Saturday, September 26, 2015

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER’s Asian Tour in Singapore (25 Sep - 4 Oct 2015)

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER’s Asian Tour is finally here in Singapore!!!

The show’s current sold out UK Tour and featuring an international casts from the United States and Manila. When John Travolta walked on to the dance floor in the smash hit film Saturday Night Fever, it changed the way we dance forever...

The date is 1976 and in Brooklyn, New York, Tony Manero, a young man with a dead end job but an extraordinary ability to dance has only one ambition in life - to become the Disco King. When he meets Stephanie who also dreams of a world beyond Brooklyn and they decide to train together for a dance competition, their lives begin to change forever. 

The movie that defined a generation is now a hit musical featuring the iconic Bee Gees soundtrack. It is packed with slick dance moves, flares, dazzling choreography and 70s anthems such as Stayin' Alive, Night Fever, Jive Talking, You Should Be Dancing and How Deep is Your Love

I'm impressed with the choreographed dance moves, music and amazing voices of the performers.
 If you like music, singing, and slick dance moves, you would not be disappointed. Go get your ticket now!

Ticketing and Show Information Season:
Fri, 25 Sep - Sun, 4 Oct 2015

Venue: Sands Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

Cast:  International Cast

Performance Times:
– Tuesday to Friday 8:00pm
– Saturday: 2:00pm and 8:00pm
– Sunday: 1:00pm and 6:00pm

Ticket Price:
From $95 (Excludes the booking fee of SGD$4 per ticket)


– Phone: +65 6688 8826

– In Person: Marina Bay Sands Box Offices (Museum, Theatres, SkyPark, Retail Mall and Hotel Tower 1 Lobby).


For more information please log

For exciting ticket package options including accommodation at Marina Bay Sands please visit: Corporate and Group Bookings are available via Showbiz. Email: or call 6688 1029

Friday, September 25, 2015

The award-wining Imperial Ice Stars presents The Sleeping Beauty on Ice!!!

From 24th - 27th Sept 2015, experience the thrill of world-class ice skating up close in a theatre, this new adrenaline-rich production will bring you to the very edge of your seat with all the jaw dropping stunts by the award-wining Imperial Ice Stars with their excellent production The Sleeping Beauty on Ice at Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

This performance  has built up a worldwide following and established an unrivalled reputation for their sophisticated portrayals of classic works, and for executing the most complex and daring manoeuvres on the ice. 

With 18-strong casts composed of Olympic, World, European and National Championship level skaters choreograph by the award-winning Tony Mercer, The Sleeping Beauty on Ice will give you a spectacular theatrical experience which will thrill and enchant audiences of all ages.


Set to the magnificent music of Tchaikovsky, The Sleeping Beauty on Ice tells the classic fairytale love story through sublime world class skating, breathtaking high speed lifts and throws, awe-inspiring aerial gymnastics and fire effects - all in the intimacy of the theatre stage.

Event Date
Thu, 24 - Sun, 27 Sep 2015
Thu - Fri: 7:30pm
Sat: 1:30pm & 7:30pm
Sun: 1:30pm & 6.30pm

MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
VIP : S$155
A Reserve : S$125
B Reserve : S$95
C Reserve : S$75
VIP Box (For 4 Seats) : S$620
Box Seats (For 4 Seats) : S$500

Through All Marina Bay Sands & SISTIC Channels
15% MasterCard •Valid from 19 - 25 June 2015
•Applicable for A and B Reserve only
•Not applicable for Friday and Saturday Evening performances

Through Marina Bay Sands Box Office only
1-for-1 tickets for Sands Rewards members •Valid until 27 September 2015
•Applicable for all categories and show dates
•Tickets must be purchased at any Marina Bay Sands Box Office. Membership card must be presented personally at point of purchase.
•Other Terms and Conditions apply

Tickets are available through SISTIC and Marina Bay Sand Boz Office.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meomi Cat Café

this is the short-legged cat which keep sleeping .. it slept thru' out the ONE hour when I was there!

their toys..

she likes to play with this crumpled piece of paper! haha..
Their toilet!
I let this kept sleeping cat see himself thru my artificial phone mirror!

