Saturday, January 30, 2016

Carlsberg Celebratory CNY Event @ Capitol Piazza + Lunch Reception @ Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant | 28Jan2016

was greeted with these chilled nicely displayed Carlsbergs when I arrived at the open area at the Capitol Piazza!
Spontaneous Emcee gave an introduction to the Celebratory event.. and welcomed the popular lady calligrapher to perform a calligraphy on the 16 metres long red cloth.. which would eventually turn into a long prosperous banner that would wish everyone Good Luck in all aspects in life!
Getting the golden ink ready..
and there she went brushing smoothly on the red cloth..
All these would need alot of practices to create a nice calligraphy.

crowds at the event.. witnessing and taking pictures of her doing the calligraphy.
I believe it must be pretty stressful with so many people looking and taking pictures of her doing the calligraphy.. But she has done it well!

And slowly.. she switched to black ink!
I think black ink on red is nice too! What do u think?
I think this is a nice shot I've taken.. haha..
at such closeness and sharp.. with her doing the stroke at the curve of the word.
Everybody continued to take pictures of her writing the 2016!
Noticed the 16 is in Chinese?
Yes.. Carlsberg is very creative to convert the 16 to the Chinese word 流!
流 means Good! Best! Power!!!
Hence, in another words wishing you ALL THE BEST IN 2016!
It was really a good venue to hold this event at Capitol with a grassy patch that suits Carlsberg's green and shortly after the commemorative event, we were directed to a nice lunch reception which was just upstairs inside Capitol Piazza! Isn't that Awesome!?
Coming out with the word "Carlsberg"!

Spotted these two Lion heads getting ready for the showdown!
And again.. Did you notice the two chinese words on the foreheads of the lions?
They mean Carlsberg in Chinese!
Pronounce it as "Huang2 Mao4" in mandarin.
(the numbers indicates the hanyu pinyin)

And the Calligraphy is done!
Click on the videos above n below to see the completed Calligraphy.


Here with the Calligrapher and the man representing Carlsberg Singapore for this event!

And here comes the Lion Dance performance by a recognised award-winning Lion Dance troupe!
Actually I somehow find that these lions are really CUTE! hahaha..


Click on the video above to view the Finale of the Lion Dance performance!

After that.. one of the lions stood at the centre with a blank scroll sticking out from its mouth..
And the Calligrapher wrote a chinese word "福" on it!
福 means Happiness!
And its pronounced as Fu! :)

The long red banner of Calligraphy was recognised on the Singapore Book of Records!

Group photos for the Carlsberg team!
After that we were ushered in to the Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant @ Level 2 of the Capitol Piazza!
Followed by a properous lion dance performance to welcome all of us!
If ya notice on our food menu..
the Seafood Soup and the Red Snapper fish are mixed with Carlsberg Beer!
Its my first time trying it and it was AWESOME!
Try add some to your chinese dishes next time or this coming CNY Reunion Dinner with Carlsberg! :)
I must admit that the Yu Sheng at this Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant is one of the BEST!
I had 2-3 servings of this.. Its just too wasted if i have jus one serving! haha.. :P
And with the company of Carlsberg Beers on the Great food Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant offers.. I had a great time with my buddy, William Tan.. who invited me for the event!
Thanks William for the invitation as well as the generosity of Carlsberg Singapore!

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