the culture of giving to those in needs. MELILEA has sponsored $50,000 to the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), supporting the mission of promoting the spirit of giving in Singapore. Promoting the mission of Transforming People’s Life, not only to those around us, but too to those community in need. MELILEA promotes the culture of appreciation and gratitude, encourage business partners to give while they successfully received from MELILEA Transformation Platform, to achieve a complete Happiness in self and society, fulfilling the mission of transforming health, beauty, success and happiness with MELILEA.

As it is part of a Chinese New Year event as well.. there were lion dance performances as well.
There were chinese couplets from the lions... sending Best Wishes to ALL in the New Year of Monkey!
After that we had the Lou Hei session.. where everybody would have their toss of the Yu Sheng for the Best of Luck in the New Year!
Here with my fellow blogger friends from left William Tan, Elaine Heng, Celeste, Shona, Michelle, CK Chai, Serene Koh, Sophie Leow, Joey Ching and Zulfadli!
A picture with Datuk Alan Wong and I get to receive an Ang Bao! haha..
So GUESS Wad's in the Ang Bao??
Its a Brand New $1 Gold Coin!
Thanks Melilea!

Check out this MELILEA Chinese New Year Song - 新年美麗樂!
Its nice and pretty catchy! :)

Here are the lyrics for your reference.

新年了 多歡樂 親朋好友 齊聚聲聲祝賀
重要的時刻 因為美麗樂 美麗了

有均衡 又完整 渾然天成 關懷如此誠懇
健康與幸福 美貌及功成 美麗樂

無數的特色 無價的快樂 分享關愛永不吝嗇
及時行樂 有何不可 用溫熱 唱歌

絢麗的旅程 蛻變的人生 內外關護讓你記得
身心清澈 充滿光澤 美麗樂

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