Friday, December 4, 2015

Moments of Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015!

The front facet of the Singapore Turf Club.

The Line-up of the Longines Singapore Gold Cup race!

Longines Dolce Vita Collection.
The 2015 Longines DolceVita is a reinterpretation of the popular original Longines DolceVita series, which remains to this day one of Longines’ best-selling collections since its inception in 1997. Meaning ‘sweet life’ in Italian, the Longines DolceVita collection was crafted for the ladies who embrace the joyful, happy and carefree side of life. The 2015 interpretation sports a contemporary design that marries geometric lines with soft curves. The lines of the rectangular case are artfully elongated and arched, some models embellished with diamonds, to enhance the refined elegance and soft femininity of these new pieces.

2015 Longines DolceVita: A silver-coloured "flinqué" dial adorned with painted Roman numerals and a black lacquered or white mother-of-pearl dial with diamonds decorates the watches of this line. Slender rhodium-plated or blued-steel hands point to the passing hours and minutes.

Guests had a taste of the Italian high life as Longines transformed the venue into a Plush Tuscan Garden. Arrangements of fresh white roses, Eustoma, Hydrangeas, Smilax, Matthiola were interspersed with green ivy leaves and vines to create a lush surrounding reminiscent of a beautiful garden in an Italian Versailles.
And here's my partner Jessica at the event.. surrounded by the fresh white roses, Eustoma, Hydrangeas, Smilax & Matthiola that were interspersed with green ivy leaves and vines.
Nice photo taken at the event w my partner.
Credit to Derrick See!
Slight editing and cropping by myself. :)
With my best buddy whom I participate in many contests with.. ha..
Always a good brother!
We had.. Blue Lychee Martini Sorbet.
Gelato at the event!
Italian Hazelnut & Salted Caramel.
A photo with the Longines Jockey Belles.
Myself.. on my way to watch one of the races there..
Horse parading at the parade ring before the race.
At the actual race itself..
With Official Timekeeper: Longines!
Guiding horses which will guide the racing horses to where they supposed to be..
And of course the No. 7 Cooptado which is the Winning Horse for this year's Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015!
Entering in between the railings for some phototaking.

Drape over w a nice Longines cape.. showing itself the winning horse for this year's Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015!

Nice well-maintained racecourse that's so breathtaking.. overlooking from the Longines lounge.

Nice invitation card for the Longines Singapore Gold Cup!
I really like the braided horse mane on the card!

Over here myself posing a shot for the camera!
Photo credit: Derrick See

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