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Chingay 2016 National Education Show | F1 Pit Building - 30Jan2016

Chingay, the largest street performance and float parade in Asia is back to wow Singapore on 19 & 20 February at F1 Pit Building this year!
I'm glad to be part of the exclusive backstage tour for the behind-the-scenes moments of Chingay as well as the Full-Dressed Chingay 2016 Rehearsal (National Education Show) on 30 January 2016 to catch the Chingay 2016 highlights!
Themed, “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore” , Chingay 2016 will bring Singaporeans together to celebrate the legacy and wisdom of our founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew and our Founding Fathers based on the core values advocated by them. Some of the key highlights of the parade include a 66-metre “flying” LED dragon, aerial performances and the biggest full-scale illuminated show. Also be prepared to be awed by the awesome sight of 8,000 ‘Sky Lanterns’ to light up the night.
With over 8,000 performers forming up the 50 parade contingents and support from 2,000 parade volunteers from schools and associations, you would be in for a night of wondrous performance!
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Check out the behind-the-scene pictures as well as the full-dressed rehearsal highlights below!
[ all photos taken with my SONY DSC-HX9V ]


Later you will see 'em all lighted up beautifully in front of you!
As the sky slowly darkens.. the Chingay 2016 Full-Dressed Rehearsal is about to start.

Noticed the joss-sticks on the Dragon's head and the Dragon's Ball?
Well.. I believed they are NOT the real burning joss-sticks, else it would be pretty dangerous.
Balancing the Big Flag which reads We Love Singapore!

Malay Culture!
We are blessed that we have Racial Harmony in Singapore!
The Chinese Culture!
At first I thought it seemed like some Ye Wen (Ip Man) Club or something.. ha.
But really.. it was some martial arts from the Chinese! :)
The Indian Culture!

There were in the air performance as well..
A Drummer hitting the big drum in the air!


There were even Pole Dancing performances!
And they Wow-ed the crowd with spectacular moves with the poles.
Here ending off with the theme title “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore”
As the theme suggests, Chingay 2016 is the brightest ever with the biggest full-scale illuminated show. The theme is also inspired by the legacy of our Founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and the values embodied by our Pioneers such as Racial Harmony and Social Cohesion, Caring Community, Resilience as a Nation, Can-Do Singapore Spirit and Uphold high moral values.

Check out this interactive video I've done for the
Chingay 2016 NE Show!

TICKETING Price for the Chingay 2016!

Pre-Parade Segment
Half Lane Audience cum Performers
1,500 tambourine performers
Showcase at pre-parade and
Support in various segments

Segment One – Grand Opening
Launch of Parade with “Brighter Singapore Float” and performers 
Voyage SG100
360m lighted opening (across 3 Sectors)
800 youth performers from PA Youth Movement, in LED Costume & Props
Complemented by Sky Stage Show
Kick start the parade as we begin the voyage towards SG100 

Segment Two
Because We are Different, We are One
Various Special Effects Dragons including the “Lighted LED Flying Dragon” from Xi’an (China)
Multi-cultural performances – Chinese, Malay and Indian Cultural performances
Inter-religious groups coming together to perform as a harmonious community

Segment Three
Friends All Over the World
Presentation by various international groups such as:
- The Japanese Association Singapore (JAS)
- Si Hai Meng Xun (丝海梦寻) from China
- Indonesia
- Russia 
- South Korea and Vietnam

Segment Four
A Vibrant and United Community
Performances by communities from diverse backgrounds
Travelling Dance contingent showcasing various performing arts & dance genres
Local Circus Acts

Segment Five – Grand Finale
Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore
ACT 1 – Light (智慧灯海)
Celebrate the Wisdom & Legacy of Mr Lee Kuan Yew by 800 youth performers using different lighted props
ACT 2 – Voyage SG100
Uniting Singapore as One People as the nation moves towards SG100

5 things you must know about Chingay 2016 !

1.  Chingay 2016 Theme

Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore
智慧灯海, 璀璨新加坡

The 44th Chingay parade marks the ‘beginning of our new chapter to SG100’.  

·         Celebrate the legacy and wisdom of founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew and our Founding Fathers based on the core values advocated by them

·         Pledge our support to live by these values and move forward together towards a better and brighter Singapore


2.  A people’s parade where we come together to celebrate!

·         8,000 performers from 150 organisations

·         13 international groups from 8 countries

·         Supported by 2,000 parade volunteers from schools and associations

·         About 160,000 audiences for two parade nights


3.  The brightest Chingay ever with 11 Chingay floats and
50 parade contingents to look out for!

·         A full-scale illuminated show with more than 8,000 lanterns shaped like light-bulbs illuminating sky

·         25,000 spectators each night will be given handheld light bulbs

·         66m-long LED-lighted “flying” dragon

·         Watch 800 youth performers in LED Costume & Props

·         Sky Stage with a huge LED lighted outline boat structure as a Drum Stage

·         The first Chingay to introduce a joint performance by 30 religious organisations and groups led by the Inter-Religious Organisations Singapore (IRO)

·         Aerial performances

·         Travelling Dance contingent put up by communities from diverse background, showcasing a vibrant community and various performing arts and dance genres


4.  Participate in the Community Engagement Programme (CEP)

In the four-month lead up to Chingay, More than 50,000 youths from schools and youth groups have been participating in two CEPs.

·         Lights of Legacy

·         Brighter Singapore


5.  Miss out on Chingay 2016? Catch Chingay  Night Fiesta and Chingay @ Heartlands

The month-long celebration will consist of the Main Parade at the F1 Pit Building and Heartlands Celebrations from February to March 2016.

·      Chingay Night Fiesta,
21 Feb, Sunday, 6.30pm, Bishan-AMK Park (14th day of Lunar New Year)

* * *
For more information on Chingay Parade 2016
Please visit
Visit PAFrenz Facebook and @PAFrenz Instagram for the latest updates.

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