So difficult to take a picture with you that I have to take behind you without you noticing! haha..
But this is a nice shot in fact! :)
"I don like to take photos ma!" says the cat
Meomi Cat Café
668 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 188801
(Near Haji Lane)
Tel.: 6296 0339
Check out their Facebook below for frequent updates of the cats! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DFO Dance Performance @ Bishan Community Centre last Saturday, 19 Sep 2015!

My dance performance was successfully held at Bishan Community Centre in conjunction with the F1 celebrations last Saturday!
BMW i8
Nissan GT-R
Porsche Carrera 911
Aston Martin
happenings at the back scene..
.. and myself in this denim outfit for my dance performance.
It was my first dance performance on stage!
I'm glad everything still went pretty ok! :P



LG Focuses on Furthering Innovation in
Global Premium TV Market with OLED TV Leading the Way

BERLIN, Sep. 6, 2015 Speaking at a roundtable at IFA 2015 in Berlin, a top official of LG Electronics (LG) revealed the company’s plan to sell five times as many OLED TVs as it did in the first half with the aim of making LG OLED the new standard of TV by the end of the year.
With a goal of selling more than one LG OLED TV per minute, Brian Kwon, executive vice president and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, cited four overarching marketing directions designed to solidify LG’s leadership role in the home entertainment market: (1) leading the global OLED TV Market with an expanded OLED TV lineup, (2) conducting enhanced marketing campaigns to expand OLED TV’s market penetration, (3) strengthening its dominant position in the smart TV platform business and (4) enhancing profitability in the audio video product segment.
Expanded OLED TV Line-Up
With the world’s first high dynamic range (HDR)-enabled 4K OLED TV, LG will incorporate HDR technology in more of its OLED TV lineup. Its 4K OLED TV is expected to attract new customers with its impressive design which measures only 4.8mm at its slimmest point. With a host of new functions, design features and display formats, LG will provide a wider selection of OLED TVs to suit the tastes of different customers. LG is confident that the announcement of OLED TV products from other manufacturers will accelerate the adoption of OLED TV by more and more consumers and expand the segment within the TV market.
Enhanced Marketing Campaigns
The company will invest in a variety of marketing campaigns to increase international sales of its OLED TVs with product introduction tours and OLED displays at major airports in the world. LG is confident that strong reviews of LG OLED TVs from product testing organizations and media outlets will drive more interest in consumers. One US publication recently named LG’s OLED TV as this year’s best TV and LG’s model 65EG9600 was recognized as the “King of TV” by electronics distributor Value Electronics.
Strengthening Smart TV Platform Business
LG will continue to expand its webOS platform with more smart TV content from partners such as Netflix and YouTube, movies from local content suppliers and a range of new applications. The company will kick off an HDR content streaming service for webOS 2.0-enabled smart TV users in partnership with Amazon and roll out its Value Pack Upgrade for webOS 1.0 users which includes free features available in webOS 2.0.

Enhancing Profitability in Audio-Video
LG aims to enhance its profitability in the monitor, digital signage and audio-video business. With an unparalleled digital signage product lineup with ultra-thin displays with the world's slimmest bezel to bezel design of less than 2mm, LG hopes to secure its reputation as a provider of premium display solutions. The company will also aggressively push its high-end monitor products such as the 21:9 flat and curved monitors with 4K resolution. LG will expand its Bluetooth audio products with a lineup that adds to the curved sound bar and portable speakers announced leading up to IFA 2015.
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

LG Special: The Evolution of the TV Design!

With the rapid advancement of technology, one can only look back at the humble beginnings of it where telephones used to be a rotary dial and TVs were in fuze black and white. In the 21st Century, it is tough to now imagine a life without our mobile phones, audio systems and everything technology related that has since improved our quality of life!
The TV has its own history to tell. In fact, the invention of the TV has brought something more emotional than other technologies. Families and friends would gather around a TV to watch shows and movies together, creating a space that brings people together. TVs are often placed in the living room of a home, it is often placed in a centralized and strategic location that sets the tone of the living space.
TVs have since become a huge part of everyone's lives towards the 80s. Up till the 2000s, TVs were based on cathode-ray tube technology (CRT). From there on, aesthetic started playing a role with slimmer versions to higher resolution, then came the HD which set off a rapid advancement of the TV technology!

