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The Trick Eye Museum + The Influencer Network Bloggers Gathering! [11Dec2015]

Have you ever been to the Singapore's TRICK EYE MUSEUM ?
YOU SHOULD Really Check It Out!
They have lotsa 2D paintings that can be turned into 3-dimensional images.
Through the use of optical illusions, three-dimensional paintings on the surfaces of the museum walls, floors and ceilings come alive.
Take a look at the video below and you would know wad i meant!


They have different themes in the museum for you to play with..
- Masterpiece
- Mystery
- Safari
- Circus
- Fairy Tale
- Winter
- Trick World
Take a look at how our fellow bloggers and influencers performed at the recent #TINxTrickEyeSG Blogger Gathering! Its an event organised by the TRICK EYE MUSEUM & THE INFLUENCER NETWORK which gathered all the bloggers & influencers to share their experiences at the Trick Eye Museum.
Photo courtesy of @ChristineNGLT
Very well blend with the waterfall.. creating a dreamy feel.
Photo courtesy of @mselaineheng
Very realistic!

Photo courtesy of @jjjannniceee
Lovely shot!

Photo courtesy of @mykemotus
Very well balanced with a Kungfu pose on the standing logs.
Photo courtesy of @mselaineheng

Photo courtesy of @skat3rgalz
Even the Trick Eye Museum would wanna hold u back for more! lol..

Photo courtesy of @dramakaela
This is totally like a perfect shot!

Photo courtesy of @rinaloveslife

As you can see there are many superb and realistic photos put up by our fellow influencers.. be it they are Bloggers or Instagrammers.

I was pretty amazed to see so many nice photos on the Instagram hashtag album #TINxTrickEyeSG put up by our influencers at the event. Feel free to check them out on Instagram with that hashtag #TINxTrickEyeSG!


Here are the photos of myself taken at the event that day!

At the starting point of the museum!

with my blogger friend Carine who blogs at

"Chotto matte! Don't Tok First!"

She look really big in size!

And now its my turn to be huge!

I didn't know I can float on a chair!!!
Wow! This is SCARY! Luckily I managed to grab hold of its Fang and saved myself!

Wow! This is really SCARY! I'm actually quite afraid of heights!! :P

* * *

Here's a video which I've done.. 
.. with snippets of how it is like inside the TRICK EYE MUSEUM, SINGAPORE!


In the video.. you can see all the visitors at the TRICK EYE MUSEUM had Great Fun and Enjoyed themselves alot with all the 2D images!

It would also leave a memorable moment with the photos taken with their loved ones at the TRICK EYE MUSEUM!

At the end of the event.. those influencers who have posted 2 photos on their Instagram with the hashtags #TINXTrickEyeSG, #TrickEyeSG & #TheInfluencerNetwork will be able to redeem an exclusive Trick Eye Museum Passport!
And the above is mine!

I can get to enter Trick Eye Museums all around the world!
But only one entry for each country namely Seoul, Jeju, Busan, Hong Kong, Jinan and other future branches around the world.

Hope you enjoyed this post with pictures n videos well illustrated on how the TRICK EYE MUSEUM SINGAPORE is like!
Experience the New Themed Zones & New Interactive 4D Concept at the TRICK EYE MUSEUM TODAY!

For more information,

Feel free to check out their Facebook page as well at

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