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Wihardja Furnishing Tour | With 5% Discount PromoCode Unleashed!

I have always been an artistic person.. hence it contributes to the tastes and interest I have in interior design. From young.. I would love to have my house all-white and clean. But of course.. as time changes.. I have a change in perception of things and I felt that I like some other kind of home decors too. As long as you have a theme.. That's it! You wouldn't go wrong! I personally feel you can't have a mix of different themes together. If you have a theme.. just go with it!
Here at Wihardja.. they have lotsa Hip and Funky Furnitures!
Which can easily suit to any theme of yours that YOU want to have for your home!
And I really LOVE 'Em!
Most of the furniture here are made of Teak Wood and Suar Wood.
Let me bring you for a tour around at Wihardja Now!
Just look at this Standing Lamp which comes with a vintage-look clock..
Isn't that cool?
Here are some similar ones.. but they are Table Lamps.. with the right one which comes with the clock. :)
I like this Drum Wood Standing Lamp .. Its pretty interesting that a Drum Wood can be converted in to a lamp which turn out so nice as well.. And it ended off with a tripod stand which made it seem like half of it is like a telescope!
A Simple Love word adds a bit of love to the home and people around you! Isn't it? I Love it!
Side table.. this would be especially good when I wanna have Maggie Mee (instant noodles) and watch TV on my couch at the same time! :)
How bout a wooden anchor ?
the top part is actually soft cushion.. though u can't really tell.
There are paintings there for you to choose as well..
You can head there and see if any picture that you like and is suitable for your home!

Ahh ha.. Gettin' abit arty farty already har.. there are nice huge artistic vases which you can display in your living area as well.

Or if not this coloured glass plate ?
which would perhaps make a difference to a corner of your home.
Nice wooden table which looks really solid.. and the patterns on it are nice and smooth.
Accompanied at the sides are a few wooden stools with different designs.
They are all made of Teak Wood and Suar Wood.

Look at this Transformation of a Furniture from a Bench to a BBQ Table!
Isn't that cool!?
Looks like I need to spice up my home with all these.. Can Wihardja help to do up my house? haha..
Jus jokin'
This rugged feel of the drawers and cabinet looks pretty cool too! :)

Oh.. there's even an iconic Volkswagen Beetle here!
And it looks really cool!
See!? They even have these nice bears too!
They don't just sell furniture, they also sell other miscellaneous stuffs like glass jars and serviette holders as well (shown below)

Serviette holders.

a cute soap dish.

Any quote to hang for your home or café ?
They deemed add some live to it! ;)
Here they sell nice funky luggages as well.
  Myself with the luggages. Which one should I choose?
They all look so nice to me!

A hanging/swinging chair for you?
How bout this?
I'm sure everybody needs a relaxing corner.. perhaps this would be a good one to place at a corner of your house or balcony... playing some music and reading some magazines on it.
* * *
Here's an overview of the Wihardja Furnishing!

The helmet is not part of the display and Not for Sale!

I'm actually quite interested in Terracotta 兵马俑
I find them very cool and magnificent.
They depict the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife.
Nett: $458 and Now selling at $229 inclu. GST.
I wouldn't mind have this at my doorstep to protect my home or welcome my guests in! ha.. :)
Maybe I will get this! :P

After reading through my blogpost...
I'm sure you might have something in mind that you wanna get or probably wanna get.

Here's the Good News!
You can enjoy 5% Discount OFF
Your Total Purchase at Wihardja when you quote my passcode during payment.
Passcode: WJShaunOwyeong

That's not the end though.

Let me provide you a Simple Workshop regarding to the Wood provided by Wihardja Furnishing!

As mentioned earlier.. their wood are usually Teak Wood or Suar Wood.
Here.. Let me provide you more information on the wood they used and how to maintain it, etc.

Teak Furniture

1.    Made in Singapore own factory in Indonesia, Central Java.

2.    Wood is responsibly sourced from legal wood suppliers in Central Java.

3.    Every product is handcrafted and designed with our customers in mind.

4.    Teak furniture available in varnish (4 colour tones), wax finish and natural wood finish.


Reclaimed Teak Furniture

1.    Reclaimed teak furniture is more expensive than plantation teak furniture,

2.    Additional step needed to process the reclaimed teak, in order to make it “use-able” for furniture making.

3.    Reclaimed teak furniture have a lot of imperfections on the wood, eg hole in the wood, uneven sides or big chip of the corners.

4.    There are teak furniture finished to  look like reclaimed teak furniture; keep your eyes open and see the difference.

Suar Wood

1.    We are one of the suppliers of suar wood furniture in Singapore.
2.    Ranging from suar wood table to suar wood coffee table or benches, we are able to customise to your desired sizes.
3.    Our prices are very competitive and value for money.


Order Process

1.    Depending on stock availability, we can fulfil customers order within one week. 
2.    If stock is unavailable, the waiting period is 60-90 days.
A fresh piece will be made in our factory and shipped over to Singapore within the time stipulated time.



1.    Can’t find what you are looking for? We provide customization for our customers.
2.    We are able to customise furniture in teak, mahagony or suar wood.
3.    Simply show us the picture of the design you want and give us as much details as possible for the dimensions.
1.    Wooden furniture require period maintenance. It is necessary yet easy. For day to day maintenance, you can use furniture lemon pledge.
2.    For a more intense maintenance, you can use furniture wax (available at Wihardja).
Speak to our sales colleagues for more details.


Our factory does not allow condone the use of ‘slash and burn’ technique for the clearing of lands for cultivation. 

With reference to the map below, our factory is located in Central Java (indicated with a yellow star).
Majority of the areas that are burning are meant for palm oil plantations.
In a nutshell, we are non-contributors to the haze in Singapore.

* * *

With so much information about the Wood and knowing that the things you are purchasing are environmentally friendly..

You should have a peace of mind getting any furniture here from Wihardja Furnishing!
And it would never go wrong with the good quality of wood they used, Teak and Suar Wood!

Head down to these two showrooms to check out their cool items and furniture!

Enterprise One Showroom

1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #01-07/08, Singapore 415934
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 8pm everyday except Wed & Thurs
Bus: 5, 15, 58, 59, 87, 25, 45, 51, 55, 93, 94, 854
MRT: Eunos MRT

Toh Guan Showroom

3-B Toh Guan Road East, #03-02, Singapore 608833
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 7pm Everyday
Bus : 183
MRT: Jurong East MRT

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For more information
Visit Wihardja Furnishing's website at

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Hope you enjoyed this tour at Wihardja Furnishing!


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