Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This is the Carboxy Treatment from DJ


After using you should feel that your skin texture is smoother due to the tightening of the pores and your skin would look radiant and healthier.
Some may see visible shaping effect of the face.
It varies from different individuals.
So how to use the product?
It is very simple!
1. Inject the gel from the syringe to your face entirely
- avoid eyes areas
- use entire syringe
2. Apply the treatment mask against the gel onto your face
- make sure every area of the mask is intact with your skin to achieve the best result.
- press the mask against your face for at least 5 mins
- leave the mask on for 30 mins
3. Remove the mask after 30 mins and wash it with warm water.

Here .. myself having the gel applied onto my face and treatment mask on for 30 mins.
And after that I rinsed it with warm water.
On the Left is a picture of myself Before the Carboxy Treatment and 
On the Right is After the Carboxy Treatment. 

You can see on the right is visibly sharper!

Not to mention about the radiance.. because the lightings are different.
But the right one is noticeably sharper.
I personally feel that my pores are smaller too at the same time.

Thanks to DJ for making these differences! :)

If you're keen on this product..
Feel free to email me at owyeong84@hotmail.com
with Subject Header: DJ Carborn Therapy

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