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Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI (DSG) [Car Review]

The Volkswagen Scirocco is undoubtly the most desired sports hatch-back car I would wanna drive..
If given a choice for the sports hatch-back models.. this will be my first few priorities.
Ever since it launched its first model of the Scirocco.. viewing the advertisements "probably on the online Straits Times" which I set as my default browser homepage, I have like the car a lot. And I still remember vividly that the car in the Ad was white! Its fierce and clean looking lines at the front drew my attention to view the entire advertisement. As I've mentioned in many of my other blogpost reviews on cars, I mentioned that I like cars with simple designs and clean lines.. and this Scirocco is one that has it all...

Well.. I'm a sporty person, hence this car suits me well as a sporty car.
here.. with myself wearing the same colour combi sports wear with the car.
Despite the headlamps' sleek appearance, their far-sighted range helps you combat poor visibility and enjoy a safe journey. Powerful bi-xenon headlamps are an option on the Scirocco and standard on the Scirocco R.
18-inch 5-spoke alloy rim is really nice!
very cool logo opening boot.
and the boot is pretty big too for a hatchback.
my dad commented that he 'thought' it would be small but its quite big actually.. after looking at it.
Its rear end is eye-catching with twin exhaust pipe, striking lights and beefy bumpers characterise the rear. Like the rear lights, the number plate lighting also features LED technology as standard.

The interior is very nice too!
Here every driver will feel at home in the beautifully styled cockpit. The air nozzle panels and the central panel around the navigation system are flush-mounted, accentuating the premium quality of the interior.
Sports seats provide good support when cornering at speed. That’s why they come as standard in the front of the Scirocco. They tilt and slide out of the way with a single handed action too, giving easy access for passengers to the rear.

Nice 3-spoke steering wheel with generous chrome details to it.
and the functions on the steering wheel are easy to use.
The Dual-Clutch Automatic Gearbox (DSG)
The thrust does not fade: with the DSG, you can accelerate with no loss of tractive power while shifting. Take your pick and choose from fully automatic shifts, or the manual mode where you're in full control. And over here you can change to the Sports mode (S) which the car will roar.. there is no gear paddle-shift or rocker-shift behind the steering wheel.
Dual-Clutch Automatic Gearbox (DSG)
and DSG actually stands for Direct Shift Gearbox.
You can set your own feel-good atmosphere in the Scirocco right down to the nearest half degree. The user-friendly dual-zone Climatronic system works efficiently to keep the cabin comfortable.
Spacious glove compartment with a small little air-con vent on the right side which you can turn the knob to open the vent so as to keep your things cool in the compartment if you want to.
some controls at the top.. which on the lights and open the top a little.
for the shade above you have to open it manually by yourself. :)

Thoughtful bottle-opener.. perhaps this car is targeting more on the youngsters or middle-age people who drinks and chills.. Nice! :)
Backseats are pretty comfortable with sufficient leg-room for the back passengers.
And side pockets for the back passengers as well.
Air-con vents to cool your feet when you sitting at the back. :)
And after folding down the backseats.. there are more room for the bootspace! :)
As it is a 2-door car.. the Scirocco's doors spread like a pair of long wings.
The side doors are long.
Hope you enjoyed reading my blogpost.
Below is an overview specs of the car.

Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI (DSG)
  • 122 PS TSI engine
  • Alloy wheels, 8J x 18", tyres 235/40 R18
  • 0-100 km in 9.7 seconds
  • “Climatronic” air-conditioning system with 2-zone temperature control
  • "RCD 510" radio / MP3 / WMA audio system with integrated 6 CD changer and SD memory card slot, 8 speakers
  • Combined cycle L/100km: 6.3  (which is about 15.87km per litre)

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