Friday, October 2, 2015

LG introduces their latest LG Dehumidifier (LD136FSD0) in Singapore!

Where Singapore used to be rain or shine, it seems that we have since unwillingly welcomed a third: The Haze.
To tackle all 3, LG has introduced their Multipurpose Dehumidifier LD136FSD0. Not only does it dehumidify, it has an Air Purifier mode that helps clean the air too.
For those rainy days, it becomes a chore to get clothes drying quickly indoors, not to mention after a long day at work, humid/ wet shoes aren't the most comfortable to be worn the next day. Introducing its Laundry Mode and Shoe Dry, shortening indoor laundry drying time by up to 4 times than regular drying, and shoe drying within an estimated 42 minutes!
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LG Provides Convenience and Comfort with
Multipurpose Dehumidifier
Fight musty odors and the humid weather with LG Dehumidifier

SINGAPORE, SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 LG Electronics (LG) is proud to introduce their latest LG Dehumidifier (LD136FSD0) in Singapore. With Singapore’s high humidity environment, the dehumidifier proves to be a solution that helps to reduce growth of mildew and molds on furniture and clothing, hence resulting in cleaner and fresher air at home for the family.

Multiple Functions: Dehumidify, Air Purify, Laundry Dry, Shoe Dry

LG Dehumidifier is a four-in-one solution. With the press of a button, each function can be activated with ease based on the user’s preference. Auto Dehumidifying mode cleans and dehumidifies the air while maintaining set humidity; the Air Purifier mode cleans the air and effectively removes harmful allergens without dehumidifying. The Laundry Dry and Shoe Dry options are nifty features that are useful during the rainy season as it speeds up drying of laundry and shoes for the working adults or families with children.

Convenient High-speed Drying: 4 Times Faster than Natural Drying

Activating the Laundry Dry function in the LG Dehumidifier speeds up the time taken to dry laundry indoors by up to 4 times (an estimated 3 hours and 30 minutes instead of 14 hours[1]); this also helps in preventing musty smells in damp laundry. Shoe drying has never been easier with the Shoe Dry function that provides intensive drying of damp shoes and bags. One does not have to resort old tactics of using hair dryers or newspapers to remove nasty odors from damp shoes and bags. All that is required is to place the shoe drying tubes into each shoe and the drying process will take an estimated 42 minutes.

The LG Dehumidifier (LD136FSD0) is now available in Courts and Big Box at $599.

Shoes (Spot) Dry
Fan Type
1 hour to 8 hours
Easy-Roll Caster
4 Way
Automatic Defrost System
Low Temperature Operation (˚C)
Fan Speed
Bucket Full Indicator
Pre Filter 3M Multi Protection
Automatic Shut-Off System
Bucket Loading Direction

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[1] 27 Degrees Celcius/80% humidity, company experiment standard, drying time subject to change depending on environment



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