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MELILEA Organic Nutritional Drink Product Review + Party Celebration Event for Datuk Dr. Stella Chin on 26.11.2015

Have your tried this Organic Nutritional drink from MELILEA before?
You should try it!

You're on the right page which I will bring you thru' on how you can make the BEST out of this drink!
MELILEA ORGANIC is formulated by renowned researcher and organic specialist, Dr Henry Chang, and has been graded 5-star zero -pollution food by the Organic United Nations Friendship Association (OUNFA) and has been certified halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

It contains more than 20 types of 5-STAR zero pollution ingredients, including golden grains, vegetables and fruits. This formula by Dr Henry Chang is based on the body’s optimum dietary requirements.

It can be mixed with other MELILEA products like the Organic Soymilk Powder & Apple Orchard to make the taste even more tantalizing!

The Organic Soymilk Powder

It uses selected Best Quality and zero-pollution organic soya beans, without artificial colorings, artificial flavoring or preservatives. Organic Soya Drink is rich in nutritional value and can easily provide amino acid, protein, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, lecithin, isoflavones and other natural phytonutrients that are necessary for healthy growth and development.

The Organic Henry Apple Orchard

It is 100% made from natural Organic Fruits and is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, minerals and phytonutrients. Does not contains saccharin, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring and preservatives. Hence, it is truly a very natural drink!

Now, I'm gonna show you how you can make your nutritious organic drink from MELILEA!

Step 1: Add 350 cc of cold water.


Step 2: Add 2 Scoops of the MELILEA ORGANIC Soymilk Powder.


Step 3: Add 1 Scoop of MELILEA ORGANIC Powder.


Step 4: Finally Add 3-4 Scoops of the Apple Orchard
(Add more for extra taste)


Step 5: Cover the bottle with the cap and close it tightly.


Step 6: Shake the mixture.
Shake it well for at least 20 secs so that everything is dissolved and mixed thoroughly.


Lastly.. needless to say.. Drink and Get the Best Out of it with the MELILEA ORGANIC, Soymilk Powder & Apple Orchard you've mixed! :)

Here's a simple guidance video of the making of the MELILEA ORGANIC with the mixture of Soymilk Powder & Apple Orchard together!

The benefits of MELILEA ORGANIC consists of ...

-          Reduction of health risk as organic foods are free from harmful chemicals
-          Improve body physique and strengthens body health
o   Cleanses your body and at the same time, provided your body with balanced nutrition in order to effectively improve your body and health conditions
-          Healthy meal replacement, perfect body shaping
o   Helps body to detoxify by using as meal replacement, thus more efficient in burning body fats.
-          Strengthens the skin health from inside out
o   Effective as an internal body cleansing product that cleanses from inside out and provided your skin with nutrients necessary for a healthy beautiful skin.
-          Regulated body organ functions, stay away from diseases
     o   Functional organic food effectively regulates and improve organ functions and strengthens the body physique and be free from diseases.

Healthy Tips to your Daily Lifestyle!

-          Drink half an hour before breakfast. Consume sufficient amount of water to improve intestinal motility
-          Ideal choice as daily meal replacements, able to ease hunger pangs, most nutritious food supplement
-          Weight-loss meal replacement, provide body with balance nutrients while losing weight, drink half an hour before each meal, three times a day.

-          Please ensure adequate amount of water is consumed.

MELILEA has since been established in 2002 and achieved many accolades through the years. It is founded by Datuk Dr. Alan Wong and Datuk Dr. Stella Chin. They have transformed people's lives through providing pure zero-pollution organic food to the public. Their range of premium quality products emphasize on a comprehensive and pure organic philosophy, and are made from natural organic, non-toxic environmentally friendly sources so that people all around the world can enjoy the best of it, live a healthy and fulfilling lives.

On the left is Datuk Dr. Alan Wong and on the right, Datuk Dr. Stella Chin
At a recent prestigious event, The Stevie Awards held at New York City, USA...

Datuk Dr. Stella Chin emerged to be the First Asian Chinese Woman to Win Four Stevie Awards for Women in Business in 2015!
Datuk Dr. Stella Chin being the Executive President of the MELILEA International Group of Companies, stood out from 1,300 nominations from organizations and individuals in 26 nations to win the following Stevie Awards title.
  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year - Consumer Products (Silver)
  • Female Executive of the Year - Consumer Products (Bronze)
  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand (Bronze)
  • Mentor or Coach of the Year - Business All Other Industries (Bronze)

And in celebration of her success and achievement..
Staffs of MELILEA threw a party for her at the M Hotel, Singapore on 26th November 2015.
It was a successful one!
Check out the epic moments at the event.
The four awards she received from the Stevie Awards 2015!
The term 'Stevie' is taken from the name Stephen, which is derived from the Greek for "crowned".
The trophy is a 16-inch tall, hand-cast statuette finished in 24-carat gold, holding a crystal pyramid representing Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
Awaiting for her arrival together with Datuk Dr. Alan Wong.
Datuk Dr. Alan Wong shaking hands with the guests and Datuk Dr. Stella Chin putting on a smile to everyone there, holding on to a big bouquet of roses.
At the event.. she shared her experiences being an entrepreneur and also a mum at home.. giving everyone a sense of warmth and friendliness.
At the event.. she loves to quote the following,

"Don't be lazy! Nothing is easy!"

It may be only 6 words.. but it can be pretty useful when you're starting to slack.
After the event.. she went around the tables to shake hands with the guest and event took polaroid with us!
Yes! I felt honoured and here's my polaroid with her!
together with the huge bouquet of roses..
* * *
Here are some products featured at the event.

For more information please visit:


Anonymous said...

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Pirate said...

I bought the botanical powder but cannot find how much of each ingredient used in the label. It just indicates the names of vegetables. Can you explain clearly why the producers remove the ingredients percentage. Consumers should take it with faith and not with doubts.

Pirate said...

I bought the botanical powder but cannot find how much of each ingredient used in the label. It just indicates the names of vegetables. Can you explain clearly why the producers remove the ingredients percentage. Consumers should take it with faith and not with doubts.