Friday, January 8, 2016


The Highly Anticipated DRUM TAO is going to start soon!
I'm really interested in these.. becos i love drums!
In my primary school days.. I was a drummer in my school's Chinese Orchestra and represented my school in a few competitions!
To be abit THICK SKIN abit.. (Why are there two abit? Singlish lah!) I think i'm quite talented in drumming. I can play to the rhythm pretty well and I'm "Musically" inclined! (Is there such word as Musically!? haha.. Just for Laughs!) Would they wanna recruit me to be their team? haha.. Jus joking!
Anyway, as mentioned that I'm interested in drums.. Hence, I'm really EXCITED to see how DRUM TAO is going to deliver their performances! Especially when its ADVERTISED ON TV too!
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Here are the photos taken by me.

Right after the intermission.. the drummers appeared out from different corners of the theatre.. Welcomed us back!

The show coming to an end.
And before it really ends.. these two chaps came out to interact with us.. saying thank you and reminded us to support their merchandise selling outside the theatre. :)
They are pretty funny!
But before it ends..
There's another short performance put up by the crews..
which is like an Encore!
Hence, the audience left without any disappointment! :)
At the end.. almost all the audience stood to show their support and appreciate their spectacular performances!
After the show.. audience can visit the DRUM TAO's merchandise and get sth as a souvenir.
There is an Autograph session for the fans as well!
You can also snap a picture with them! :)
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Director Amon Miyamoto, Costume Designer Junko Koshino, and Stage Designer Rumi Matsui, they became the first Asian team on Broadway who received four Tony Award nominations for the musical “Pacific Overtures” and now they are reunited for DRUM TAO’s latest show “HYAKKARYORAN ~The World of Japan~”. The new show made a huge splash throughout Japan and marked a record of over 150,000 spectators.
The DRUM TAO 2016 “HYAKKARYORAN HANABI” will be played in Singapore as a new version of “HYAKKARYORAN ~The World of Japan~”.

This new show will bring musicianship, athleticism, humor, and choreography together with explosive, traditional Taiko drumming and has had critics raving about the group's extraordinary precision, energy, and stamina when they performed in Japan. It promises more explosive and dynamic drumming and a dramatic plot, that transport the audience into the world of TAO with beautifully choreographed moves and music.

With hundreds of sold-out shows and more than six million spectators, Drum TAO has proven that modern entertainment based on the timeless, traditional art of Japanese drumming entertains international audiences again and again. 
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