LCD was the next best TV you could have at home, with screens that came in larger sizes. Within the next 2-3 years, LEDs came about which gave rise to Quantum Dot, then OLED and finally UHD and 4K TVs.
LG has remained in tact with the latest TV technology, and has become a market leader in its own right with the latest OLED TVs winning multiple awards for its incredible features and offerings. LG has even pushed the boundaries of how slim a TV could go, with the EC9700 being as thick as an iPad!
The LG 65EC9700.

The future of TV definitely lies in the OLED technology, and LG continues to research ways to break the barrier.
More information can be found in the info graphic below as well as some info provided on LG's TV technologies. Have an awesome day!


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Volkswagen Technology Showcase & Workshop | 18 Sep 2015

Was at the Volkswagen Showroom earlier in the evening..
For the Volkswagen Technology Showcase & Workshop

Dinner was provided!
Total there are 4 stations for us to visit.
1. Brand & Product Dialogue
2. Experience your Volkswagen
3. Understand your Volkswagen
4. Workshop Tour
Here the first one I went for was the Workshop Tour.
Because I'm more interested to see how they work behind the scene.

The Volkswagen mechanic explains to us how they actually check their cars at the workshop through a computerised system that would provide accurate diagnosis of the car's latest status & condition.

One of the assistant help to gave some helpful explanation as well..
 The workshop was at the 2nd floor... later we moved down to the 1st floor where usually after the  servicing the cars would be cleaned and washed at this Car Wash bay.. before handing over the car to the customers.
After that we moved to Experience your Volkswagen station.
Over here its more of the familiarization of the vehicle.
Anything that we aren't sure about the car features.. we can consult the Sales people there.
They are stationed there readily to answer to our doubts and queries.

Here.. myself in the Jetta!
I hope to do a test-drive on this.. probably the Trendline version which has the black front-grille.
Fyi. They have two variants of the Jetta - namely the Trendline and Highline version.
Nice Black Interior!
The tail-lamps of the Jetta are nice too!
 most of the people still havin' a good time exploring more about the car and have their questions cleared. If you noticed.. the rear-view mirror is actually pretty wide and in rectangular shape which hence, allows the driver to have a wider coverage of the rear sightings.
This is the New Jetta Trendline which has the black front-grille.
Over here it is the Understand your Volkswagen station!
It allows the drivers to get familiar with the car engine and understand what is underneath the car through an undercarriage tour!
Committed staff explaining the parts and functions in detail..
So here's the Undercarriage Tour!

Seldom we have the chance to see and also understand about the undercarriage of the car.
above here is the Jetta..
it is front-wheel driven.
This is the rear wheel.

Brand & Product Dialogue!
Just Sit down, Relax and Listen!
Participants can have a discussion with the presenter as well.
Like I heard someone asking.. is it okie NOT to off the air-con when you OFF the engine.
The answer is .. It is Ok! :)

With the latest technology.. u don't have to off your radio, air-con and whatever that is on.. then OFF the engine! I usually don't off them! Because I feel that the latest technology should have the capability to reduce such hassle for the users..

Here.. I end my tour on the Volkswagen Technology Showcase & Workshop!
with my buddy here who join me for the workshop! :)
I felt that this Showcase & Workshop was really good..
They provide dinner for you and you are able to understand more about Volkswagen cars at the same time!
Afterall it is your car, you spend much of your time on the road.. it is good to know your car better and enjoy it to the fullest! At the workshop.. I realized some of them do not even know how to open the bonnet. :P At times.. when something really happens to your car.. It is good to know what are the basic things you need or can do. Hence.. this workshop really provides a better insight to the cars the Volkswagen drivers are driving!

Below are the goody bag items given to us! :)

Have a Great Weekend! :)

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