Friday, January 22, 2016

TMDsports Media Launch Event @ Capitol Piazza | 21Jan2016
What is TMD?
Its not any vulgar language or any disease!
It stands for THE MAD DUDES!
 A bunch of crazy-ass sports enthusiasts with a fiery love for competitive race events and a penchant for screaming 3-4 lettered expletives as we thrash through obstacles that push our physical strength and mental endurance to the limits.
# # #
TMDsports exists so as to share the love to challenge themselves, fight their fears and overcome their limits with more like-minded insane people. These values live on beyond the race, in our everyday life.
This is a platform for the endurance lover and adrenaline junkie to discover new exhilarating sports experiences that are different from the existing run-of-the-mill sporting events in Singapore. It is also a platform for a community of tenacious people to bond over sports, fitness and fun, regardless of age, experience or ability.
Their ultimate goal is to work together as a Singapore team and represent this little red dot as a Singapore contingent for the World’s Toughest Mudder event, an extreme 24-hour obstacle course challenge built upon a location only unveiled the year before. To contend as part of a Singapore contingent, you will need to run a series of races and be in the top 5% of the global race. Speak to them to understand more if you are interested to represent Singapore in the future!
Media Launch Event @ Capitol Piazza - TAP Craft Beer Bar
Metallic Under Armour Dog-Tags were given to all guests..
Nice light food for the guests!
And these are wad i had.. looks really good isn't it?
I like their sausages.. spicy and tender.
And of course all of us were entitled to 1/2 pint of the 100% Craft Beer by TAP Craft Beer Bar.
It was really nice and I'm lookin' forward to have beer there again next time!
Kelvyn giving us an introduction of the TMDsports and what events they have etc.
Attendees listening to him..
And there were huge muscular guys spotted at the event too.. listening to Kelvyn's introduction.

After that they played a video of the Australia Tough Mudder on big screen.
Tough Mudder is the international endurance event series, with obstacles designed to test mental and physical strength, and to encourage teamwork and camaraderie. Not only must you overcome common human fears such as fire, electricity, water, enclosed spaces and heights, you must commit to help one another complete the course as a team. Leave no man (or woman) behind! We will be going as a Singapore contingent for the very first time. If this sounds right up your alley, claim a spot now!
More information!
We need to do 250 reps in 10 minutes!
250 reps would need to consist of a minimum of 50 reps for each exercise, namely Push-ups, Jump Squats & V-Sits (which is like sit-ups). But after we have completed 250 reps and if there's still time remaining, we can continue to do more so as to outdo the other contestants at the fitness challenge!

Getting shagged and trying my best at this moment!

Here's a video of myself doing more push-ups at close to the end of the challenge!
In all.. i finished 370 reps in 10 mins!
And I came in Second Place among the 5 constestants.
Well.. not too bad..
its not really about the winning.. but the process!

Here's a photo of myself with other four contestants.
Thumbs up guys for pushing your limits to the Challenge!
Here's what I've got for my 2nd Prize!
- a NutriFirst Supplememt
- Under Armour bag
- and a supplement shaker from Musle Pharm! :)
# # #
Here's a challenge that is coming up next!
The 4K Challenge!
4 friends. 4000 reps. 40 minutes.
Come and push your limits.


DATE: 21 FEB 2016
TIME: 0900-1900
VENUE: capitol piazza
Briefing date: 13 FEB 2016

Briefing location: capitol piazza

Go for it.. If you're UP for it!
More information,
- - -
IF you're signing up for the Tough Mudder Australia and the 4K Challenge..
Here's a promocode for you to have a discount on your registration/event fee!
There will be $40 discount off the 4K Challenge event fee,
and $100 off Tough Mudder Austalia 2016 package price.
Code Valid till 6 February!
GRAB this deal before its GONE!


Crazyforcosmetics said...

Seems pretty interesting but it is for the tough guys.. Great Job ! Saw your video on facebook the other day.

shaun said...

Hi! Thanks! Glad you saw the video and thanks for your support! Saw your postings on SGBloggers FB Page! Keep up the good work of blogging! :)

mackyton said...

Yeah, the launch event seems to be very interesting. I wish I could have attended this event. Anyways, thanks for all photographs. I am going to book a local event space NYC for my bachelorette party. Hoping to have a great party.